My word, packing for a weekend including a race (sort of) is so much harder than a normal weekend! I did not realise how much stuff I have before, during and after a run, especially a long run!

I think I am there, but who knows! I guess I will find out on Sunday.

When I got home from work today, I was going to pack, but then a cup of teapigs chocolate tea and some plamil mint chocolate was calling me. Guess what I chose! Yum that mint chocolate is good (not too minty like some can be).

So instead I did packing after my post-body pump shower!

Tonight body pump was great as usual. I decided to go back to the highest weights (for me) for squats, and add a little bit on to the beginning of the back track. Such hard work though! And one of the girls gave me a birthday card (she knows Andy’s Mum, who told her)- how sweet! I was not expecting that at all! 🙂

Is anyone looking forward to the wedding tomorrow? We will be driving I think, but I am sure I will see the highlights on the news. I was not that fussed about it (excited about my 4 day birthday weekend)) but at work all the kids have been very excited, and seeing all the tourists flooding to London shows that England is pretty unique with the royal family still going. And I think it is nice that there is something good in the news for a change. I am not quite decking the halls with bunting though!

Right, I am off to re-check my list! We might have internet so I might manage to check in, otherwise see you when I am 30! Fingers crossed my race number does not self destruct (or my legs), and hope everyone enjoys the wedding, the 4 day weekend and everything else!


One month to go!

And now you will see my panic rise!

Just realised I didn’t post on Tuesday either! Ah well, nothing to report. Went to aerobics, it was fun.

Yesterday I went out on a little run- did not quite manage 6 miles. It took me ages but that was because even though I changed my route to avoid crossing some roads, I went out at half 5 and I had to stop loads to cross roads. So 5.7 miles took 61 minutes, but my actual speed was 10.34 for a couple of miles, and 9.54 for others. So not as slow as it sounds!

The weather was great as it was sunny but with quite a strong breeze so I never got hot. Although it was one run (my first in ages) where I did not feel much enthusiasm for it. Also for the last part I turned off my mp3 player and listened to my breathing- this makes my breathing go crazy. Any last minute tips for the 20 miler on Sunday? (No earphones are allowed as I think it is on open roads).

Right,  off to work, catch you later guys 🙂

Carrot crazy!

Today I was determined to get out on my run before it got too hot. I had breakfast at 8, and then left at 9. I think I should have left it a little longer, but I was fine. There was a lovely cool breeze, so I actually didn’t feel too hot during my run. The plan was for 9 miles, and I actually mapped out my route this time.

The run went well, and I didn’t even drink all my drink (had the rest once home) and didn’t have any energy gels either. I think often I leave it longer after breakfast so I get hungry during a longer run, but this time as I went out quicker I was fine.

And I saw some baby rabbits right on the path in front of me!! My route goes past a lot of fields and I was so excited to see them up close! So cute! If I could choose a pet I would love some rabbits, but the practical issues (and we like to go on holiday so would rely on other people to look after them) put me off.

Running stats in brief- Distance- 9.48 miles, time- 1 hor 40 mins, average speed- 10.33- faster mile-9.35 (I tried to up the speed at the end once I knew my legs could make it!!).

After my run I had some chocolate rice dream- (these were on offer so I bought a 3 pack to try)- it was lovely alongside half some graze rocky road (cranberries, pecans, dark chocolate buttons). I did not feel that hungry, but I think I should have had more, because when it got to lunchtime I felt quite shaky and weak.

I decided to attempt carrot pancakes for lunch- as I have a big bag of carrots that need using up! These were lovely, but not sure if I should perhaps cook them longer at a lower heat. Anyway, I mixed up 35g chickpea flour, 15g apple sauce, 30ml milk, some baking powder, ginger, cinnamon, 80g grated carrot and then water until it went to the right thickness.

With a salad of spinach and food doctor seed mix, and topped with tahini, this was a lovely lunch.

I also spent some time making some carrot and raisin spiced cookies (from the Vegan cookie book). Of course only to use up some more of my big bag of carrots!

