Gentle day

So as promised I did not have a run. Lucky really because my legs were feeling tired at work today. Less sitting down as it was PE, playground duty and stuff like that.

So anyway, when I got home, first I made some muffins to take to work tomorrow. I keep on seeing muffin recipes with yoghurt, and I have some lovely Rachel’s rhubarb yoghurt, so I used it in the recipe. It was supposed to have chopped rhubarb also, but I didn’t have any, so I used blueberries instead.

They look pretty anyway, I always love blueberries in baking as they go all jammy in the middle. I am hoping the yoghurt keeps them nice and moist too.

Then I did some yoga for runners (the free 20 min podcast)- there were some stretches (or poses) in there that felt so good- it is reminding me to think about my shoulders in the day too and keep them relaxed. After that some Earl Grey tea while tea cooked 🙂 Very civilised and relaxing.

Then we had a nice 40 min gentle walk after dinner, so as promised- and I feel like that was quite enough for me today!

I have not yet used the food processor- I think that may have to be saved unti next weekend now!


PS really sad news about Sammy Wanjiru dying- he was so young too.

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10 thoughts on “Gentle day”

  1. How did I miss the fact that you’re a teacher til now?! lol! Clearly my reading comprehension skills are lacking. D’oh.

    I love using blueberries in baked goods!! Their texture is just divine.

  2. I’m glad you gave your tired legs a gentle restful day. Being a little bit active at work was probably much better for them than having to be sat down all day too!

    Thank you for your kind and gentle comment – I took my grumpy self to the shops for some fresh fruit (and paracetamol) and bought some half-price blueberries – looking forward to them!! Hope the muffins are as yummy as they look, x x x

  3. Blueberry and yoghurt muffins — they sound awesome! Glad you had a good stretch and then an amble out, and a nice civilized cup of tea — sounds like you had a busy day!

  4. Yoghurt and blueberries are my favourite breakfast. And now you mean to say there is a MUFFIN version?! I didn’t think it could get better…

  5. Yummy sounding muffins 🙂 I’ve used yoghurt to make scones before, so I imagine that it would really work in muffins.

  6. Oooh I like the idea of using it in scones too.
    They were a hit at work anyway, only a couple left now 🙂

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