First sports massage


And I signed up for an offer, 3 for 2, so I have to go back!

Actually it was not as bad as I feared. Thanks to the advice I had a little idea of what to expect. I wore shorts and a vest, and walked up as it is about 20 mins away. When I got there I had a little chat with her about why I was having one done, she asked me about any sore or tight spots, and then told me what she would do (glutes, hamstrings, calves, quads, ITB, neck and shoulders).

I was panicking this morning about having to take my clothes off (silly me- I know she has seen it all before) but she said to keep my shorts on (and she had towels all over the place). I was rather surprised when she rolled down the waistband of my shorts to get to the glutes.

We chatted all the way through (as she is a runner too) which did help to relax me, although at some points it was hard to hold a conversation. It began with discomfort, but some spots were pretty sore and were quite painful. I am a bit of a wimp with pain, but she was really pushing her fingers into the muscle.

When she was working on my shoulders and neck at the end, I could feel things almost popping. They were stiff this morning after the run yesterday, so I suppose they really needed it.

I have to decide when to have my next one, so I am going to see how I feel tomorrow. Walking home I could already feel sore spots in different places (but I was told that I could feel bruised in places), and my legs feel a bit weird, almost like when you get the feeling back after having pins and needles.

All in all, I am glad I went for it, as a lot of my muscles were very tight, and I can already feel that I can move my shoulders better now. Plus at least when I go back, I will know what to expect.

For the rest of the day, I am pottering around. I was most excited to see that the seeds I planted the other week have popped up!

So I am going to pot them on this afternoon. It is such lovely weather so I am looking forward to getting outside. I might have another walk later too.

Onto other things- I finished watching the London Marathon highlights. Seeing how fast the elite runners go is just crazy- I am in awe of their speed! I just find it so inspiring- especially all these people running for charities. I was starting to feel a bit guilty as I am not raising money for charity for my marathon, and due to the timing I am not doing a Race for Life either (I normally raise money for that each year) but I am signed up for the Great South Run, and I am going to do that for charity, so I will still be doing something this year. I decided that I wanted to run it for myself, and if I was collecting sponsorship it would be extra pressure and I would feel like I was letting people down if I didn’t manage it. Although it is a great opportunity to raise money, I want to do it for me, and me alone.

Anyway, if you have not already, look here to see the race recap of Rose. I have loved reading her marathon training journey, and you can read her London Marathon report if you pop along to her blog. Well done Rose 🙂

Rob has some interesting lessons from his recent Paris marathon (in very hot weather too) which is also worth a look. I should be taking notes I think!

One thing that did occur to me was the pointlessness of the texting in- BBC had a scrolling bar with messages of good luck texted in- but surely if you are running it you cannot see the messages? Anyway, marathon fever is starting to get to me now!!! The Stockholm marathon website is going to become one of my “favourites” soon I think! Although I was glad to see they have pace runners (for 5.00, 5.15 and 5.30- well and faster but these are the ones that I will be near). Thanks Alison for talking some sense into me (I am a bit panicked as the course shuts after 6 hours which does not give me much breathing space)- having the pacer runners has made me feel better, as I am sure there will be others running at that pace.

Right I am beginning to ramble way too much now, so I am going to go now!

Laters! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “First sports massage”

  1. Just caught up on your last post-CONGRATS on your 18 miles!! Wow that is amazing!! 😀

    I got a free sports massage at the Nike Run event with Paula Radcliffe that I went to on Thursday, and it hurt SOO good!! I definitely want another one! 🙂

  2. I’ll be interested to hear how you get on with your next few runs after your sports massage, which by the way brave girl for going – I’m still to scared 🙂

  3. Laura- its at the end of May. The massage was painful in places, but mostly just uncomfortable (I think she was nice to me as it was my first ever one).
    Rob- I will have a look thanks. I have been on a few times but find it hard to navigate the different forums.
    Emma- they do ones for after the marathon too- those brave people massaging the sweaty runners!
    Lara- thanks 🙂 IN the end I just booked it and then I could not back out!
    Ffion- it did scare me but I think it will do some good.

  4. I would love to have a sports massage. I had a massage in China that sounds pretty similar and I ached for days afterwards. I was a lot less fit then though!

  5. I’d either forgotten or never knew that your marathon is in Stockholm (still fairly new to your blog – please forgive!). That is my favourite city!! (Well actually it’s a tie between Stockholm and Reykjavik, which makes me sound very well travelled but I have an affection for Nordic countries and haven’t been in any other directions in recent years). Have you been there before? I can’t imagine you not falling in love with it – it’s beautiful! Will you be staying there for long? Where abouts are you staying? Oh my goodness I am so excited!!!

    x x x

    PS. I’m working on the Easter egg disposal problem… thanks for your suggestion! Can I post you one??

  6. Sarah- it was my first massage too so not sure how it compares.
    Ursus- I have never been to Stockholm before (well, I think I went when I was little as we travelled around Denmark and Sweden a bit)- so I am hoping to see the sights during the run. We go on the Friday night, marathon is Saturday, and then I think we come back Tuesday? Or wednesday? Can’t remember. So we have a couple of days to sightsee after anyway. I think our hotel is central- we are supposed to be able to walk to the start line (so no panics about public transport on the day). I am glad you are excited! 🙂

  7. I shared similar fears to you, but I actually look forward to a sports massage as a treat now. It’s also helped me get over some of my fears about people touching me in a close-contact scenario, because I always felt too ashamed/disgusting for people to massage. The woman I see is a rugby player and marathon runner and really makes me feel at ease. I kept apologising for the state of my skin/feet but she just told me not to be so daft. Now I just need to work on not being afraid of those primped, immaculate hairdressers…

    Don’t feel guilty over the charity thing: you’re incredibly busy and fundraising takes a heck of a lot of time. I have never run for charity and feel a bit mean, but I’m just not comfortable asking people for money and always scared of being injured and letting everyone down.


  8. I remember getting a massage voucher when I was in some treatment for my ed. I was so terrified of going but once you’re there it’s not actually too bad is it! Thank goodness for the towels though haha! I’ve never had a sports massage though they sound fairly different!

  9. Yes Laura, thank goodness for the towels indeed! I imagine a relaxing massage would be lovely too.
    Jessica- I used to be so nervous of the hairdressers too!

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