They smell lovely (even if I missed out the walnuts because I didn’t have any and don’t like walnuts)- the recipe had orange zest in it, and I used lime zest instead (because that is what I had, and I think lime with carrot cake is yummy)- I had one and they are soooooo good- really chewy, quite sweet, just scrumptious. (I am also going to add grated carrot to my sandwiches this week).

I also popped to the shops and bought some of the most amazing granola! Apple and cinnamon- amazing!

I attempted a mint chocolate smoothie today- 40g spinach, frozen banana, water, cocoa powder, drop of peppermint extract. It was alright, not sure what was missing.

I am feeling pretty tired now, and I think some foam rolling is in order, so I am going to have a cup of tea and foam roll while it cools 🙂

Enjoy the evening folks- for me it is back to the normality of work tomorrow (until the 4 day weekend next weekend woo!).


Double review


Guess what I did today!

But first, the review!

So because I went away last week, plus the bank holidays, my training has got a little messed up. I forgot to do my review last week- whoopsie! And I have been getting myself confused as to what runs I have done, and when. So a double review of the last couple of weeks;

Monday 11th- 6.8 mile run (I think) If I remember rightly I did this one pretty quickly and was feeling great

Tuesday- 10 miles – some faster miles in the middle- it was a cooler day and I think again I went pretty fast

Wed- Go to Italy- some walking

Thursday- Not much walking as it was the day of the wedding- a little walk from the hotel to the town hall and back.

Friday- A lot of walking around Venice

Saturday- Even more walking around Venice (our flight was at 11pm so once we checked out our hotel we walked all day)

Sunday- Walking around Whipsenade with my parents (for my Mum’s birthday)

Monday- 18 miles- Was easier than last time, with only the last mile being really hard as oppose to the last 2 miles. Progress, people!

Tuesday- Sports massage! Ouch! So just some walking

Wednesday- gentle 5.6 miles to see how my legs were after the massage. Plus it was in the afternoon and it was baking. Plus a walk later on.

Thursday- Body Pump- I wimped out on the squats and went back to my old weight (as I had missed a week and also legs were still tender from the massage)- but it was great as always.

Friday- 10.5 mile run (not 9 miles as per the plan)

Saturday- 13 miles steady. And I did manage to stay pretty steady for most of it. And I managed a bit of dancing at the wedding reception!!

Sunday (today) – rest day with not even a walk!

Total mileage for those 2 weeks is 64 miles. Which to me sounds crazy!

The main points for me were;

  • The 2 runs before I went away I kept a good pace, so I was pleased I could sustain my pace for a 10 mile run.
  • The second 18 miler was easier (or not as bad) as the first 18 miler I did. The last mile was really hard, but then last time the last 2 miles were really hard.
  • I tried the mule gel, but that has shown me that the clif shots are the ones for me.
  • I tried my first ice bath! And I think it was OK! Must have been as I had a second one.

Can’t think of anything else now (oh, and I downloaded the yoga podcast thing, just need to print out the pose guide as it is quite small on the netbook screen).

So there we go- a little review. Overall, I am still staying positive. I loved watching the London marathon, but that also gave me a little panic, as it means that my marathon is approaching, and also I knew a few people doing it, and they missed their target times (one guy was aiming for 4 hours and did it in 5.5)- but I suppose they may have had unrealistic targets etc. So I am going to make sure I put all the preparation in, so I can have done as much as possible to help me get to that finish line.

I am loving my rest day today! I actually got up so late (we got home at 2am from the UK wedding reception) so I have potted on some seeds in the garden, made some hot cross buns, and am going to be chilling out in the shade for the rest of the afternoon (BBQ at Andy’s parents). I had a snack for lunch- banana carob pudding (mashed banana, tsp peanut butter and some carob powder)- topped with a pear. Leave it in the fridge for a bit and it is amazing. Like proper pudding!

Hot cross buns all ready to be taken around!

I was so pleased that they looked “proper”, as I have never made them before!

I hope everyone else is loving it too 🙂


Another hot hot day x2

Yesterday started with some delicious porridge with pb and also some morello cherry spread- delish.

