Panic aborted (for now)


So I think you are going to see a lot of this panic from me over the coming weeks, so be warned!

I must say thanks for the good advice from Alison, Jessica and Rob regarding the running. I know that I have done all the training so far (well, pretty much) and that I can’t change anything now. I was going to do an 8 miler, and even mapped out a route, but then when I read the comments I cut it back- I ended up doing the 6.7 mile route from last week. I did do some tempo in the middle- when I was looking at my watch when running I was around 9.40 ish pace, but then I had to stop so many times to cross roads that the recorded pace is slower. But anyway, it keeps the legs ticking over. So I promise to be sensible and stick to my plan. If not you can all come around and bop me on the head, rabbit foo foo style.

Also thanks Lara- you are right about body pump- I will cut back on the weights for these next couple of weeks (and I am not going on the Thursday before as often I still ache on a Saturday and I don’t want to be sore for the actual run).

Great advice peeps!

I have booked my next massage for this Wednesday- they said to have one 2 weeks before, but she is away then, so it was either this week (2 1/2 weeks before) or in the final week, only a few days before. So I went for this week. Not long to get nervous for it!

Other news;

More scrummy yoghurt and muesli and apple for brekkie- getting a bit obsessed at the moment 🙂

Also I think I am about to give up on reading a book. I borrowed the book “Too big to Fail” about the banking crisis on Wall Street, and it is taking me so long to read- seriously I read about 2 pages a night and I am not finding it interesting. The subject is interesting, but the book just goes on about how different people got to be CEO’s and stuff, and I am 200 pages in and not at the interesting bits! Anyone read it? How do you feel about not finishing a book? It irritates me so much- normally I read books quickly as I love to read. I am defeated.

Also, can I ask a question for Andy? He needs to change his trainers- I kind of feel he needs to wait until the marathon is done now, as I think it is too close (no more long runs left to try them out- he is doing 13 miles this weekend)- but then I also have heard that trainers should not need breaking in, and they should be comfy right away. So, ideas? Cheers me dears 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Panic aborted (for now)”

  1. Good luck on the rest of your training plan!

    I hate hate hate not finishing a book. Theres one book thats defeated me ‘To the Lighthouse’ by Virgina Woolf. I’ve attempted it a few times, but I always get a few chapters in, and still don’t know what the hell is going on!

  2. I’m OK with not finishing books. Sometimes I’m just not in the right frame of mind and I’m able to start again in a few months or even years!

    I’m obsessed by yoghurt and muesli as well – it’s the perfect quick summer breakfast.

  3. I’ve come to terms with not finishing books after a long period of only reading crappy ones. I don’t have time to read bad books. I give all of them a chance, but if I’m on page 100 and still struggling to like the story, I put them back on the shelf. There are so many good books waiting to be read, why waste time on the bad ones? 🙂

  4. Is Andy going to buy the same model, just new ones? If so he should have enough time to break them in on shorter runs. He shouldn’t change show at this point though. That’s the advice I was given anyway.

    Giving up on books.. I hate doing that, and have only ever done it once (Thomas Hardy). But I think sometimes it’s just the sensible thing to do. If you have given it a good chance and are not enjoying it, then I say ditch it. You know what they say about life being too short, etc 🙂

  5. Sorry I missed your training panic thread yesterday but just wanted to say that everyone told me not to worry in the last few weeks as the important thing was to NOT get injured as all your ‘training’ is already done. The important thing now is to get yourself to the start line in as good a state as possible. What you’ve posted looks fine to me but I would be a little bit cautious on the yoga front as you don’t want to ‘tweak’ something which can be easily done.

    Expect to feel out of control from now until then, if you are anything like me you will question every aspect of what you have done/will do. Will do far too much reading on what you should/should not eat and end up confused. Try and decide once and for all on your plan and stick to it.

    I HATE not finishing books but if you are finding it hard to even pick up then it’s definitely time to move on. It’s supposed to be pleasurable after all!

    If I was Andy then I wouldn’t want to be wearing new shoes for long runs at this point but then you know me and shoes!!!


  6. Hi there, glad to have found you as I’m looking for other women runners in the blogosphere! I’ve been blogging elsewhere for a while but I’ve only just started up this new blog about running and the olympics and stuff. Hope your upcoming race goes well.

  7. Thanks guys!
    Laura- don’t worry- it is just the beginning of the taper so I had a bit of a panic about my training plan!
    Alison and Rose- thanks for that about the shoes- that was what I thought but thought I would check too.
    As for the book, I decided life was too short!

  8. So sorry I’ve been selfish in slinking away and missing so many posts. I have been reading but was a little scared to show my face after my last post.

    I’m glad you are feeling less panicky now. Even though I have no hope of making my marathon, I’ll be cheering you on as an example of what *proper* training and dedication can do. I truly wish I had trained as you have, instead of ruining my chances with self-destructive behaviours.

    I feel terrible when I don’t finish a book, but that’s part of my compulsive nature of having to see things through. If something doesn’t appeal to you, then life is too short to waste on feeling guilty about something that should ultimately be a relaxing activity. You have enough pressure and intellectual stimulation anyway: go for something you love! I could not finish War and Peace. I suspect I never will.


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