Quinoa risotto

Quinsotto? Risottoa? I think I like quinsotto.

This week I received a lovely package from the super folks at Delamere Dairy.

Lots of goats cheese- yum! They asked me if I would share some of my goats cheese recipes on here, and I was very happy to help!

So on Wednesday this week I made a butternut, beetroot and goats cheese quinsotto (serves 2).

I roasted a peeled butternut squash previously (from my squash box yay), so the pieces were in the fridge. But if you were making it you would need to roast it first- takes about 30 mins, and I like to sprinkle on some rosemary.

Step 1- cook the quinoa. I only had 60g left, but would probably have used 100g if I had any more. Put it in water (about twice the amount of water, but top up if it gets dry) and add a tsp vegetable stock (I used vecon). It takes about 10 mins until the quinoa goes “squiggly).

Step 2- chop up half the butternut squash, and mash the other half.

Step 3 – Add 2 or 3 chopped beetroots (cooked).

Step 4- Add the choppped and mashed butternut. Leave to cook for about 10 mins so it all heats through. Add some dried rosemary.

Step 5- serve topped with crumbled goats cheese- I used the log with herbs.

This was delicious!

I also made black bean goats cheese wraps earlier in the week- very similar to kidney bean wraps.

In the pan- one chopped red onion, 1 yellow pepper chopped, 1 drained tin black eyed beans, 2 tbs tomato puree, 1 tsp easy chilli, 1 small drained tin of sweetcorn.

Then spoon the mixture onto a wrap, and sprinkle some goats cheese on the top (I used the honey goats cheese).

Either roll up and place on a greased dish and bake for 10 mins.

Or leave the wrap open and place in a smaller dish. I like this option as I get more filling and less wrap! Again bake for 10 mins.

Serve with some salad (and raspberry basil dressing yum). Delicious 🙂

I have lots more recipe ideas which will be appearing over the next few weeks 🙂 What do you love goats cheese with? I think it goes so well with beetroot, squash, caramelised onions, figs…

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3 thoughts on “Quinoa risotto”

  1. recently i made a bake with figs, butternut & goats cheese. I made a tower starting with a circle of butternut of a large piece of foil, then 2 or 3 round slices of fig and finally top with goats cheese (one that melts well – i think i used a log type). repeat the layers 2 or 3 times, as long as you can build a steady tower 😉 wrap the foil up around the tower (so you don’t lose any of the juices, mainly from the figs) and bake. I like making towers, the variety is endless. i’ve previously done a layer bake with aubergine & goats cheese covers in a chunky tomato sauce.

    Although if i’m being lazy it’s a salad with pretty much all the veg you mentioned above!

  2. Laura- I would miss it the most I suppose- it is a unique flavour.
    Jenny- that tower sounds very impressive- I don’t think I would have the patience!

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