Vegan Moussaka recipe

Evening all

I had a delicious dinner today so I am going to share the recipe. It was for a moussaka but I am not a fan of creamy sauces, so I subbed in some silken tofu instead. And I left out potatoes because I don’t like them, but for a real one you could add in a layer.

First up, slice and griddle an aubergine.

Then in a pan cook a tin of tomatoes, a tin of drained lentils, a packet of spinach, some tomato puree, garlic paste and basil.

Meanwhile blend some silken tofu with some sundried tomato pesto (but you could use any pesto you like, I like this red one at the moment). This was about 3/4 of a pack of silken tofu, as I had already used the other 1/4 in the brownies.

Then layer up 🙂 I put the aubergine on the bottom, then the tomato sauce and then the tofu sauce on top.

Then bake 200C for 25 mins. Excuse the blurry photos! But it is lovely- the pesto in the tofu is my fave way to liven up tofu sauce now, and this was lovely and thick and creamy and tomatoey. I would have added other veg too, but I didn’t have any. Anyway, this was lovely and I am pleased I have 2 other portions to go in the freezer (since we defrosted it the other week I am having to re-fill it again).

Today I had a run after work- I really was not feeling like it at all as the children at work are getting more and more hyped up, and there are so many end of term jobs to do. Anyway, on my way home I was again bargaining with myself about doing a short gentle run, as I had had a sort of headache all day. But in the end I decided just to try with Audiofuel, and in the end it was fine. Hard work, and it rained at the end (gently, which I appreciated), but my headache was gone and I felt loads better. 🙂

I tried one of those Waitrose grain bars today. It was quite nice- it was quite sweet as it had concentrated apple juice, and dried apricot, and the texture was quite chewy and chunky. It reminded me of a cereal bar I had once, which I got in Sainsbury’s and was aimed at children, but was made of oats, dried fruit and maybe apple juice. They had bright packaging and stuff but I cannot remember the name. Sorry. Anyway, I did not like them as much as regular nak’d bars, but still it was nice and made a change. When I showed them to Andy his words were “I am so glad you bought 3 boxes of cereal bars, because we do not have enough already”. Hmm. In my defence I eat one every day for a snack at work, and often have one as a pre run/ exercise snack too!

Potatoes- yes or no? I only like jacket potatoes really, as boiled, roast and mash are not my cup of tea at all, to be polite! And after about 2 chips I wonder what the fuss was about (and really chips are just a vehicle for vinegar!)

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14 thoughts on “Vegan Moussaka recipe”

  1. Potatoes – I’m on the fence. I like boiled new potatoes and jacket potatoes and they’re good in casseroles. I agree with about chips – unless they’re really fat ones!
    I love aubergine – I need to make moussaka soon.

  2. No, really chips are just a vehicle for ketchup 😉

    I only like Jacket potatoes too: New potatoes just taste anaemic and watery to me, mashed potato is strangely light at the time then afterwards feels like you’ve eaten a brick, and roast potatoes are always sooo greasy. Sweet potatoes on the other hand, I can’t get enough of, particularly the white-fleshed ones Sainsburies sometimes have.

    Lovely recipe: I shall be making that as soon as I can get hold of the ingredients…although I doubt I will have two portions left over 😛 When something looks that yummy, it’s gone in 60 seconds around me, sedentary or not.


    1. I quite like them with ketchup too- the ketchup flavour lasts longer whereas the vinegar soaks in and dissapears!

  3. Hmm potatoes. I like jacket, roast and wedges. I like chips if they are done well. Boiled can get out of my life, and I can deal with mash in certain situations, such as my mum’s cottage pie. I like potato in curry too as long as it still has some bite.
    The recipe looks lovely! And great work on still getting out and doing your run 😀 that’s the hardest part imo.

  4. I agree with Jessica above, in that chips are a vehicle for ketchup!

    I seem to be in the minority here, but I love potatoes! I like sweet potatoes too! I tend to stick to jackets or wedges most of the time. I could eat bowlfuls of mash so I try and keep away from it!

  5. I always thought that everyone else loved potatoes though, glad to see I am not the only one 🙂

  6. Baked potatoes – yes but only if baked so long that the skins snap
    Chips – yes but eat them very rarely
    Roasties – ah, now you’re talking
    New potatoes – yes, either hot or in a potato salad
    Mash – er, no, unless mashed with about half a pound each of cheese and butter

  7. This recipe looks great – I wish i was as inventive as you in the kitchen!
    I’m not a huge potato fan either. In my unhealthy student days I used to enjoy big plates of chips with cheese and ketchup (or worse still, chips with lots of mayo) but now the thought of those literally makes me gag! I’m not fussed for new potatoes, boiled, roasted, mashed or baked. They just seem tasteless and bland? That said, give me a giant sweet potato with a dollop of hummus and I’m a happy lady 😉

  8. Yeah for some reason I love sweet potatoes, but I think that is because it is similar to jacket potatoes, which I do like.

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