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Thanks again for the fab comments (shh-I read them at work on hotmail while eating my lunch and they made me smile!)- thanks to Laura for the yoga link- when I have time I am going to save it (and maybe even do it and everything). Perhaps it should be my April goal as with the Easter holidays coming up I will even have some spare time.

I was feeling less tired today, and the plan luckily was only (I say only, it is still a long way) 8 miles after work. Fuelled by a clif bar and a graze box (apple crumble which is dried apple, raisins and cinnamon peanuts- yum) and not too much water, I was off! It was supposed to be 3 miles tempo in the middle, but that didn’t quite happen. Mile 1 was right into the wind and gently uphill, (so windy I was having a hard time hearing my podcast as I hate to have the sound up too high), mile 2 was still into the wind but luckily flatter. Once I got going it was not so bad, and I did try to pick up the speed and managed two miles at 9.55, but then my legs started feeling sort of tired, so I slowed down again as I wanted to finish the run. All done (8.1 miles in 85 mins). No shenanigans spied in the field this time (hence un-eventful).

A nice freezer dinner of lentil and cannelini bean chilli with some Nairns cheese oat-bake things, and I am feeling fine. Well, a little tired but not much more than usual really.

I was worried that I would be shattered all week (is this going to be famous last words????) but I suppose my legs are getting used to all this running.

One question- while running (and I used to get this when I cycled a lot) I get a weird bit of tension- it is sort of at the top of one shoulder blade, near to my spine but not on my spine. After a while it hurts to turn my head (not good when crossing roads)- I try to keep my shoulders relaxed, I roll them and move my head about and stuff and most days it is alright, but today it was particularly bad. Anyone have any idea what this is? I think it is to do with being tense, but it is weird that it is on one side, not both, not in the middle. Perhaps I run wonky?


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11 thoughts on “Uneventful run”

  1. I get that occassionally too, I know that I gradually start to hunch up my shoulders and its not until I notice the ache that I consciously relax them. They don’t usually hurt afterwards though. No problem for the link – hope you enjoy it, alongside my foam roller the yoga for runners was a real help when I went back to running after my injury. I knew you’d like the tea post! 😉

  2. I get the same thing! And I do run wonky because of my scoliosis: until I got fitted with orthotics I had terrible neck and shoulder tension. Have you ever had your gait analysed?

    And I see you’re succumbing to marathon-runner perspective on distances: you know you’re hardcore when 8 miles becomes a short-ish run 😉


  3. Thanks Laura- I will for sure do the yoga (and yes of course I liked the tea post!!)
    Jessica- no I have never had it analysed- there is actually a really nice small running shop near me but I only just got new trainers so would feel bad going in there any not buying any! But I will next time.
    Yeah- it is crazy because when I started this back in January 8 miles was a weekend long run pretty much!

  4. Yep, I’ve had that back/shoulder thingy but usually only towards the end of something like a 10k race where I’m running quite hard. Only had it 2-3 times but I’m positive its just tension. I just try and do a quick stretch then let my arms hang loose for a few strides – seemed to help.

  5. Like Jess said, you know you’re marathon training when 8 miles is a short mid-week run! The fact that you managed this 2 days after running 18 miles is testament to how much you’ve come on as a runner. Amazing job Maria!

    The pain sounds like classic runner’s tension — it’s probably in your upper trap, and I think there are nerves that run through there which might be getting aggravated by the muscle tension. If you have a powerful shower, you can try directing is at the area (on a fast flow) to help you relax after running. A hot water bottle will also help, and ibuprofen. If it persists, then I’d consider a sports massage. When you’re actually running, think about relaxing your hands, and especially your thumbs. That helps release shoulder tension, strangely! Also, pulling your shoulders up to your ears and tensing them, and then letting them drop, can also help 🙂

  6. Thanks for all the tips regarding the weird tension thing. I will try all those tips 🙂
    Alison thanks for that- you are right it is good that I managed it after an 18 miler- just hoping the wheels don’t come off…
    Sarah- no prob, thanks 🙂

  7. I used to get that quite a lot but i think it’s to do with forgetting your stance as you get more tired. A very experienced runner in my club is great at noticing this and coming and telling you to relax your shoulders etc. I actually wrote ‘relax’ on my hand when I did my 18 miler so that when I checked my garmin I’d see that too and consciously think about it!


  8. Rose- great idea! I need to focus because I was trying to think today while I was out running and I think I do tense my shoulders a bit- bad habit!
    Laura- fist clenching because you go so fast probably!
    Jemma- thanks 🙂

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