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So, today started fine, with me having breakfast, checking my route and downloading marathon talk. I set off, hoping to beat the rain, and aiming for 12 miles. Soon after I set off I started having a pain in my stomach, but decided to run gently and hope that it went away. I was reading a Runners’ World article about the power of positive thinking, and was hoping it might rub off on me. I got to the lakes and saw loads of goslings with the geese (got a bit scary at one point at the geese were too close for my liking) and also some baby moorhens (they are the little black water birds with the red bit on their beaks)- very cute. But my stomach was still sore, and I saw an empty bench so I sat down as I was feeling really shaky. I did wonder if I had left it too long since breakfast, so while I sat there I had one energy blok and some drink, but I still felt bad. At that point I was thinking of doing 9 miles instead of 12. After about 10 mins I got up with the view ofย continuing, but then realised I was still shaky and had forgotten my phone. Grr. The one time I could do with it. Anyway, I ended up going back home- I did manage to run home, but I felt so fed up. On the run home I was trying to decide whether I actually could have run the entire distance, which is silly as I know I do not try to get out of them normally. I tried to convince myself I was doing the sensible thing, but I was pretty upset when I got home. I was also freezing- it was actually really cold out there, and as I only ran about 3 miles, then 2 miles, I did not get up much of a speed. Anyway, after a hot shower I felt a little better, but then I had a mini panic that I might be getting some kind of infection again.

After that I had some lunch (but not much) and then we went to the garden centre for a bit, and by the time we got home I felt shattered. I ended up having some rice pudding and a slice of toast as I realised at that point I had not had enough lunch, and felt the need for some sugar. I had a couple of hours of work ahead of me (and to wait for shopping) before we could make dinner, but it took a while for the food to kick in. I think I did not eat very well on Friday- it was a rushed day, we ate dinner pretty late and I didn’t have my usual snack later in the evening. And again today I did not eat enough in the morning/ at lunch. ย Work has been busy and is getting a bit stressful, so I think I was probably more tired than I realised, a little underfuelled and stuff like that. The stomach ache has gone now anyway,so not sure what it was but I have been drinking loads of water to help too!

So tomorrow I will see how I am in the morning and maybe attempt another run (but maybe 8 miles or so, not the 12). Sounds ok?

I did have a nice dinner (by the time it came around!)- I fancied those carrot pancake bake things that I made last week, but I had no carrots. I did however have some courgettes.

So enter courgette pancakes-but-cooked-in-the-oven. Batter:

Green! 1/2 grated courgette, 35g chickpea flour, 15g apple sauce, 30ml rice milk, rosemary, baking powder and enough water to make it runny. Baked for 25 mins.

Yummy! Topped with tahini and served with Food Doctor easy grains with tomato and spinach, and some Food Doctor dry roasted bean mix (crunch)- I felt the need for some protein to help me out!

Anyway, I did have some good points from the day. I started my marathon list. It is a long one already! I ordered a food processor (I was given money for this for my birthday, and get to pick it up tomorrow! Hooray what to make??), and got some lovely plants at the garden centre- hanging basket of strawberries, some oriental poppies, 2 different pumpkin plants and one squash (the pumpkin seeds I planted earlier this year have not made it), and a few other bits. ๐Ÿ™‚ Andy will be out planting while I am (hopefully) out running tomorrow!

Fingers crossed anyway.

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8 thoughts on “Run cut short”

  1. Oh no, sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well, fingers crossed you feel better this morning ๐Ÿ™‚

    All those plants sound great, I half looked at getting strawberry plants etc this year, but wouldn’t know where to start/wasn’t brave enough to try!

    And food processor – exciting! My brain isn’t functioning properly at mo (barely slept!) but nut butters and dough balls/fudge babies would be top of my list! I’ve seen blogs making coconut/nut/chocolate nut butter mixes recently – which looks amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I think you absolutely did the right thing going home. Having a terrible run in pain would knock your confidence just as much (if not more) than cutting it short, with the potential danger of making you much more ill. If you genuinely feel better today then trying 8 or so seems like a good idea. One missed run isn’t going to bring your whole training schedule crashing down though, so try not to worry too much!

    I’d love a hanging basket of strawberries, so I am very jealous!

  3. Sorry you’re run didn’t go so well – you did the right thing by cutting it short. Running won’t always be fun, but it shouldn’t cause you pain.

    I hope you’re feeling 100% again and get out on your run ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thanks guys ๐Ÿ™‚
    Am feeling fine so far, and have packed my phone so I can always call for a lift. Alison you are right, one missed run won’t make any difference.
    Lucy- I am sure I will have a ton of recipes to make in it!
    And I bought the strawberry plants already in the basket – ยฃ2.50 (it was the same price as a normal tub of strawberry plants so seemed silly to get the normal ones and then re-plant them). I reckon they are the easiest thing to grow as you buy the plants, they go in pots or in the garden, water them and the strawberries keep on coming ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Oh no, sorry to hear you felt rubbish but you definitely did the right thing by coming back rather than pushing on which could have made things worse.
    Hope you feel better and got a good one today ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Sounds like you know your body very well – you certainly made the right decision coming home. I always forget to take my phone with me then worry that I’m going to trip and fall and be stuck 6 miles from home and have to hobble back! Hope you enjoy your food processor! I love mine, in fact I’ve just been using it to make a salad dressing / sauce. I love making hummus, tofu yoghurt, fudge babies etc yum!

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