National Porridge Day!


One of the best days ever!

This morning when I was mooching around on facebook (while eating my porridge) I noticed that today is World Porridge day. What a perfect day to continue with Pimp my Porridge!

Some of these are ideas I have used before, but I am sure we all love a good recap anyway.

For my porridge I always make it the night before- put the oats, milk and dried/ fresh fruit in a bowl, and leave it in the fridge to soak and plump up overnight. Then in the morning I cook it in the microwave for 2 mins 20. I would then top with spices, nuts, nut butter or anything else that I do not cook.


Banana mashed with cocoa powder + oats + almond milk.

Chopped pear + blackberries + oats + almond milk + spices

Banana mashed with carob powder + oats + almond milk

Tinned peaches + oats + almond milk  + cinnamon

Chopped apple + grated carrot + raisins + oats + almond milk + cinnamon

Dates + oats + coconut milk + cinnamon

Blackberries + oats + coconut milk + mixed spice

Cherries + oats + coconut milk + dessicated coconut

Tinned peaches + oats + coconut milk + dessicated coconut

Frozen raspberries + oats + coconut milk + drizzle of pb + dessicated coconut

Oooh bad pic! Cherries + cocoa + oats + coconut milk

Raisins + oats + coconut milk + cinnamon

Cherries + dried apple + oats + coconut milk + flaked almonds.

Yum! So many tasty ideas! I still stick to good old raisins and cinnamon before a morning run, before a race or when I am trying to save money! But I am loving having different breakfasts each morning.

I know I asked this last week, so what is your favourite way to pimp your porridge?

I had a rest today as I was quite stiff from the run yesterday, and I decided to not push it, and go out strong on Wednesday instead. That is the plan anyway.

PS I am well informed that the fairy hobmother may well be perusing your comments on my wishes post, so have a comment if you have not already 🙂

And PPS (is that a thing?) thanks for all the sponsorship! I am getting so close to my target! Remember the minimum is £2, and those £2’s will add up pretty quick and all for a great cause. Plus some fab prizes (and a couple more to add over the next day or so)- so look here please! 🙂

This is an example of the baking I could add to the prizes, but really it is just an excuse as I love them in the little bags so much! 🙂

Final question- which would you choose- a dark chocolate brownie, peanut butter white chocolate blondie or white chocolate fudge? For market research purposes of course 😉

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25 thoughts on “National Porridge Day!”

  1. I love the look of all your porridge! I had mashed banana porridge topped with pumpkin butter & Dark Chocolate Dreams this morning, yum! 🙂

    & I think I would choose peanut butter white chocolate blondies, but they all sound great – you’re colleagues are very lucky!! 🙂

    Off to comment on your other posts now, I’m so behind on commenting – I’ve been reading on my phone but this is the first time I’ve opened my laptop since Friday!

  2. Dark chocolate brownie, for sure 🙂

    Celebrated National Porridge Day with Pumpkin Vanilla Sun Warrior porridge with banana and cinnamon. Go me (even though it was accidental and I had no idea it was NPD!)


    1. Go you indeed! I only found out as it was on facebook- I think Rude Health put something about it! 😉

  3. Those bagfuls look brilliant, I’d have put that picture up too – and that’s some seriously pimped porridge, love it! I heard it was national porridge day too so I’ve just had carrot cake oats with apple for dinner… it would have been rude not to have porridge today 🙂

    1. Yum I could go for carrot porridge again this week- it was tasty when I had it before. Yes I agree rude not to!

  4. ok, late in answering but for me, EVERY day is Porridge Day 🙂

    I am a creature of habit…….. I love love love oats with chocolate powder, blueberries and a dollop of 2% greek yogurt stirred in.

    I need to find an alternative for the chocolate powder though as I have been using Highlights low cal stuff and would like to find a more natural alternative.

    if I’m pushing the boat out I top it all with broken up pecan nuts 🙂

  5. HAve you had a look at the justgiving facebook page? there’s a separate page called just running which was very interactive when i was trying to raise money for my marathon this year.

    This morning i tried a pimp i had seen on Emma’s blog (sweet tooth runner) an alpro pudding pot (caramel flavour) certainly helped cool down the piping hot microwaved porridge & meant i didn’t burn my mouth like normal!

    As for brownie, my answer would be a healthy one….. but then i know i’m probably a minority there. If you are doing practice races etc before wear a t-shirt with your just giving address, name, race & charity on it – worked for me, so random guy (whose name i never found out) gave me £20 at a 10k a few months before!

    1. I do make healthy ones too! But really for work they want all the unhealthy stuff as it is a treat! 🙂
      Good idea for the shirt- I would try that next time- and I will look on the page for sponsorship ideas too.
      I see Emma doing that but I think it would be too sweet for mornings 🙂

  6. mmmm, all those lovely combos!!!

    My favourite is jumbo oats, soaked overnight and then cooked plain but with some frozen forest fruits stirred in a couple of mins before eating. I love the hot and cold together! Oh and also love banana with highlights stirred in too!

    As for the bakes, dark chocolate is my favourite kind of chocolate so I reckon it would have to be a dark chocolate brownie…although I’m on a bit of healthy mission at the moment so would have to do double dose of exercise first!

    If I could choose ‘off list’ then I’d go for a courgette muffin. Love em!


  7. This is the best list of recipes ever! I’m always looking for ways to spice up my morning porridge. Banana mashed with cocoa powder + oats + almond milk sounds especially good. Porridge never gets sickening… love it 🙂

    And my vote goes to pb white chocolate brownie, but they all sound delicious!

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