Brilliant Brighton

Hey! I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. I headed off to Brighton for the weekend, and the weather was just perfect.

A while ago I was emailed and asked if I would like to visit Aloka, a vegetarian, vegan and raw restaurant in Brighton. From the website it looked amazing, so we jumped at the chance and were really looking forward to it.

We travelled down on Friday night, and then spent Saturday morning chilling on the beach.

The weather was just fantastic.

The sun was shining and the beach was busy.

I enjoyed collecting coloured shells and stones while we sat in the sunshine.

Then we headed to Aloka for lunch. The idea of the cafe is brilliant- they have a variety of food on offer, and you help yourself, then weigh your plate so you only pay for the food you take. Their chefs are all vegetarian or vegan, so they are really passionate about the food they are making. The menu changes all the time but they have sample menus on their site. I actually took a notebook with me, and I am so glad I did as there were so many dishes on offer that I would not have remembered them all!

This was my plate; some salad leaves, beetroot and apple salad, fresh hummus, tomato and cucumber salad, pumpkin and rocket salad, black bean salad with corn and peppers, a sprinkle of seeds, and a lentil nut burger topped with apple sauce. This was all soooooo amazing- really fresh tasting and delicious. I think my favourite item was the lentil nut burger- the apple topping was such a great idea. But it was all amazing- the pumpkin was delicious and made me feel excited for autumn, the apple in the beetroot salad was so crunchy and fresh, the black bean salad was really tasty….

This was Andy’s plate- he had a few things the same as me (the lentil nut burger, the beetroot and apple salad/ pumpkin and rocket salad/ black bean salad) plus a few other items- a tomato curry, some basmati rice, potato wedges and a stuffed aubergine (stuffed with carrot and something- you can see it at the back of the plate- I had a bite of this and it was delish). Oh, and some massive croutons! He loves croutons. There were others items on offer that we did not try (other types of hummus/ bean spreads), plus side items like fresh bread, walnuts and nutritional yeast to sprinkle on top. Our plates were both empty as all the food we tried was fantastic!

We decided to try the smoothies from the drinks menu too- I don’t often choose them but the weather was so warm I thought it would be refreshing- mine was berry, apple and mint, and Andy’s was a mango one. Again so fresh and delicious.

The setting of the cafe was lovely too- right in the heart of the laines of Brighton- we sat upstairs right by an open window, so we could do a lot of people watching.  Inside it was so bright and fresh and airy- sometimes specialist veggie restaurants can be a little filled with beaded curtains and incense and things like that (know what I mean?), but Aloka was so fresh and modern. But most importantly the food was delicious. And with such a huge selection it would appeal to most people- you would easily find something that you liked.

Our next trip to Brighton is next year when we run the half marathon, and we have already decided that it would be a great place to go back to.

Thanks Aloka– it was a fantastic and delicious meal, and I am already looking forward to my next trip to Brilliant Brighton!

So, have you ever been to Aloka? Or to another veggie/vegan restaurant?

Which item on the menu do you like the sound of the most?

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14 thoughts on “Brilliant Brighton”

    1. It is really busy in Brighton- I had not been for years (maybe 8 or 9 years) and I had forgotten how big it is, and also how great it is.

  1. I would absolutely love to visit Brighton: after seeing how vibrant a veggie and vegan scene it has on Laura’s blog and now yours, I think I’d feel very much at home.

    Aloka looks wonderful – the mango smoothie in particular caught my eye. Although the Zen Buddha Bowl sounds amazing and I would love to eat tempeh prepared properly because I’m still convinced I’m doing something wrong with it.

    I know what you mean about stuffy, crowded, ‘beady’ veggie/vegan restuarants. The only ones we have in Newcastle are just like that!


    1. It really is a great place to visit- one to put on the list- the train station is really central so it is easily do-able like that.

    1. The idea of the cafe seems like such a good idea- plus the fact that the menu changes all the time- each time you go it would have different things to try.

  2. I was there last saturday with my Nan (81 & loves trying new things!) There are very different dishes to those that were on the salad/buffet bat last w/e. I had some stuffed aubergine but it was stuffed with a tomatoey couscous & topped with a cashew cheese which had then bee under the grill – divine! No toffuti coleslaw? that was yummy. Nan said her carrot & courgette burger (couscous in it too i think) was a bit spicy for her taste. Also have a bean stew which had a slight kick to it. I had a couple of potato wedges. There was a lovely butternut & pomegranate salad. Its great to know the dishes change, makes me want to go back even more. Oh & to drink i an ABC (apple, beetroot & carrot juice) and Nan had a (larger than she expected) Cider – she managed to finish it all though 😉 For pudding i had a Chia pudding with goji berries & mulberries. My first experience of chia & would definately have it again. Huge choice of raw seed/nut/fruit bars/truffles and there was a torte & a ‘cheese’cake too. If i had that near me i’d be there every weekend, but i’m only in Brighton visiting grandparents now having moved away 15 years ago. So glad i have such and open minded & chilled out Nan tho – even if she did think the chia pudding looked like frogspawn lol!

    1. That is impressive about your Nan! They said to me that the menu changes during the day- as and when they cook new things. I did say to Andy that I should have been a “proper” blogger and had a green juice, but I didn’t fancy one! 🙂 All the food you had sounds lovely too- makes me look forward to my next trip even more!

  3. I’d loved to visit Brighton one day – it always looks so pretty and a foodie heaven! If I’m ever there, I’ll be sure to visit Aloka – the food looks wonderful!

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