Busy weekend

Hey all

This is a random heart-shaped potato that I dug up the other day! Plus it sort of fits with the wedding weekend?? Maybe ??

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. I was off to a family wedding yesterday, which was great. I did not take any pictures (fail), but what was brilliant was that the colour scheme was so bright! The bride had a lovely deep green sash on her dress, and the groom had that colour (what are those hanky things called that go in the top pockets to match the ties?) tie etc, but then one bridesmaid was in bright red, one was in purple, and then each of the men in the party had a different colour tie etc- yellow, purple, red, blue- it looked fab! And at the reception each table had a different colour (we were on the red table)- so the flowers and favours all co-ordinated. It actually looked brilliant. Anyway, it was fun (although I did have a rather interesting man next to me who kept on and on about how his meal looked better than my veggie meal- I always find those situations awkward as I do not mind other people eating meat- I am not a militant type and I do not lecture people, but I also think that some people can be very insulting!) although it was a late night!

Today we went out for breakfast, and then to a family garden party to continue the celebrations. I am home now for a little bit, to unpack,and then repack (ahem and read/write blogs as I eat my lunch/dinner) as I am off for a girly trip to Bristol for a couple of days!

So not much blogging will be going on still! Anyway it is Sunday so time for the weekly review;

Monday- faster 5.8 miles.2 and a hlaf hours of weeding at the allotment.

Tuesday- 3 hours digging, aerobics.

Wednesday- audiofuel run before breakfast. Small amount of easy weeding.

Thursday- Yoga in the morning, body pump in the evening.

Friday- 10 mile run.

Saturday- Yoga before breakfast.

Sunday- rest.

I am planning on having a run tomorrow morning before we leave, but the only exercise will be shopping over the next couple of days! Then it will be time for my magic mile for marathon talk! Not holding out much hope but participation counts for more than a good time! And it is all about the taking part, yes? Β πŸ™‚


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14 thoughts on “Busy weekend”

  1. Gah – the marathon mile … I just remembered that I signed up for that! Haha – I’m not very well trained for it, but I’ll have a go.

    The wedding theme sounds brilliant – I’d never thought of lots of different colours.

  2. Jessica- thanks πŸ™‚
    Sarah- you have til the 14th August and you can have as many goes as you want and just record your fastest time.

  3. I love the sound of that wedding colour scheme. I wore a bright emerald green on my wedding day πŸ™‚

    Good luck with your marathon mile, and have a lovely girly trip! x

  4. What a fantastic potato, I’m loving our carrots they are so random I want to know how the shops get them all the same shape πŸ˜‰

  5. That potato is so cute! I had some carrots that looked like they were hugging a few weeks ago and everyone thought I was mental cos I was like “awww they are so cute.”
    That wedding sounds lovely, I love hearing about colour schemes lol.
    Have fun in Bristol!

  6. Love the potato hehe

    I hate it when people comment on food negatively, one of the residents wives looked at my tea today (a salad and a dahl) and said oh younguns eat some junk now.. I was like errrm whaaaaaaa? Oh well lol it so wasn’t junks haha

  7. Yeah the dinner guy was interesting but luckily I do not take offense!
    The colour scheme was fab too- the green was lovely (and on all the invites)- very summery, and the other colours made it so bright and cheerful.
    And yes, love the potato- I think the answer Lara is that the shops chuck away stuff that is odd shaped

  8. I love the sound of the bright and colourful scheme at the wedding. I hope you are having a lovely time with your girlies!


  9. So many workouts here! Good for you πŸ™‚ What kind of yoga are you doing? Lately I have been on a serious yoga “kick”. I have a love-hate relationship with yoga, because sometimes it bores me to death and other times I just canΒ΄ t get enough πŸ™‚

    1. I am choosing ones from the yoga download website- I was doing the yoga for runners, and also downloaded yoga for weightloss (which is hard in that it is fast moving between poses) and yoga with weights which I have not done yet. I think it is good for me, I don’t get all the meditation stuff but the actual stretching is really good.

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