Let’s “chai” these cupcakes

Hello all!

So yesterday I decided to make some chai tea cupcakes. I was inspired by Lucy doing some chai baking, and ever since I made the Earl Grey cupcakes from my new Hummingbird book I was keen to adapt the recipe with chai teabags instead.

So that is what I did.

I only made 6 this time, as I know there will only be 6 of us at Sunday tea, and I had more success with the icing as I made it in my food processor.

Can you see where I poured in the teabag-infused milk??

Anyway, I had loads of icing left, as per usual, so I again took inspiration from Lucy and made a variation of her chai bites. I used 75g brazils, 75g dates, 30g coconut, a splash of date syrup, some vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom. This was blitzed up in the food processor, and then baked for 8 mins in a small tray.

Then I covered them in the icing, and had 2 for dessert last night- delish. The only thing was that the icing was butter icing (well, pure spread) but I find that too rich. I was planning on making it with cream cheese, but I could not find it in the fridge. Anyway, I think this would be amazing topped with some kind of chocolate/ coconut butter or peanut butter topping (like the one on the chewy rice squares). Love the idea thanks Lucy! 🙂

I managed to resist ordering more teapigs chai, but I did stock up on muesli as it was 3 for 2.

I love the crispy muesli, and decided to try another one- I like raisins but this one sounded nice too!

So that was breakfast this morning:

I love this, so summery! A chopped apple, muesli and milk. After that, exciting news people!!!!!!

We walked up to our allotment today! Yes, that is right! After being on the waiting list for 3 years, we have been offered a plot! It is perfect, about a 5 min walk from home, and the plot (apparently a “small” one) is the size of our current garden! It even has raspberry canes and potatoes growing in it! I am so excited! I was supposed to be meeting up with a friend tomorrow, but she cancelled as she is ill, so guess what- I will be doing some weeding! I am very excited about this as you can tell! So, gardeners- anything I can plant now? Apparently spinach? Although I think we may leave anything until we get back from our holiday so we can actually water it all.

Onto the review:

Monday- a run which I nearly talked myself out of!

Tuesday- nothing- was at work so knew I would miss aerobics.

Wednesday- audiofuel run- again nearly talked myself out of it but felt much better when I got home.

Thursday- good old body pump

Friday- rest day

Saturday- 10 mile run, little walk in the evening

Sunday- Yoga before breakfast, walk up to the allotments 🙂

I kind of eased off a bit this week, as work was busy again, plus I was getting tired. Next week should be better because I am off  and so will have more time, plus I can go out in the mornings which I much prefer. Yay!

Right, off for Sunday tea in a bit- I am looking forward to a cupcake 🙂

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend too.

EDIT- Hey- the cupcakes were lovely! And I have updated my Running Calendar pace, in case anyone is interested! I put in links to my race reports, and also the races I have planned. So check it out here if you fancy having a look.

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12 thoughts on “Let’s “chai” these cupcakes”

  1. Congrats on getting the plot, that´s awesome!
    ANd you did such a great jov with your workouts this week 🙂 A bit of yoga on a Sunday morning is my fave pre-breakfast routine 🙂

  2. An allotment, wooohooooo, you’ll be heaving with fresh produce next year, sorry I can’t offer advice, I’m in my own trial & error phase still, but YAAAAAY 🙂

  3. wooo the allotment is so exciting! I was going to put my name down for one here as the waiting list can be a couple of years, but with uni and everything else I decided to wait until I finish as I don’t have time. So I shall live through you for now! I’m not sure what you can plant at the moment, apart from lettuce. I planted 8 pots of it yesterday 🙂
    Your baking looks wonderful, as usual!

  4. I’d love an allotment although we don’t really need one – our garden is a decent size and we can already grow pretty much all the veg we want/need. I think an allotment would be good for the community aspect of it all though, getting advice from more experienced people and being able to share produce etc. Is your allotment one of the ones opposite the Green Lanes road in Hatfield Garden Village by any chance? I always peek in there when I walk past and it looks lovely 🙂

    1. Hey Bronagh!
      Yes it is one of those ones- right opposite that little parade of shops! The community aspect seems lovely too- they are doing a BBQ with a grand opening of raised beds for wheelchair access gardening in September, and the guy who showed us around was just lovely.

  5. Yum! those cupcakse look gorgeous, I love the chai bites idea too.. I have some time off work this week, I must get in the kitchen, I have the longest list of recipes I want to try out ad it just keeps getting longer lol

  6. Wow- the frosting on those cupcakes looks so good- I’m drooling over here! I tend to like spiced flavors in cakes/ cupcakes too, so I bet these would be a hit with me. Perhaps I’ll try them out for my niece’s birthday!

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