Tahini cookies and a run!

So yesterday I mentioned my obsession with tahini (and Alison, I love the idea of having it with dark chocolate, and Shaman love the honey idea too mmmm). In my Vegan cookies invade your cookie jar book, there was a recipe for Tahini lime cookies. Well, it seemed rude not to!

Well, I didn’t have cornstarch, so subbed in some ground flax instead. They are yummy! The lime flavour really comes through (from the lime zest) and the sesame flavour is also lovely (it used 1/2 cup tahini). They have a lovely texture too, kind of chewy and crisp, like a good pb cookie. Another recipe that should be made again!

I also made some fresh mint tea 🙂 Ffion you were right- super easy!

A load of fresh mint (I have a few types in my garden, one might be spearmint possibly) and boiling water. I let it brew for a while, and voila!

It was tasty and I got 2 cups of it! It was not as sweet as the teabags, but maybe I should have used smaller leaves.

And finally the run;

I went out this morning, for a gentle run. My 6.7 mile route was calling to me! I ran past the Race for Life in Welwyn, which meant I spent a lot of the run reminiscing- that was my first race a few years ago, and the reason I started running. On the day I was so nervous as the most I had run for was 15 mins (then a min walk, then another 15 mins) but I really wanted to run the whole way. I was so worried and apprehensive, and I was also so proud when I crossed that line (and I did run it, in 35 mins). I love the whole ethos of the race, that everyone is welcome, and the messages people have on their backs of who they are running for, and of course the amount they raise for charity.

Anyway, I digress.

During the run my left hamstring started feeling tight again. It was sore after the marathon, but the sports massage really helped, and on Saturday I was fine walking. But I suppose I am still not fully recovered (I did not expect to be). Anyway, I just took it super slow (it took me 80 mins), and felt fine when I finished. I have decided I am not going to do the 5k next weekend. I think I would have to run it slowly, and I think I would be a bot disheartened if it took me a long time. So I will see if they need any helpers instead.

Anything else I can do with tahini?


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12 thoughts on “Tahini cookies and a run!”

  1. I love your 5km detour story 🙂 and maybe you’re right about the 5km race coming up, but what about another massage first???
    and eeerrrrrmmmmm Tahini lime cookies …… recipe please!

    1. Do you think I can publish it? It is from a book, and I didn’t really change anything. Shall I email it to you?

  2. OMG those cookies sound amazing! I’m having a big moment with limes right now.

    I’m trying to think what else I use tahini for… It’s good in salad dressing (with lemons), and some burger recipes require it. And of course houmous…

    I hope your hamstring eases up. Just remember that you’re still only a week into recovery, and 6 miles is quite a long way, so I don’t think there’s anything to be alarmed about. Just take it easy!

  3. Good for you for still being involved in the 5K as a volunteer. I know it’s always difficult to make decisions about races, particularly when you know you won’t get near your usual times (quite understandably given your epic marathon performance!). I always beat myself up with races where I don’t PR, which happens rather frequently now that I’ve been injured in one form or another for so long.

    But hurrah that you’re back to running in some capacity, even if it’s at a gentler pace.

    I love tahini on oats (mixed with raisins), sweet potatoes, as a dressing, in hummus…I’m a bit of a tahini fiend 😉


    1. I know that one type is different, but I am not quite sure what type it is! Ah well, it does smell a bit different, but still like mint!

  4. Lara- I would love another massage – got to save up some more haha!
    Alison- yes I should try it in salad dressings I think. And yes I am taking it easy, honest! That run was so slow.
    Jessica-that is what I thought in the end- if I ran it (and I would be capable of running and finishing)I knew I would not beat my previous 5k time, and I thought in the end that would annoy me.

  5. Those cookies look lovely, I have a recipe for coconut tahini cookies on my blog that are wonderful! I love tahini with some many things, in hummus of course but mixed with sweet white miso for a dip or salad dressing it is fab. I also love my tahini lemon sauce, so good! Glad you had a nice relaxed run, sounds like a good decision to give the 5k a mix and allow your body to fully recover 🙂

    1. Well once you plant it it goes everywhere! We even planted ours in a sunken flower pot, but it seems to have broken free from that now and is spreading fast!

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