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Just to let those of you know that missed my last post- I am beginning the taper and it is sending me a bit crazy.

So after work today I tried one of those Meridian Peanut and Oat bars;

This is made of oats, peanut butter, honey and molasses.

It was lovely- really oaty but you could also taste the molasses. Yum.

Good fuel for aerobics anyway. The usual instructor was away, and we had another new instructor- she was quite good, but we did not really get the music turned up very fast. So I did get my heart rate up (for a bit) but it was much more gentle than usual.

Oh well, she was much better than the other replacement instructor that we have had before.

Anyone else find that when you have replacement instructors? Our Body pump replacement is brilliant, but I suppose with that you follow the moves and routine, whereas an aerobics class is a bitย ambiguousย and so up to each instructor as to how they do it.

Night ๐Ÿ™‚

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11 thoughts on “Easy aerobics”

  1. I always find that having replacements is disorienting. I think they don’t know the level of the class and perhaps are scared to push people too far in case they get bad feedback.

    That meridian bar looks good.

  2. Sarah you are so right- at aerobics there are quite a few people in their 40’s and 50’s, so I think they look at the class and don’t want to scare people- but we are used to working hard!
    Love the look of that recipe- I had one similar but they went to crunchy when I cooked them that I could not slice them and they crumbled.
    Sable- I think Meridian are a UK brand, not sure if they go across the pond.
    Alison- I think they are a lovely treat because although they do contain sugar, they are not too sweet (strong molasses flavour), and would not cause a sugar crash.

    1. Thanks for that- mine are pretty “thin ” oats (I don’t like the really jumbo oats) and will add it to the (massive!) pile of lovely recipes to try! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I completely agree with you that with standard programmes such as the BTS systems there isn’t too much variation in the quality of the classes, where as when things are left in a freestyle format it’s more up to the coach how the class is structured. This works both ways in terms of being either detrimental or positive: I think one thing that the BTS classes have in their favour IS that there’s a standard qualification to take, and if one instructor has to cover for another people will get exactly what they were expecting in terms of a workout instead of feeling cheated or that their expectations haven’t been met. Perhaps that’s why they’ve been so popular in terms of replacing ‘conventional’ aerobics classes?

    Although with the marathon coming up for you I’m sure an easier workout is probably what your legs needed anyway!


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