So after work today (and my, it was sticky at work- 27C in my classroom when I remembered to look, and this was after the kids left so it would have been hotter) I decided to change my running route. I was going to do the 7ish mile loop, but a lot of this is in the sun, and I did not feel like going quite that far. I ended up going up to the lake, around the big lake (saw loads of goslings, some stuff fluffy and some with their adult feathers on), up a bit more and then doubled back on myself. After 4 miles I stopped and walked for about a minute just to try and cool myself down a bit. I had put a bottle of water in the fridge in the morning, and added a nuun tab to it, but it warmed up so quickly. Anyway, the run ended up being 6 miles, taking me 65 minutes, which in that heat was not too bad. I was totally pouring when I got home though- it is so sticky today!

Once home it was time for some lovely cold coconut water- lovely 🙂

As promised, some pictures of less baking and more healthy foods!

So breakfast- I could not face porridge in this heat!

This was lovely Rude Health crispy muesli, with a chopped apple and milk- so refreshing in the morning.

Dinner was version 2.0 of Saturday’s dinner. I cooked the rest of the quinoa (red and white stuff) with a little tomato puree, water, spinach and beetroot, and put some falafels on top. Then once cooked I served it on the rest of the spinach, drizzled with raspberry basil dressing (which is amazing by the way). Super tasty. I also had some cherries- hooray! They have been out of stock fot ages so I was so pleased to get some this week. Yum.

Now, I am not complaining about this weather, as it is lovely to have some warmth and sunshine. But, I wonder how people manage to keep going with workouts and stuff like that in this heat? Our gym occasionally has real air-con, but mostly it consists of wedging the fire exit open with a heavy weight. I know there is the standard advice of going out early/ late, drinking more, easing off a bit and so on. I did go slower, and took water with me today (and I did think that I should have got up early and gone before work, but anyway)- but this warm weather has leapt up, whereas normally it is more gradual so you get used to it more.

So, hot weather training tips?


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21 thoughts on “Dripping!!”

  1. After these past few days I read the blogs of people who live in Florida and California with new admiration. I did a slow recovery run at 6am and that was bad enough. I did yoga this evening and ended up covered in sweat – apparently that’s a good thing though! I’m drank 3-4 litres of water today and felt like I’ve needed every drop!

    1. Yeah I have no idea how the people in Florida do it- having been there a few times on holiday it was often too hot to even walk outside- baking! I know what you mean about the liquid- I had 3 lots of 750ml at work, about 600ml with breakfast, another 600ml in evening, 500ml while running, 250ml coconut water…… so much liquid!

  2. I am SUCH a wimp in the heat. I don’t mind it so much, but exercising in it? No me gusta. I know I’m not really one to give running advice yet, but I always go early in the am, before it gets too hot! And if it’s a hot day, I know I’ve got my air conditioning to come back to 😛 I Definitely make sure I’m hydrated and keep tabs on my HR if it’s a muggy morning, though.
    And i can just imagine how refreshing that coconut water was after a hot run. Yum!

  3. d I FINALLY got your package today!! thank you so much for all the great food AND i especially love the notes on eat one. soo awesome!! thanks again

  4. Drink plenty – not just immediately before or during – and just go slow. Your body is pumping blood to the skin to cool you down and that’s blood that can’t be pumped to the muscles to fuel them. I think when its hot and muggy just do what you can.

  5. I actually prefer things a little more on the warm side as I’m very sensitive to the cold. Our gym has huge fans – its only these kind of temperatures when I actually enjoy them! I have to say that even though I like the warm I don’t think I’d want to be running at any other time than first thing in the morning at the mo! I love that coconut water especially in this weather, I’ve been putting it in my post run green smoothies perfect for rehydration!

  6. Good grief, hat off for 6 mile in the afternoon – hot was an understatement yesterday.

    I had my first ever cup of Tea Pigs chai tea today btw, it was fantastic and I can very well imagine a cup cooled with some ice cubes in it in this heat, may have to buy some and try it out 🙂

  7. You’re either very brave or very crazy for attempting to run in yesterday’s heat 😛 I tend to stick to the gym when it’s really warm as atleast there is AC, but the downside is I really despise treadmill running and it seems like such a waste of the nice weather to exercise indoors rather than outside. Your dinner photo looks delicious by the way… beetroot, quinoa and falafels are 3 of my most favourite foods! Oh and cherries… have you tried purchasing them from the market yet? I’ve found them at both Hatfield and St.Albans veg markets and they are so delicious and cheap!

    1. No I hardly ever go to the market- I used to get fruit from St Albans all the time, but now the parking is expensive (and I don’t live there) I don’t tend to go any more. I have got lovely fruit from Watford market too, but again, hardly ever go there.

      1. Yeah, parking in St.Albans is a bit of a nightmare now. I do reccommend venturing into Hatfield town centre (as daunting as that sounds!) on a spare Saturday morning as the fruit and veg stall there is very good value. I got a pound of cherries there last week and they’re so sweet and juicy 🙂

  8. Staying hydrated is the most important thing imo and altering your intensity so you don’t put too much strain on your body. The half marathon I had planned to run on Sunday had one fatality, a guy similar age to me had a heart attack and never came round so you have to be careful and listen to your body.

  9. I am terrible in the heat! I hate running outside when it’s really sunny because i’m paranoid about sweating my suncream off when i burn so easily. For me sunny days are for either the gym or long walks with covered shoulders 😀

  10. Gosh Laura that is so frightening about that poor man having a heart attack. You are right about listening to your body (that is why I stopped and walked for a bit).
    Sarah I know what you mean about suncream- I have some boots sports stuff, that is meant to be sweat resistant, and works ok for me.

  11. Back home where I normally live it doesn’t get too terribly hot for most of the summer, but this summer I’ve relocated to southern US and it’s SO hot. I’ve found that I need to get my runs & outdoor workouts done FIRST thing (like before 8am) and then I can have the afternoon for the gym or yoga class. I try to stay super hydrated too.

  12. I don’t like running when it’s too hot, but I’ll do it if there is no alternative. One way to cool down is to soak a baseball cap in water (and then wear it, of course 😉 ) Another is to have water with you and spray your arms, legs and neck now and then. It helps a lot, even if it’s just for a short while 🙂

  13. I love changing up my running route, it always makes the run seem to go faster! I don’t have many tips for running in hot weather other then keeping hydrated. I haven’t had a super hot summer where I live, so I don’t have any recent experience with having to train in the heat. Thank goodness for that 🙂

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