Coconut brownies = making up for missed baking

Can you believe that I managed three weeks without any baking at all? Three whole weeks? Also I did not even have one brownie while I was on holiday! There were so many tasty looking baked goods on offer all the time, and we did share a few cookies (we made the mistake on one holiday to each have a carrot cake cookie, and neither of us could finish them- they look normal sized in the cabinet but they are so much bigger than normal) and share a few slices of pecan pie for dessert, and share some cups of ice cream (peanut butter ice cream- I will get it while I can, and also toasted coconut ice cream= amazing) but no brownies at all. On our last day we went to a bakery to get a sandwich for lunch, and they had coconut brownies in the cabinet which I thought sounded fab.

So I decided to attempt to make my own. Also I was desperate to use some of my new coconut essence.

So here is the recipe ;

First I toasted 50g coconut by putting it in the oven on a low heat (140C-ish)- altogether took about 10 mins but I checked and stirred regularly.

Then I preheated the oven to 180C.

In a pan I melted 100g pure spread, 100g dark chocolate, 175g xylitol (have not tried baking with this since I bought it), 1tbs brown rice syrup (but golden syrup would work), and 2tsp brown sugar. I kept the heat low and stirred to help it melt, then left it to cool.

In a cup I added 1 tsp coconut essence to 2 beaten eggs (from my Mum’s hens), and in another cup I measured out 100g wholegrain spelt flour, 1/2 tsp baking powder and 2 tbs cocoa powder.

Once the melted mixture had cooled, I stirred in the egg mixture, then added the flour mixture and stirred.

Then (this got messy) I spooned some of the batter into the empty flour cup (this just saves on washing up) and added the toasted coconut to it.

I poured the majority of the batter into a brownie pan.

Then I poured the mixture with the coconut on top, and then sprinkled with chocolate chips. I suppose you could sprinkle coconut on top, but I was worried it would burn in the oven so that is why I made a sort of coconut topping. Plus it is a bit more fancy than mixing it all the way through.

This went in the oven for 25 mins- it should still wobble a little when it comes out if you like a squidgy brownie.

For easy slicing, leave them to cool before you try to cut them.

I have also spent 3 weeks without running. I have never taken workout clothes on holiday (well unless we have gone away for an actual race)- often our hotels have had gyms, or there have been lovely running paths nearby, but for one I don’t want to use up the luggage allowance with all the extra gear (plus it would mean even more washing while on holiday). Also we keep pretty active and walk a lot, and I also think it is good to have a break. I was still getting little niggles from my hamstring every now and then, and also was sometimes starting to lose enthusiasm for a run, so I think a break means I get properly rested, and also feel rejuvenated and raring to go again.

My plan was for some yoga this morning before breakfast, but when I woke up I was feeling so dizzy- I get a sort of delayed motion sickness sometimes- when I travel I never feel bad, but often once we stop moving I feel like I am still tipping (especially when I do things like lean forward when eating, or bending down to pick something up) and it can take a few days to go away. I decided that being upside down was not such a good idea- it can wait one more day.  I was also so thirsty when I woke up, so I went for a delicious smoothie- frozen cherries, frozen banana, cocoa powder and Kara coconut milk, and topped it with a little pistachio and passion-fruit granola. I had managed quite a lot of fruit and veggies while I was away (often my dinner choice was the chicken salad without the chicken!) but I always crave fruits and veggies when I get home, plus this was nice and hydrating too.

We have been unpacking (and having a massive sort out of clothes and shoes and things to take to the charity bin), cleaning, sorting the garden and sorting out things for the tip. I had to find space for all my new purchases you see!

Trousers, jeans, 3 cardis (all the same but different colours- black, pink and turquoise) and a green knitted hoody thing all from Gap, 2 tops (on the left, one black and one blue with printed flowers on it) and the bright green track top from Old Navy, shoes from Skechers and a replacement tennis visor from Lululemon (which I had read about but never been in- I got a very cool bag instead of a carrier bag with all motivational quotes on it!) plus a cool Ron John (a surf shop) bag for life.  Also my Discovery Cove hoody but I realise I am wearing it right now so no photo (I am sure you will all cope 😉  ).You even get a close up of the tennis visor because I was so excited about it!

I had a lovely salad for lunch- spinach, raspberry dressing, tomatoes and apples (both from my parents garden), basil tofu and pistachios. Yum.

Plus some Rude Health multigrain things (which they kindly sent to me to try after I raved about the oaty thins) with the last of my maple pb (hm that did not last too long haha), chocolate coconut spread, and a delicious white nectarine. MMmmmmmmmmm.

We went to Andy’s parents for tea (hence the coconut brownies which were a success phew) and it was lovely to catch up with them.

So no exercise round up this week, but the plan is a run tomorrow in the morning, before I am off to a meet up with my girls in the afternoon. I am expecting that after a 3 week break I will find it hard going so I am not going to decide how far I go, just take it as it comes, and hopefully return to the normal routine during this week.

Hope everyone in the UK enjoyed the bank holiday weekend.

And question- your ideal brownie flavour??

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7 thoughts on “Coconut brownies = making up for missed baking”

  1. Mmm, those brownies sound delicious! I made coconut strawberry muffins this evening, love coconut! 🙂 My ideal muffin flavour though… I love chocolate & raspberry so possibly that, I am sure I will also drool over all your other responses! Liam only eats regular chocolate brownies (fruit, coconut, nut butter etc all dislike by him!) so I never really get to experiment much – the muffins I made this evening will only be eaten by me & the children, but I’ll stick most of them in the freezer and/or give some to my Mum.

    Glad your settling back in now you’re home, baking and family sounds good to me 🙂

  2. Your approach to working out on holiday is really refreshing: most Bloggers seem to be totally nuts about fitting in workouts no matter what and I was worrying a lot about being away for 3 days in Cambridge (silly I know, particularly when I’m not in ‘workout’ shape anyway) but you’ve given me a much needed dose of sense.

    I get terrible motion sickness so I completely empathise there (buses are the worst, trains are okay, boats are a nightmare and planes…well, after my hyperbaric chamber experience it appears it’s quite dangerous for me, or rather my ears, to fly) Probably a very good decision to hold off on the yoga.

    I love your holiday finds: I’d love to go into a Lulumelon store at some point in my life.

    I always associate brownies with the US (although since reading US blogs I tend to think of Froyo even before that!) I think I’d love a raspberry white chocolate chip brownie. Or double chocolate chip, if all else fails…


    1. Thanks Jess 🙂
      Sometimes when I have been away we have seen a lovely park or something that would be great to run in (and once, can’t remember where, the hotel had a map with running routes on it) but generally we are active enough. Plus I am not a professional athlete, or training for anything massive, so I just think a break is better overall.
      Lululemon was weird- all arranged in size which I always find annoying (especially when I have no idea which size I would need as it was xs-l, not even numbers), but they did have pretty looking workout stuff.
      And I love the idea of raspberry white choc chip 🙂
      And we were after frozen yoghurt but never got any!

  3. I usually don’t work out too often when I on on vacation. I find (like you) I am pretty active walking around constantly and exploring. Only when I know I will have laundry on site have I brought all my gear.

    1. Yeah I think it is refreshing to have a break, plus I don’t want to be so tired from running that I don’t enjoy all the sightseeing.

  4. You know- I didn’t like coconut until a few years ago, and now I just love it. The texture I could take or leave, but I love the flavor, and the richness 🙂 These sound great!

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