Kind of what I ate!

Hello all

First up- I went to body pump last night! Yay!

I was feeling quite nervous, in case the heavy weights brought out any niggles. I did not go as heavy as I can for the squats, and during the lunges my hamstring felt a little tight, so I eased off, but I did tell myself that normally if I felt like that I would have carried on as usual. I did find it so hard though (the room was hot), but was great and I was pleased to see all the regulars too (have not seem them since my marathon). Next week we have the lovely sub instructor, and it may be the new release. I made sure I really enjoyed the triceps track (I am all about the cheese) in case it was the last time!

I keep seeing the What I Ate Wednesday posts, and I never take pictures of everything. But I did take a lot (but on Thursday), mostly because I love my lunchbox! So I missed off breakfast and my morning snack (porridge and nakd bar I think), but I did do the rest.

Food Doctor pitta, roasted pepper and some pesto (I have had variations this week with roasted courgette, and the almond and basil pesto). And I love the lunchbox! πŸ™‚ (I did also have a pear but you all know what they look like and it was in a boring lunch box pot)

I made some chai tea with the last of the Rice milk (yummy) and an apple with the last of my crunchy pb. Sadly Tesco’s do not seem to stock PB and co any more πŸ™ Β Although they only did the most boring flavour so I suppose I should not be too annoyed by it! I was hoping it would sell so well that they would start selling the other amazing flavours. I will have to load up my suitcase when I go on holiday!

For dinner I had the last of the homemade pesto with some pasta and pepper (and Andy also added some sweetcorn to the pasta while it was cooking so it was a very yellow dinner!). I am excited about the possibilities of making other types of pesto.

Then post body pump I had some rice pudding with strawberries and a few chocolate chips. Delish.

Today I had intentions of going for a run after work, just a short one. But then I had to get my battery checked (and replaced) on my car, and it was chucking it down with rain, and so I had a cup of tea instead. I am going for one tomorrow. I ended up reasoning with myself- I am not training for anything, I have had 2 runs this week already, and I just didn’t fancy it. I think I am still have slight post marathon blues. Β I have been trying to be a bit cautious for the weeks following it, and the Great South Run seems a long way away. Anyway, I am going to investigate the Audiofuel podcasts this weekend, and maybe treat myself to them. Β I have seen a few people on WLR having success with them- has anyone used them here?

Right, off to make some bread.

Laters dudes πŸ™‚

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11 thoughts on “Kind of what I ate!”

  1. Your lunchbox is SO CUTE!!!!! ahh. I’d ask where you got it and go get myself one BUT I bet we can’t get ’em over here in the US. πŸ™ Boo.

  2. If I had that lunchbox, I wouldn’t stop taking photos of it either πŸ™‚

    So jealous that you’ll be getting the new release for Body Pump soon: we always seem to be the last ones to get it so you’ll have to let me know what you think!


  3. Leigh- yes I love paperchase so much!
    Lara- I am still feeling it today- so tough!
    Jessica- well we might not get the new one- and we must spend the same time on each release, I suppose it depends when the instructors get the stuff for it.
    Laura- thanks, I did enjoy it!

  4. I’ve been absolutely loving Body Pump lately!! I’ve just started back a few weeks ago and have been experiencing different weights for the tracks..and sometimes I get halfway through and my muscles are SCREAMING and I’m not able to lift another set…but it always feels so great to power through them! Glad you had a great class!

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