Giveaway winner!

The winner of the set of Bloom Teas, goes to:

Rachel- at Delicious and Nuts 🙂

I am afraid I have no idea how to do those random number generator thingies, so it was names on paper, and Andy picked one out! 🙂

Rachel- can you email (emailme at your address details to me and I will pass them on to Bloom Teas. Congrats 🙂 Hope you enjoy the tea 🙂

Also, I realised I forgot to do my exercise recap for the week.


Monday- 6.7ish mile run with Audiofuel intervals. Found it hard going slow enough in the recovery parts, and finished it tired a long way from home. Lesson learned- do them nearer home!

Tuesday- Aerobics- I had not been for weeks, and it was the replacement girl (but she was loads better than last time and turned up the speed so it was a great workout).

Wednesday- 3.5 mile run- more Audiofuel- this time I did the slightly faster one which was better. The fast bits were really hard but that is good. Then yoga for runners 25 mins.

Thursday- New body pump release.  Back to pretty much normal weights.

Friday- Rest (and waffle house 🙂 )

Saturday- 9.5 mile run, including wardrobe malfunction. Very hot. And a walk before dinner.

Sunday- Rest day- I did yoga podcast this evening.

Verdict- pretty good week.

And Lara I apologise for the baking! I am going to try and take pictures of the healthy food this week. Except for Thursday as I am making a cheesecake to take to a friends’ on Friday. Consider yourself warned 😉

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9 thoughts on “Giveaway winner!”

  1. Eeeeeeeep!! Thank you! Very happy to read this on my birthday (okay it’s officially past it now but still) SO HAPPY! Will email you in the morning x

  2. Well done to Rachel 🙂
    It sounds like a good workout week. I went on a hot run yesterday and nearly died, so I sympathise!

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