Getting back to routine


I love my routine, I am someone who really likes to know what they are doing and I like the way I do similar things on the same day each week. After 6 weeks of no real routine (due to holidays etc) it has been great getting back into it.

On Monday after work I was really looking forward to my run, and did my 4 mile route and picked up the speed towards the end (9 something per mile 🙂 ). It was the first run where my legs felt normal (before that they had been feeling tight and not really flowing properly) and I am hoping that soon I can re-start with the audiofuel, which I was really enjoying before my routine stopped.

(By the way, we never made it to the allotment on Sunday, as it was such heavy rain, and I found out that I got sunburnt on the saturday-boo. Honestly I am so obsessive about suncream when I am on holiday, but I didn’t realise that my dress had a lower back, so I have a nice red circle on my back).

Today I am really looking forward to aerobics, as I have missed (I think) 5 weeks. Shocking! I know it is going to be hard work though, but I like the fact that I do the same class each week.

When I got home today I was most excited to have a parcel waiting for me;

The lovely Elise at Kallo foods has sent me a parcel of goodies to review for my blog. Smooth and crunchy organic peanut butter, smooth and crunchy peanut butter, dark chocolate spread (how good does that sound?), chocolate and caramel swirl spread, and organic cola and elderflower. So much peanut butter!

I also had a bit of a shock the other day. I was having a couple of squares of ghirardelli chocolate after dinner, and just by chance glanced at the ingredients (they are on the tiny wrappers) and noticed gelatin. Now as soon as I turned vegetarian (I think I was about 15) I stopped gelatin too. I felt horrible having eaten it, but it was too late to spit it out as I had already eaten it. Anyway, I went through the bag (it was a mixed bag) and found that 2 flavours contain gelatin.

Mint (which are just like after eights, I never would have expected it to be in there) and raspberry ones. So I have taken them out now- no danger of unexpectedly eating them.

Onto the weather (we love to talk about the weather here) how windy is it???? This morning when I was trying to get my car out of the garage the wind kept blowing the garage door shut. It was crazy! I am glad I am not out running and instead am working out in a wind free studio!

Finally (and only because I took a photo) I have been getting a little hummus obsessed! I got some more from Ocado (it was listed as another brand, but in the pic it also said Sabra on it, and it is smooth and delicious and garlic free)- so my lunch has been a sandwich thin with hummus and spinach, plus a salad of chopped apple (on the bottom so I have the sweet apple at the end), spinach, beetroot, roasted peppers and hummus. Yum 🙂

So, do you like routine or do you love to change things all the time?

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19 thoughts on “Getting back to routine”

  1. I love having my routine too, it keeps me feeling grounded although I do like to have a few things I can shake up to stop me from getting bored! When I start my new training plan next month I’m going to have my routine but try and have one ‘anything goes’ day so I can add variety! You’ve got me craving hummus now!

  2. I noticed a whole new load of sabra houmous in Sainsburys last time I was there and got rather excited!

    I’m not much of a routine person. I’m one of those people who goes to bed on Friday night and has no idea what I’ll be doing over the weekend. I’m a bit too capricious for too much routine – I change my mind a lot, a lot.

    That’s so kind of Kallo to send you lots of goodies!

    1. I think that is what I got last week- I had the one with red peppers on the top which was lovely, but a bit spicy!

  3. I hate finding gelatin in unexpected places too so you have my sympathy :-(. I would never have thought to check the label of those chocolates either – grrrr.

    Also feeling for you on the break in routine. When I went to the gym on Sunday I realised that it had been 4 months since my last visit – eek. I’ve also recently returned to spinning after a similar absence. Surprisingly neither were too painful (during or after) but I did struggle to maintain the kind of pace I was doing before. Ah well, onwards and upwards from here….

    Also, that houmous is garlic-free?? I might need to investigate :-).

    1. I know I never expected it to be there. So annoying.
      Onwards and upwards indeed- aerobics was hard (but not as hard as body pump was after a time away) but it will get better as I get back into it. And yes to the garlic free hummus- so much better 🙂

  4. Oh, I wish there was an Ocado in the North East! I would LOVE garlic-less hummus, as then I would have to worry about tummy upset from eating the whole tub 😉

    Argh on the gelatin: it sneaks into so many things. Please don’t feel bad about it though as it was a genuine mistake and obviously not your fault! After Eights used to be vegan so it’s strange that they have to use gelatin in the mint chocolates.

    I am a creature of routine to OCD levels: I’m already freaking out over my routine being thrown for a loop this weekend when I’m away. I think that’s another reason why dealing with my injury is so hard, and has put me completely out of whack, because I never know what I’m doing from one day to the next because it depends on how my body feels.


    1. Well they might do it in Sainsburys too? I am sure the one I had last week was also garlic free which was why I got it as I do not like garlicky things.

  5. I am So green at the amount of peanut butter you have right now ….. I want some!!!!!!! I like basic routine but my exercise I like to have flexibility in what I do when.

  6. I love being in a routine, I can’t wait for uni to start back so I know what I’m doing day to day. I can’t believe you’re back at work already, it only seems like yesterday everyone was breaking up for the summer!

  7. I love Sabra hummus and I’m so pleased they sell it in Sainsburys now!

    I’m jealous of your Kallo Foods parcel- I love Whole Earth PB! I get through that stuff sooooo quickly!

    I love being in a routine- I like knowing week to week exactly what I have planned for each day and evening. That’s why I love my Half Marathon plan at the moment- keeps me on track and there’s hardly any variation!

  8. Laura I would find shift work so hard! I don’t know how people do it!
    Leigh yeah the summer went fast!
    Marijke- I do love following a plan! 🙂

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