Accidental half!

Wow what another beautiful day!

I had my hair cut yesterday (I actually had not been since before Christmas and boy did my hair need it!). No before pic but I had a good couple of inches off and now my head feels so light!

Mini ponytail for running will make the miles fly by, surely?

Anyway, suncream on, porridge eaten, lots of water drunk, and I was off. I had a new route (supposed to be 12 miles) which I really enjoyed. The first couple of miles were on pretty boring pavements, but then I got up to the lakes and did a loop around those (saw some spectacular fake tan as everyone was getting their legs out), then headed into Welwyn town centre, then out onto some country roads (all on pavements) before getting back home. It was gorgeous out there, but by the end (I got home at 1.30) it was so hot. Anyway, it turned out my route was a little longer- 13.1 miles in fact- done in 2hrs 24, with a pretty good pace of 11 min miles (a couple were slow but that is mainly due to waiting to cross roads). Marathon talk was all about the week before the marathon, as so many are gearing up for London/ Boston, and it was making me nervous as I was running! It did make me think about the heat too. As Stockholm is further north, and by the water, it should be cooler than here, and I think it said the average temperature is 18C or something, which is pretty good. I am hoping it was warmer than that today. Although today I was fine, I think a few degrees hotter is when my energy gets sapped.

In my head I look cool and calm as I run. In reality, see above!!

Anyway, some coconut water and a sesame seed bar was consumed pretty quick when I got home (I had water with nuun, and 2 clif bloks while I was out) as it was a long time since my breakfast at 9.

After a shower (with a lovely long blast of cold water at the end) lunch was on the cards. I fancied some cinnamon raisin bread, but Andy is out so I made a replacement- food doctor pitta with some cinnamon raisin pb. This was a pretty good replacement 🙂

The rest of the day has been spent pottering about- I popped to the shops and ended up getting a few new bits from the health food shop.

Including carob flakes (I was so excited when I found them- now I can make carob cookies!), xylitol (might make my mum a birthday cake) and some quinoa flour. How exciting!

I also got a package of goodies delivered today;

Cannot wait to start baking/ eating this stuff! Although unfortunately there was a jar of molasses that was broken and had leaked all over everything (hence the torn labels- all the jars needed a wash!).

By the time I got back from the shops I was starving, so I had some cold rice pudding, with a couple of dried figs and some carob flakes. Yum 🙂

Hope everyone else had a lovely Saturday too 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Accidental half!”

  1. Wow! Your hair…I have serious hair envy. It’s so thick and gorgeous: is it naturally as straight as that? And what an awesome shine.

    Hah! I looked just the same after my race today: the sun was intense, wasn’t it? Although I still think you look lovely in your after-run shot. I was the definition of ‘sweaty mess.’

    Grr, you and Laura are tempting me back to my favourite carob flakes. If only the bag lasted longer than three days…


  2. Its such a great feeling having your hair done, especially when you walk out looking as glam as you do. PAH you look like that after 13.1miles ….. I’ll have to snap me at 1.31miles and then you’ll realise that your head and reality are not so far apart in their views.

  3. Like the hair 🙂 I completely look like that after I’ve done any sort of exercise. Unfortunately I have a penchant for pink running tops and I alway turn the same shade to match!

  4. Oh God, molasses disaster! That sounds like a nightmare…

    And I love the pictures of you! It’s great having your hair cut isn’t it. I always feel so new and shiny afterwards 🙂

    And good work on the run, as always!

  5. Thanks guys 🙂
    The hairdresser always works a treat on it (I used to hate going to the hairdressers until I found one I loved!).
    Regarding the molasses- 2 lots of vanish foam and it is out of the carpet now.
    Sarah- I love the pink tops too and as you can see I do match them!

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