Gardening= workout


So this morning I got on with one of my fave holiday activities- a run in the morning.

During term time I generally go out after work- I can run about 3 miles before breakfast, but then with the shower and stuff after it means getting up very early- I would rather take my time after work and run a little further. Anyway, I have been getting the feeling lately that I have really slowed down- perhaps it is the warmer weather and also that I have been tired from work. Anyway, today I decided I was going to push myself and see what I was capable of. It was a hard run, but I kept an eye on my Nike+ and generally my pace was between 9.40ish and 10.15 per mile- good for me. At one point it said 17 and then 24, so I think it lost the signal for a bit. Anyway, in the end I did 5.8 miles in 59 mins, which is much closer to my recent 10K time. I was feeling like I was back to the speed when I first started running (10K in 70 mins) but with this, baring in mind I had to cross roads and things, it was closer to my pb of 61.30.

I had a delicious smoothie in a bowl to cool down when I got back

A frozen banana, raspberries, cocoa powder and Kara coconut milk.

Sprinkled with coconut as I love that at the moment.

I made a lovely lunch- cooked some quinoa with a tin of tomatoes, spinach and some pesto, and added it to roasted peppers, courgette, beetroot and cherry tomatoes. I made a big batch so I can have it for other days too. Topped with food doctor roasted bean mix.

After that I headed up to our allotment for some weeding action. It was more overgrown than I remembered!

There is bind-weed everywhere!!

At one point I got very freaked out as I went to chop the bottom of a massive thistle, and nearly squashed a frog- gross! Luckily it hopped out of the way, but I may or may not have screamed, then shouted “sh*t” (this is very rare for me to swear) and then panicked about people seeing me! Anyway, I weeded for over 2 hours. I must have moved 7 or 8 big piles of weeds to the enormous compost heap. Mistake number 1 by me was to only take a small trowel and hand fork- next time I will bring the proper tools!

Please tell me you can see a difference!

We have to leave the potato plants as apparently the lady might come and dig them up!

We do have some raspberry canes, and a blackcurrant bush which I hope will get left for us- I gave those a massive weed too.

Once home (this was a good two and a half hours later) I was starving so decided to replenish my blood sugar with a lovely Eat Natural bar. Mm. I then went to Habitat in the hope of getting some bargains, but alas, too late (despite the signs still being up) they have closed! Ah well.

Instead I got some more dried mango, and made some chocolate covered mango, being inspired by Nicky.

Some with coconut, to add to the tropical theme! I love Divine dark chocolate mango, but had never thought of making it myself until I saw it on her blog– genius 🙂

I was still hungry, so then I had some more Rude Health Oaty things, with pb, raspberry spread, and some Earl Grey tea. That gardening has made me shattered! What a good workout!

I am off to zonk out now! My question- what activity do you find subs as a workout?

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13 thoughts on “Gardening= workout”

  1. Aww glad you liked my idea lovely! So simple yet so tasty! 🙂 I’ve found they’re always a winner for gifts too – put them in a bag with a fancy ribbon and people love them!
    I’m sooo jealous of you having an allotment. I’ve always wanted one because I love growing my own fruit and veg. The most I’ve ever been able to do is a few strawberry and raspberry bushes and a lemon tree in my back garden back home but where I live now I have no garden boo 🙁 I find it so satisfying growing things and eating them, knowing that you put hard work into it haha!

  2. The allotment looks huge, have you got a plan for it yet? I’m not sure about gardening, can you plant much this late in the summer or will you have to wait a bit? I’m not surprised you’re wiped out from all that gardening! I always find walking home with my food shopping a mega workout.

  3. Goodness me you did ALL that in 2 hours, you must be a weeding demon (I’m still plodding through my weeds!!), so YES, I most certainly CAN see a HUGE difference. Can you give potato lady a time limit, I mean if she’s not paying for the allotment anymore???!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I agree with Laura – shopping is a great workout! I am pleased to say that I can definitely see a difference between your before and after photos 🙂

    I much prefer running in the morning – it’s nice and cool and I can go much faster. I might switch to afternoon/evening running when the mornings get darker and colder.

  5. Yay glad you guys could see a difference!
    Nicky the idea is genius- and yes as a gift idea too I love it! I can’t believe I never thought of it before as I love the Divine onesbut hardly ever get them as they are so expensive.
    Leigh- it is pretty big- I think actually bigger than our garden! I think the main plan this year is to do all the prep. I have planned where I want my strawberry patch to be! But mainly weeding, improving the soil and then covering it so the weeds don’t grow back while we are on holiday!
    Lara- with the lady it is a bit strange- we have officially taken over the plot, but we do not pay til November, so I don’t feel like we can make too much of a fuss! But she also needs to move her shed and the guy did say he would get on at her to move it asap.
    Laura- yes shopping is a great workout! Carrying those bags and you walk loads too!
    Sarah-glad you can see a difference too.

  6. Thank goodness I’m not the only one cracked out on coconut flakes. I have ahd them 3 separate times today. It’s time to admit I have a problem, I think :X

    1. Oh good, well I think I only had them twice today, but they are so delicious 🙂 Coconut lovers anonymous maybe? Although that sounds more like a different type of website!

  7. Ugh, bind weed is a nightmare. You did a good job clearing such a huge patch!

    I moved a load of furniture round and cleaned the other day. It took about 2 hours and my hair was dripping with sweat by the end of it!

    1. Another good workout! I was thinking while I was weeding “body pump must have helped me get a bit stronger, so come on!” Yeah bindweed had got everywhere!

  8. Oooh I would LOVE to grow my own raspberries, we had some in my mum and dad’s garden growing up but they never got any of them… somehow they all seemed to get eaten as soon as they were ripe… nothing to do with me of course 😉

  9. Laura- I love fresh raspberries so much- but they are always so expensive to buy. Andy’s mum gives us some when they get them in their garden, but I am very excited to have my own!
    Jemma- well it was Nicky’s genius idea 🙂

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