Race kit

Hey peeps!

I am trying to make sure I have everything I need! (We are driving down today).

Tights, capris (not sure which ones to wear yet), top, Cancer Research UK vest, sports bra, socks…

Bottle, nuun tabs, Clif bar (for breakfast), number, timer chip, shot bloks, mp3 player (not sure if I will use it though), Nike+, tissues, face wipes (for after).

And the all important safety pins, hairbands and clips!

I am taking some snacks for after, and will try to change into some other clothes before the journey home.

What essentials do you have in your race day kit?

I am paranoid I am going to forget my trainers!

Wish me luck!

Maria 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Race kit”

  1. Good luck for tomorrow, I will catch it on telly.

    Funny you should mention forgetting your shoes …. I dreamt the other night I was at a race and had thought I could run the race with “running sandals” they were handing out … had to phone my mom to bring them for me – WEIRDEST dream I’ve had to date 🙂

  2. Good luck for the race!

    My ‘essentials’ tend to be a foil blanket for the start so I don’t get too cold (I’m always chilly beforehand but like a furnace once I’m running), bars and a banana for breakfast, an iPod if it’s a marathon, and my Garmin (plus my old one for back-up).

    You’ll be great 😀


  3. Good luck!! I always bring extra socks, bras, and underwear just in case. Extra hair bands are essential too.. I can not compete without my hair tied back!

  4. Hope it was brilliant! I thought of you as I did a brief (but quick!) 6km this morning!

    My race day essential is Vaseline!! Lucozade were handing out little tubs of it that could attach to your watch wristband at the VLM Expo, and it was a lifesaver!!

    Hope you rocked it and are enjoying a well earned rest 🙂 x

  5. Phillippa I love the sound of the mini vaseline- so clever!
    Thanks for thw wishes- recap coming tomorrow… 🙂

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