More chia pudding

So a while ago the lovely Lucy sent me some chia seeds with the giveaway goodies that I won. I have quite liked them as a post body pump snack in some pudding, so I made some up today. I have to say it was the best yet. I mashed a small banana in a bowl with some cocoa powder and a tsp pb, then added in some Kara coconut milk (have not had this for ages, mmm) and whisked it up with a fork. Then I added some chia seeds (maybe a tbsp) and then some xanthan gum to help it thicken. I left it in the fridge for a few hours while I was out and when I returned I had this lovely (not so photo friendly) delight to enjoy!

The picture does not show how thick is was, and it was delicious. I did wonder if I would need some sweetener, but the mashed banana makes it so sweet anyway. Delish.

Body pump was fab- I decided to go with a heavier hand weight for the triceps as the last bit is only short, but it was so much harder (this is using a 3kg weight instead of 2kg)- I did not think that it would be that much harder! anyway the instructor said I would soon get used to it. Man that lunges track is hard- squats, lunges, squats, lunges, squats, lunges etc! No rest! I forgot to take a towel, but I did make a conscious effort to keep my shoulders relaxed during squats and that did help. But then getting the bar off after is so hard- how do people do that??

Yesterday I had a run after work- after Monday’s run getting cut short I was actually a bit worried about it. I did my Audiofuel run and it was fine. Well, it was really hard work- it makes other muscles in my legs ache. What is weird is that overall it does not make me any faster, but I suppose that makes sense as if I am running faster for short times, I need the recovery periods to be slower.

Also I finished trying those coconut water flavours and did a little review here. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “More chia pudding”

  1. Getting the bar ON my back/over my head is far more difficult for me than removing it, because with the latter I can bend my knees and use the power/thrust from my legs to get the bar into the air. But clean/pressing a lot over my head is just impossible for me: my wrists give out! Otherwise I’d have a chance with the 30kg club but as it stands sometimes I even struggle with the 25 (and yes, I’ve embarrassed myself several times by not being able to get it over my head and having to take weight off. Being that I stand at the front of the class so I can pretend there is no-one behind me, that is no joke!)

    I’ll leave the running science up to Rob, as I’m clueless in that respect!

    And yum to your chia pudding: I’ve never been able to get xanthan gum to work without a jug blender: even with an immersion/hand blender it just ends up congealing in chunks! How do you do it?


    1. I just whisk it in with a fork- I sprinkle it over the top all over, instead of spooning it on. Maybe I use less as I only use maybe a teaspoon.
      As for the weights- I would never be laughing at anyone struggling to get weights up or down- in body pump we are all in the same boat after all. How interesting that you find the hard part the opposite to me though! 🙂

  2. mmm the pudding looks pretty thick in the picture! It looks lovely and chocolatey. That leg track sounds brutal. I did body weight squats and lunges on Tuesday and I’m still sore today, I dread to think what I’d be walking like after that!

  3. Laura yes I always miss it when I don’t get to go for any reason (work meetings or holidays!)- then it is even harder on the first week back too!
    Leigh you do get used to it, but that track is not my fave at all!

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