Wardrobe malfunction!

Not as bad as it could have been!

I went on my last “long” run today. I say “long” because it was 7 miles, which seems short, but just what I fancied doing. I think after next weekend I am going to enjoy doing this length of run a lot more. Anyway, Andy got a Garmin for his birthday and let me try it out, so I had that on alongside my Nike+. The plan was to compare the pace and distance etc, but it was only once I started that I realised that he likes km, and I like miles, and I just was not working out the maths that well in my head. Anyway, my pace went from 6.24 per km, up to 6.28 on a steep hill, got back down to 6.20 and finished at 6.19. Each time I glanced at it the pace was between those numbers, and I did feel quite fast but also like my legs were going like clockwork. I did the 10k in 63 mins (fast for me) and overall did 11.4 K in 69 mins. That seems to be about 7 miles anyway.

But, the worst bit- at exactly 5k I felt a ping! One of my bra straps had come undone. For the ladies, I have a Shock Absorber Run bra- it is brilliant, and has 2 straps- one across the back of the neck, and one normal one. At first I thought the top one across my neck was what opened (it is like a bikini clasp) but I soon realised that I was wrong. The straps adjust (again like a bikini) by sliding a plastic loop into slots of fabric. I am not sure if I just rushed to put it on, but that was what had worked its’ way loose. Β The one that goes down along the left shoulder-blade. Not sure if I have explained it right. Anyway, I tried but there was no way I was able to do it back up while running (and I was not going to stop and take it off to sort it out) so maybe that was why I ran faster??

Anyway, I enjoyed that run and glad that I felt strong and speedy- I have been feeling like a plodder of late so I am glad my legs still work. Those 20 miles seem ages ago now! This week I have a 3 and a 2 miler, so I might do a few fast paced bits on Monday, but the other one will be gentle to keep the legs ticking over.

Also, exciting news, I tried my new food processor today! It did take me about 20 mins (and then it took Andy to actually work out the problem) to get it to work. Turned out I was not quite putting the lid on properly. Anyway, after seeing these amazing looking raw brownie slice things on Emma’s blog, I knew I had to try them! The original recipe is here (I book marked it already!) but I changed it up a bit and only made half, so my recipe is below.

And of course any excuse for me to use my new measuring cups! This is the base + topping waiting to go in the fridge.

And this is a slice on my plate (spoonful so you can see the base).

Mmmmmmm it is amazing!

So, for the base, whizz 1 cup pecans and 1 cup chopped dates in a food processor. Then add 1/6 cup cocoa powder and a tbsp agave, and mix some more. Press this into a small pan lined with baking paper (pressing it with the hands was much more successful than with a spoon) and leave in the fridge to set.

Then melt 1.5 tbs coconut oil. Put into the food processor 1/6 cup date syrup, 1tsp agave, (I had no maple syrup), 1tsp rice dream milk, 1 tsp cocoa powder and blend it up. Then pour in melted coconut oil and 1 tbs almond butter (this has salt in it, which is why I missed out the salt from the original recipe). Pour this over the base and leave to set again.

Just in case you did not see before, here is the exact same picture again!

It really is that good! πŸ™‚

So make some if you have not already!

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12 thoughts on “Wardrobe malfunction!”

  1. I have been there with that exact wardrobe malfunction (with a brilliant Puma bra I found in TKMaxx) so that made me laugh (as well as feeling sorry for you!). My malfunction didn’t happen whilst running but whilst I was standing chatting to someone – I was absent-mindedly fiddling with the clasp through my t-shirt and then PING! If it had been a girlfriend I was talking to I could have laughed about what I’d just done (and sorted myself out with minimal bother), but it was a man I didn’t even know particularly well so I just had to pretend like nothing had happened and carry on chatting… That taught me a lesson about fidgetting and fiddling!

    Glad you had such a great run today, what a timely confidence boost :-).

  2. Haha I can’t believe your bra pinged!! SO funny!! πŸ˜€

    And yaaaaay for the brownies!! No joke, you have just reminded me of how much I love them so I’m definitely making them again tomorrow! πŸ˜›

    Have an AMAZING Sunday Maria!!

    P.S. Random question, but have you heard from Jess? I can’t access her blog and I haven’t heard from her recently, and I was just wondering if you knew how she is?

  3. Hahah, would you believe I thought of the exact same blog post title yesterday? When I put on my “skort”, I heard one of the seams snap. It didn’t show anywhere, but later when I waited to start at the race, all sorts of things went through my head. Like, is there a big hole at the back of the skirt right now? Can all 60.000 runners see my butt? And I imagined what the blog post title would be: race report – wardrobe malfunction πŸ˜‰ Thankfully the only “wardrobe” malfunction was that my chest strap came undone just before the finish line.

  4. woah, I’m so glad it was the bra that went ping and not anything else! :p

    oh those brownies look delish, the trouble I have is being disciplined enough not to eat the whole lot……

  5. Bra malfunctions can be so uncomfortable – men don’t know what we have to deal with! Glad you made it through the run OK though πŸ™‚

    The brownies look delicious (I have serious post-run munchies at the moment!)

  6. Lara- don’t panic I have worn it for months (well them, I have 2 and am taking the other one just in case)- it has never done that until Saturday!

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