Then it continued with a run. Now, you would think I have learned my lesson about route planning, but no, I was supposed to do 9 miles, and in fact did 10.5. Anyway, that took me 1 hr 52 mins, and I was pretty steady during most of it- tailed off at the end as the heat was kicking in (my water was so warm at the end- yuck). Home at 12 for a cold shower!

Then some lovely cinnamon, raisin, cranberry, pumpkin seed bread. Mmm. Then time to laze about and listen to the Adam and Joe podcast- Andy did 18 miles today (and he braved an ice bath!!!) so it was nice to just sit about- he was very impressed with me and actually told me “well done” at the end as normally I would get up and do something else after a few minutes of sitting down.

I also updated my recipe page- something I had been meaning to do for ages.  I had quite a few to add, and I am pleased to finally tick that off my list!

I must say thanks to Jessica, who left me a link for this website that stocks Dark Chocolate Dreams! Hooray! And I noticed they do cans of pumpkin! How exciting! Although I still have half a cupboard full so I won’t be ordering any of that just yet. But if you fancy making some pumpkin pasta, or pumpkin scones then at least you can get some now 🙂 So thanks Jess.

I had some of my home-made dark chocolate dreams atop a cold Rachel’s rice pud;

The light shining in made it come out all pink for some reason!

Later on we went into London for the evening- pizza express dinner (yum- I love their pizza with goat’s cheese) and then to see Wicked. Which was fab- so many people have recommended it to us, and we never got around to it til now. Although we parked a long way away- past Oxford street, and the theatre is by Victoria station, so by the way back I was getting tired!

Today started with some double cherry porridge- (no pic)- porridge with oats, dried cherries and milk left overnight, cooked in the morning with a tsp morello cherry spread. Yum. I felt like I needed the sugar boost!

Then it was my next run- my routine has got all messed up (and with the race next sunday it is going to continue to be messy)- it was not ideal to go out again, but it means that tomorrow is a lovely rest day.

I planned my route (yes, I did learn my lesson, and decided in this heat that accidentely doing a mile more would not be good). I also took with me a Mule gel, which I have had for ages and not got around to trying.

My run was so hot, I was pouring with sweat, sweat and sun-cream mixed in my eyes- I probably added on a bit crossing roads to stay in the shade. I tried the gel, and it was not good- it tasted so sweet, really sickly, like a mixture of sugary jam, molasses and more sugar. I tried a few squirts of it, but then I felt quite sick, so threw the rest in the bin. I will stick to the clif bloks I think (although later on had a spluttering attack as I decided to blow my nose while chewing a shot blok- not advisable people!). I was even looking forward to an ice bath- crazy! I also had another lot of tears- on marathon talk they were doing a lot about the London marathon, and asked someone how she felt when she could see the finish line, and it set me off. I feel ridiculous but I suppose it shows how much this means to me. I think I am doubting my ability a bit, and I know that all the training is standing me in good stead, but of course who knows what will happen on the day itself. Plus it is such a mammoth thing to achieve, so I think I get a bit overwhelmed when I think about it. Luckily the sunglasses mean I don’t get too many funny looks! Once home I downed 2 glasses of water, electrolyte tabs (thanks Rose- could not wait to try one!) and a clif bar, had a shower and then had the ice bath. That helped cool me down! I have been coughing a lot now, and I saw a report about the smog. Now, not sure if I am imagining it, but still now if I take a really deep breath I cough.

Looking on Nike+ I am quite pleased with the run- I kept a fairly steady pace overall, most miles around 11ish or just under, although2 randomly at 9.54 (after my clif bloks- think it is psychological but I will take it!). Overall 13.2 miles in 2 hours 25, so I am keeping the same pace overall for these longer runs. Plus I went over 900 miles on Nike+!!!! Next week I will have had it a year, so doing over 900 miles in a year seems a lot to me! Woo!

I also realised I didn’t do the review of the week last Sunday, so I might do the fortnight one tomorrow. It will clear things up in my head as I have been getting muddled with what runs I still need to do.

Hope everyone is enjoying this fab weekend (and St George’s day, of course, for the English).