Carob crazy

Not carrot crazy.

Those carob cookies I made last week were scrummy- I had the last one on Monday night.

These are so good- with chewy raisins as well as carob flakes. Mmm. And the carob flakes are good because they do not taste that nice on their own- they are not like chocolate chips where you could eat a handful. I think, anyway.

Yesterday I went for a seed stacked bar with chai tea, for my pre aerobics snack, as I had been thinking about how yummy carob is.

Yum- although I think they were left in the sun for a bit as they coating is now a bit cracked. Ah well all tastes the same.

I started yesterday with some bircher style muesli- some oats, milk, yoghurt and raisins left overnight, and then added a sprinkle of muesli for crunch in the morning.

Again that was delicious. I love that rhubarb yoghurt as it is not too sweet.

Yesterday was aerobics and we were back to our normal brilliant instructor.

I had a green mountain for dinner- spagetti with courgette, green pepper and spinach, with pesto. Very green indeed.

And some mint tea with some rum and raisin chocolate.

The raisins on the chocolate were lovely- sprinkled on the top. But the chocolate had a strong rum taste which was a bit strange- may have to give the other half to Andy. As one who does not like alcohol it was not my fave. Although I used to love those “rum truffles” that you got from bakeries- they were like big fudgy balls coasted in chocolate 100’s and 1000’s- I don’t remember them tasting of rum though (my Dad used to get the for me when I was little sometimes)- anyone else remember those? I wonder what they were made of.

Right, I am off. I have a little run planned later (although we have our school trip today so may well be very tired!)- then I need to plan the shopping list for next week. Got to think about uping carbs for the final few days of next week so any good ideas?


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8 thoughts on “Carob crazy”

  1. Rum truffles were my favourite treat from the bakery as a child! I had one just before last Christmas actually, delish, but was gutted as I kept checking back & they never sold them again, even though it hadn’t been Christmas yet! The recent one seemed to be made of chocolate cake with raisins in, although I’m not sure that’s how the ones you or I remember were like.

    Your green spaghetti sounds really good, I love mountains of veg with pesto! My Mum ate so much pasta in the run up to her marathon so sounds like you’re on the right track! 🙂

  2. For upping carbs I’d go with oats, oat bran (although that’s fiber-rific so be careful haha), quinoa, rice (brown or white or black or whatever you want), and sprouted bread (like the food for life bread).

    I still haven’t tried carob chips! I really want to.

  3. I’m personally not a fan of boozy chocolate, I like my chocolate the way it is …. if I want to drink alcohol I’ll have a G&T 😉
    I’d say pb bagels would be the top of my list for carb loading but I’d have to be VERY careful not to eat tooooooo many!

  4. I’ve never had rum truffles in the UK, but I have in Germany. They’re yum! I like boozy chocolate / desserts though. Boozy anything, really 😉

    If you’ve been eating fairly high carb anyway (which I think you have), then you don’t need to go crazy carb loading before the marathon. Advice that I’ve read is to just make sure you have complex carbs with every meal, perhaps just increasing portions slightly on what you’ve normally have. You could also replace less carby snacks, but again, your diet already seems pretty well suited. Just increase the things that you normally eat over the course of the week I reckon.

  5. Alison- thanks for that. I was looking at my stats on WLR and I did think I generally have enough carbs anyway. So for next week I might look a bit closer at some of my snacks and whatnot.
    Yay I am so glad other people remember those rum truffles 🙂
    And bagels- good plan people 🙂 We have some in the freezer so I may dig some out

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