WIAW- cook fest

Hey! Doing WIAW does seem to make the week go by so fast- I say it every week but how is Wednesday here already?

Thanks as always to Jenn for organising the party.

This week I chose Monday as my day.


Chopped pear, Rude Health muesli, almond milk.

Lunch and morning snack;

Hummus and red pepper sandwich, nectarine, nakd bar.

Pre-cooking snack;

Half a massive bar of rawr orange chocolate.


Autumn chilli (carrots, butternut, pepper, kidney beans, chickpears etc) topped with nutritional yeast and food doctor seeds.

Post baking snack;

Pumpkin spice cake (adapted from Sweet Vegan) and some Teapigs Spiced winter red tea.

I was still on antibiotics, so no running for me that day- normally I would have a run after work on a Monday. Instead I got on with baking some pumpkin spice cake, and some lovely chilli.

Not sure what my favourite thing was from that day- I might choose the pumpkin cake and tea? That combination was amazing.

Thanks for the suggestions for pimp my porridge too- I have had loads of fab ideas and cannot wait to have a bit of variety for my breakfast.

Do you tend to eat the same things for the same meals, or are you good at getting in some variety over the week?

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19 thoughts on “WIAW- cook fest”

  1. I do try and get in a bit of variety, even if I’m eating the same things like smoothies and salads I’ll use different fruits and veggies to make them completely different. Your pumpkin spice cake sounds lovely, I think tea pigs tea always goes so nice with baked stuff!

  2. I tend to eat a lot less if I stick to a pattern of meals throughout the week, with a little bit of variety in the choice of veg/toppings – I need to get back into that! Porridge for breakfast, a wrap for lunch and some combo of protein/carb/2 veg for tea!

  3. I’m a habit kinda gal with food, it does change after a few weeks or so but I can have the same breakfast for WEEKS and then not want it one morning.

  4. Oh, if I had my way I would eat pudding oats for every meal 😉 But I make myself get in some variety, as I can be so lazy with cooking. I suppose my meals are generally variations on a theme, but that’s better than repeating everything. I get obsessed with/hooked on certain meals, foods and meal patterns, so try to shake things up every now and again.

    That pumpkin spice cake = best use of pumpkin I have ever seen. It looks truly scrumptious 🙂


  5. I try and get a bit of variety in but I often realise that I’ve ‘forgotten’ about a favourite meal and we haven’t had it for ages. I must admit that I’m planning on using my slow cooker an awful lot more now the cold weather is here (haha!!!)


  6. My default setting is to stick to the same because it’s easier! I also go through phases of what I like which is why I’ve had fruit, yoghurt and granola every day for months!
    and I’m not surprised that pumpkin cake was the best; it looks delicious 🙂

  7. I love orange chocolate! I have a bar hidden in my book shelf for little snack bites when I’m going to get a textbook I need for school. That way I don’t eat it all in one sitting.

  8. I think I manage to gets lots of variety in our meals. I have a meal plan on my phone for each month (although sometimes I only fill it in a week or two at a time depending on how organised I’m feeling!) so we don’t usually have the same dinner more than twice a month, and I make sure we have a variety of carbs throughout each week – pasta, quinoa, rice etc.

    Breakfasts I’m a bit more samey – usually baked oats or porridge during the week and pancakes or french toast at the weekend/when I have more time. Sometimes I’ll have a smoothie or scrambled eggs instead though.

    Lunches are usually quite random. They’re actually more samey at weekends when we all eat together – we usually either have some form of eggs (poached eggs on toast, fried egg sandwich, egg mayo…) or quesadillas. During the week, when I’m eating lunch on my own, I’ll eat anything. Yesterday was a wrap, the day before was an avocado…for lunches I usually wait until the last minute to decide what to eat!

    I love the sound of your Autumn Chilli – it doesn’t sound too bean focussed so I might give it a try, yum! 🙂

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