A speedier run

Hey guys

Due to the rain forecast Saturday morning (and I know I could have gone out Sunday instead, but I look forward to Saturday mornings) I was super speedy at getting ready. After breakfast I still managed to clean the bathrooms, but was ready nice and quick (normally I will listen to the radio, potter around at home and before I know it, 2 hours has passed). I was going to do the same 8.5 mile route as last weekend, and decided I would go on how I felt. I did wear my Nike+ but did not look at it once. I had a load of work to do Saturday afternoon, so knew I would feel all antsy and cooped up later. So it was lovely to run and really think about how good it felt to be out in the fresh air, filling up my lungs and feeling wide awake. I also saw some teeny baby bunnies- very tempted to put one (or two, or three) in my garden!  I could see the black clouds gathering, and it got much darker as I went on. I also got accosted by someone from “Regiment Fitness”- (I was watching the people do their sit ups and circuits on a patch of grass when I ran past)- the man actually ran up to me and alongside me and asked if I wanted to join in! Must have seen me staring whoops! I declined politely! Anyway, I was about 2 mins from home when the heavens opened. Cue a sprint finish for me (not easy after over 8 miles)- luckily there is a little bit of covered tarmac where I stopped to get out my key before sprinting to the front door! What great timing!

Anyway, the whole run took me 89 mins, which is a whole 4 mins faster than last Saturday. Those black clouds must be some good motivation!

Once home I was thirsty so it was time for some lovely coconut water. Can you see the rain in the background? I do not mind running in the rain (I have a baseball hat or tennis visor as I still wear my glasses) but I do not like the torrential rain as it ruins my shoes etc. It was totally coming down in bucket loads.

Other exciting news- I made some cupcakes!!!!!! (I should have really chosen running cookie as my name, as I much prefer baking and eating cookies, but it did not sound as good in my opinion!) On Friday I was given a fab belated birthday present:

There are so many amazing looking recipes in here, but due to my current tea obsession, it had to be Earl Grey Cupcakes! Perfect for Father’s day too I thought. Although I think I will try it again with different teabags- Chai cupcakes anyone?

Now these puffed up like crazy in the oven, and the icing went very drippy, as you can see (not like in the picture in the recipe book) but we had one at Sunday tea and they were fab. The rest have been given to my family and Andy’s family.

Saturday evening we had burgers for tea (operation use up stuff in the freezer is still going on- I found a lonely bean burger which I made in February according to the bag!)- so I made rolls to go with them.

I was actually amazed at how the rolls turned out 🙂

Gotta love a burger with some gherkins in it! Yum yum. Plus my first fresh sweetcorn cob of this year. I love the summer time 🙂

Fave summer food?

And don’t forget to enter the Bloom Tea giveaway– one week to go 🙂

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15 thoughts on “A speedier run”

  1. I am so jealous of you new recipe book, enjoy. By the way , fantastic way to not eat them all yourself by giving them away to family – well planned batgirl 🙂

  2. There’s always a boot camp going on in one of the parks I run through on my easy mornings route too, though I have yet to be caught and pressganged by one of the coaches 😉

    I don’t mind running in the rain as long as it isn’t the driving kind that makes it hard to see properly…or even keep your eyes open sometimes.

    Favourite summer food…well, it has to be Green Monsters doesn’t it? So cool and refreshing 🙂


  3. oh yes, that burger looks divine! I love home-made burgers, so much nicer than shop bought things 🙂 x

  4. Good job on the run! 4 minutes in a week is huge!

    I LOVE the Hummingbird Bakery cookbooks. Everything I have made out of there as turned out so well, it’s my go-to book now.

    Favourite summer food has to be either ice-cream (not really all that confined to warm months though!) and berries. 🙂

  5. Oooh i love gherkins!
    Congrats on the amazing run, i can’t imagine running that far!
    I think my favourite summer food has to be either corn on the cob at BBQs or big bowls of yoghurt with toppings 🙂

  6. I looove the look (& sound!) of those cupcakes! YUM. I much prefer eating cupcakes to cookies but cookies are just so much easier to make! haha.

  7. The cookbook is seriously jammed with the most amazing looking recipes 🙂 They will be popping up all over the place on here I imagine!

  8. I know exactly what you mean about that weekend morning black hole. I had that last weekend — except it wasn’t 2 hours, it was almost an entire day before I realised where the time had gone!

    Favourite summer food is pea and mint soup I think. They do it in Pret now!

    1. Oh pea and mint always sounds nice, but I have never tried it coz I do not like peas unless they are right out the pods off the plant.
      I like that term weekend black hole- I have a lot of those as I can potter for England!

  9. I’m exactly like you: I potter about for a bit and then bam, two hours have passed!
    I have that recipie book too! The pictures look delish! Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to bake anything yet 🙁 I know I can’t just stop at one, and it seems like a shame to go to all that effort for one muffin/cookie etc.!

    I think I might have to treat myself soon and just go for it cos I really miss baking! (maybe a healthy-ish recipie?)

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