Full press ups yay!

That is my excitement for today! Went to aerobics and at the end we always do a few minutes of stuff like the plank (and did proper one of those too, no knees on the ground here), push ups and suchlike. When she told us to start press ups (apparently it will be rude not to do them!) I thought “well, I did full ones at body pump, so it would be silly not to try again”- and I managed them! Not sure how many, but a few more than 4 anyway!

Before aerobics I had a lovely snack of teapigs chai and a small eat Natural bar from the giveaway I won :). Tasty. Thanks Lucy 🙂

For lunch I had my first garden courgette- how exciting! I had it in a yummy Food Doctor bagel with some cream cheese. Tasty 🙂 And loads of pepper too. Those bagels are so filling- I love them!

Also, how out of touch am I with fashion? Seriously, I went on M&S website just now to order a few bits in the sale, and I got some white leggings (for wearing under dresses in the summer- thought they look more summery than black ones) and I came across “treggings”. Now, I have heard of “jeggings” (jeans/ leggings hybrid) and had to look up treggings- apparently it is trousers crossed with leggings- more structured than plain leggings but still to wear under dresses and tunics. Anyway, they say you learn something new every day (or do they make stuff up every day?). So what did you learn today?

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11 thoughts on “Full press ups yay!”

  1. I have never heard of treggings – they sound ridiculous, but I am behind the times with fashion! I love courgettes, so I’m very jealous of your garden ones – they look yummy 🙂

  2. Where I’m from people call jeggings treggings. Neither do anything nice for my legs so I think I’ll just stick to plain leggings!
    Yay garden courgette, did it taste a million times better than a supermarket courgette?

  3. I have a great pair of treggings from ages ago, I wear them all the time! Congrats on your push ups, I can only manage 5 full ones at the moment but I’m working on it! That bagel looks amazing 🙂 Today I learned that I can in fact run in the rain without melting or some other horrible thing happening 😉

  4. Yay for full press-ups 😀

    I learnt that beet greens make a green smoothie extra-creamy. Didn’t even need to add all the guar gum I usually do 🙂

    I wish I could eat wheat without problems: those bagels do indeed look extremely yummy! Glad your courgettes are so nice ~ my Dad’s are getting attacked by woodlice at the moment!


  5. I think that fashionista people all over the world make things up every month to confuse me and make me feel old … usually backed up by some airbrushed 15 year old model 🙂

  6. Ha ha glad I was not the only one who had not heard of treggings!
    And hooray for all the things you learned (yes Laura running in the rain sounds awful but you are right, our skin is waterproof and nothing bad happens!).
    And yes garden courgettes taste much more yummy 🙂

  7. Are pressups the same as push ups? Because if so, I always struggle starting to do them, but feel like such a warrior when I complete like 10 haha! It makes me feel strong and I love it.

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