Belated budget challenge

So the lovely Laura has set up a blogger budget challenge and I have (ratherΒ belatedly) decided to join in.

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I am quite happy with our general grocery budget, but there are a few things I want to improve upon- with Christmas (and a holiday) approaching I would like to be more mindful of my finances.

So here are my aims:

  • Cancel the milkman milk. (Simple- I like an easy one to start with- we got persuaded to sign up to the milkman ages ago, but it has been getting more expensive, and I prefer other milks so we don’t use that much any more. It is getting to the point that we will have to start throwing milk away as it goes out of date before we use it. Plus I don’t think it is organic).
  • Attempt my own almond milk (I am saving this project for half term)- it is my fave non dairy milk but it is expensive.
  • Check my on-line bank once per week (as I pay everything by direct debit I never have to go on for bills or anything).
  • Save money each month towards general, car stuff and holiday fund.
  • Start to buy Christmas presents now- I prefer to spread the cost of things like that over a few months.
  • Make some Christmas gifts instead of buying them all. I always make a Christmas cake for my parents and Andy’s, but I would like to make other gifts for other people too.
  • Look into getting a veg box delivered- I have only looked at one company and at the moment I can’t decide- I think I need to look at various other companies to make an informed decision.
  • Use all my travel sized skincare- I love Clinique skincare for their cleanser, toner, moisturiser and the intensive skin rescue cream (I get super dry skin in the winter) and when you buy them in Boots at bonus time you get freebies! I love mini things, and I love freebies, so together it is very exciting! I save them for when I travel, but I never finish a travel sized one before I get back home, so I have lots of half used ones. So I need to use up all the freebies before I buy new normal sized ones. I am not going to buy any over the next 2 months!
  • These are the main ones I use.
  • And all the travel sized mini freebies that I need to start using up!

That is quite a long list isn’t it?

They are quite random ones (can you see the Christmas theme creeping in too?) but they are what I will be aiming for. Having them on here will help me stick to them too πŸ™‚

Plus a few random things- look at the size of my hummus carrot sandwich!


One carrot in a big pile! I am loving my food processor grating the carrot for me- so much quicker! And less mess!

I have been working my way through blog swap items;

Luna nutz over chocolate bar- tasty but I think peppermint stick is still the winner. Yesterday I did a short run- 2 miles (in the crazy wind) in 20 mins- I was super pleased to be that fast! πŸ™‚

Chocolate chip clif bar for some pre-aerobics fuel. Looking forward to that tonight.

Apple crumble porridge (yes still pimping)- chopped garden apple sprinkled with cinnamon, oats, almond milk, raisins, left to soak overnight and then cooked and topped with flaked almonds and more cinnamon. Could have added some almond extract too.

And, look what came in the post!

The pack for the Great South Run! I love it! My name already on the number (which is good as the Cancer Research people sent me “Marie” instead which is not my name!!!! Some very fancy info, a magazine- now I can see why the cost of entry is so high! Less than 2 weeks to go now, how exciting!

Anyone else a big sucker for freebies like me?

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15 thoughts on “Belated budget challenge”

  1. It’s so exciting that you got your race pack πŸ™‚
    There’s a couple of points there that I could really take on board. I avoid my bank statement like teh plague and then often get a nasty shock. I also have loads of Clinique freebies that I could use up as well. I love a good freebie!

  2. i use my freebies in my gym bag. have also seen trial sizes on ebay in batches too. fair sandwhich! i’m picturing the goth in the breakfast club with her massive crisp sandwich ! jaw almost dislocating lol

  3. Thanks again for joining in, I think your budgeting ideas are great, I’m definitely going to be trying to make more things for people for Christmas too. I hope you like the home made almond milk when you try it, I absolutely love it! I love little mini travel things, but like you I tend to wait for ages to use them, although with my current budget I have got through quite a lot! That hummus and carrot sandwich looks delicious!

    1. Thanks for organising it πŸ™‚ I am sure I will love the almond milk! Looking forward to making it πŸ™‚ And maybe some stollen with that in- double whammy!

  4. I tend to buy teeny sized things in boots to try and then when I go to get the full size version I get shocked by the cost and buy the small one again!!!
    That’s a serious amount of carrot for one sarnie!


    1. I always think that so long as I use them the big ones work out better value- but yes they are expensive.
      Yeah it was a massive carrot!

  5. Anything that’s free is a winner in my book, especially mini things!
    They sound like great long-term budget goals… I keep track of everything online and do a direct debit of Β£80 a month to an online savings account; it’s holiday fund between January and August and Christmas fund from September till December, which means I never notice it’s not in my account but it spreads the cost – and so cool about the run πŸ™‚

    1. I should really do a direct debit but it makes me go online and check my balance! πŸ™‚ Yeah if you do it every month you never notice it missing/.

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