Pesto for lunch

I had some of my yummy almond and basil pesto in a pitta today, with some roasted courgette, as a tasty lunch.

(The jar is still pretty full though!)

After work I went for a short run (I did some lunges and stuff for a bit of a warm up first)- I ran for 29 mins and did about 2.7 miles or something like that. And actually my hamstring was feeling fine. But I did not need to go any further. When I got home I did the yoga for runners (which says 20 mins, but really takes nearly 30 mins I think).

With the run next weekend, I am going to be helping out at the school area, so that will be fun as all the kids get to do a 1.5 mile fun run (and last year I missed it as I was doing the half marathon). So I can still support the school, but I do not have to worry about pushing myself too hard or anything.

And I am super excited as I got an email from the lovely Jemma who is organising a bloggie food swap! I have a US partner 🙂 Yay! So, UK people, what would you miss if you lived in the US? What would you send to someone in America? 🙂


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14 thoughts on “Pesto for lunch”

  1. That’s a great perspective to adopt in relation to the swap: I’ll have to think that way with my US partner. I’m not totally sure about what we have specifically over here but Nakd and Trek Bars spring to mind. And most US bloggers that have visited England seem to be rather attached to Cadbury’s chocolate, but that obviously depends on how health conscious or vegan/veggie/omni your partner is.

    A run and pesto for lunch? Sounds like a perfect day to me 🙂


  2. I’m excited about the swap too! If I lived in the US I’d miss lots of British things like Marks and Spencer, red post boxes, pots of tea, driving on the left side of the road etc. I’m trying to think about what I’m going to send my partner but I’m sure that Nakd bars are going to be involved!

  3. Almonds and basil pesto sounds like a good thing to me:)I cannot answer you question, since I am living in the Czech republic, so I am missing on everything:)) Seriously, I am sometimes getting abit jealous when I see all those amazing vegan/vegetarian/food in general options you have and then I enter a shop in my country and feel like in the stone age :))
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just changed my blog domain from czechvegan to!

  4. Seems that everyone in the US will be receiving Nakd bars then!! 🙂 I’m struggling to think of other products to send as my swap partner is allergic to cane sugar/white sugar. If she wasn’t though, then I think 9Bars would’ve been included, love them!
    I’m planning a browsing round shops trip asap…excited to be shopping for someone else, the swap is a great idea, so glad I decided to get involved! 🙂

  5. Yeah nakd bars. and yes I think some proper chocolate (I have only tried Hersheys once and was not impressed to say the least!!). Also seed stacked bars- yummy. I am basically going to have a fun spending spree and see what I can get in the health food shops etc!

  6. Love your way of thinking about this, and ditto everyone else! DEFINITELY Nakd and Trek bars, and also 9 Bars too! And Montezumas dark chocolate buttons, cos choccie buttons don’t exist in the US! Crazy I know! 😛

    P.S. So happy your hamstring is feeling fine now!! 🙂

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