Another WIAW!

Hey all! Gosh Wednesday is here already!

I loved the party last week so much (thanks Jenn) that I did it again this week! Although, as per the rules, I chose another day- last Friday! (As that was a day when I could actually take some photos).

Breakfast was some Moma bircher muesli;

After my 10 mile run I had a quick snack of a clif bar, mango coconut water and some watermelon.

After my shower I had half a lunch;

Rude Health Oaty thins with pb and raspberry spread, a pear and strawberries. (Half because I was meeting a friend for lunch but too hungry after my run to wait!)

Then I was off to Starbucks to meet a friend- I looked at the panini’s but nothing took my eye so for the other half of my lunch I went for a cinnamon roll (love those) and chai tea.Yum their chai tea is amazing. And I bought myself a tin of chai tea too!

After a haircut and shopping it was time for dinner– this was a quick and easy meal;

Some of the quinoa salad I made the other day (quinoa cooked with tin of tomatoes, spinach and red pesto, then mixed with roasted beetroot, peppers and courgette) and cooked it in the oven topped with sliced basil tofu. I have never cooked tofu like this before- I have always had the flavoured stuff cold, but this was lovely. I cannot wait to eat it like that again!

Throughout the day I also had a fair few pieces of chocolate covered mango;

Some I topped with coconut, and some was plain, and all very yummy!

An evening snack was some blueberries and a berry crumble bar (heated in the microwave) with a bit of cinnamon ice cream. Yum 🙂

So, the question is, do you like your ice cream melty or solid? I am a bit fussy- I hate the Mr Whippy/ McFluffy style ice cream- I love the proper scoop stuff and I love to let it melt a little. Mmm.

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28 thoughts on “Another WIAW!”

  1. That basil tofu is awesome, it’s by far my favourite kind of tofu! It’s annoying that you can only buy it in health food shops though, no supermarkets seem to stock it.

    Afraid I’m the opposite with my ice cream preference, I love the soft “mr whippy” kind! I haven’t actually had any for years but I remember loving it in a cone with a 99 flake. I did try some delicious frozen yoghurt the other day though, i think i prefer that to ice cream.

      1. Ooh thanks for the tip. I often use the natural health shop in Welwyn to buy stuff so will check out Waitrose for that tofu too 🙂

        1. I LOVE natural health! But yeah I always got the tofu from Waitrose (but I also order it from Ocado) worth a check anyway 🙂

  2. I’m the opposite: melty soft serve all the way for me. When I was a teenager my ultimate indulgence was a McDonalds ice cream cone or sundae (not the McFlurries: I hate cold or frozen chocolate so they were wasted on me) I think I’m with Bronagh too.

    Love the look of the chocolate covered mango!


  3. I’m not normal according to my family, I never ate ice cream as a kid – I hated the brain freeze or something??!!! I’ll occasionally eat ice cream now but it must be hard preferably with little chocolate phis in it 😉

  4. I love the basil tofu! I did love that brand’s plain tofu though which I can’t get around here anymore!

    I like all ice cream. I’m not fussy but would probably choose the hard scoop stuff first! 🙂

  5. I’m with you – proper ice cream all the way! Not a fan of Mr Whippy etc. Luckily where I live (seaside town!) there are quite a few really good old-fashioned ice cream parlours – mango yoghurt icecream is my usual favourite, but I also enjoy flavours like Bounty and raspberry pavlova for a change, delicious! 🙂

    & I also love that basil tofu, I have it quite often with quinoa and roasted veggies but I must try cooking the quinoa in tomatoes – looks really good! 🙂

  6. I like both hard & soft ice cream, but I don’t like it melty 🙂 I did used to love getting the chocolate muffin with soft serve on it at Supermac’s when I lived in Ireland, though.

  7. Cinnamon roll and chai tea latte — Oh. My. God! I think that would also be my favourite Starbucks treat. Haven’t had either in ages though. I might do that after my next tough session. Thanks for the inspiration (hehe!)

    ps — it’s not uncommon to have one limb smaller than the other, especially arms. So don’t worry, we’re neither of us oddballs! 😀

    1. No I suppose the arm thing makes sense as I am right handed so do a lot more with my right hand, so it makes sense that the muscles are more used and so bigger!
      Yeah the cinnamon roll and chai is the best. But I have tea, not latte 🙂

  8. I’ve never had tofu ever! I didn’t even know you could eat it cold – where do you get the nicest ones and would they be good for lunches?

    As for icecream, I don’t mind the whippy stuff but the real scoop stuff is definitely the best. It’s got to be Purbeck Ice Cream all the way for me!


    1. I love the basil stuff which is in the chiller vegetarian section usually (Waitrose and Ocado both have it- Taifun is the brand). I tried the sesame almond one, which was nice, but very smoky and sort of reminded me of meat so I would not get that again. On the pack it said you could eat it cold so that was what I usually did.

  9. I have never bought flavoured tofu, did you just get it in the supermarket?
    I do like mr whippy but I’d much prefer proper scooped out ice cream that’s not melted, and preferably in a cone not a bowl!

    1. Yes- get it in the chiller section in Waitrose (but also Ocado do it, I have never looked for it in other shops). How funny that you like the cone- I like it in a cup!

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