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So some of you may know that I am running The Great South Run at the end of October. It is a 10 mile race and I have chosen to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I even have a Cancer Research vest to wear (proves I am taking it seriously). They are a charity close to my heart, and usually I run a Race for Life to raise sponsorship- this year I am doing the GSR instead.

I will be doing some sponsorship incentives (?) with work and things, and I wanted to do something on my blog as well.

With the help of some really generous companies I have put together a little giveaway which you can enter if you sponsor me.

Teapigs are launching their brand new website this week. You can follow them on Twitter (@teapigs) and also like their facebook page. I reviewed some of their teas last year and I love them!

They have kindly contributed some sets of Teapigs English Breakfast tea, Peppermint tea and a very very cool mug.

Natures Path make lots of flax based cereals and really delicious flavours- check out my review here.

They are generously contributing some hampers of their entire range of cereals. They are on facebook too.

I also love Rude Health cereals- I tried some of their cereals earlier in the year and loved them too.

They kindly contributed some Rude Health muesli and Granola.

I also love seedstacked bars (in my opinion much tastier and healthier than 9 bars)- see their products here.

Seedstacked kindly sent me some cases of their original bars for this giveaway. Check them out on facebook too.

And some baking/ fudge from me (winners get to choose what I send)- an example:

There will be 7 prizes open to UK residents only:

  • 3 x Nature’s Path Hamper
  • 3 x Teapigs set (English breakfast, Peppermint and mug)
  • 1 Rude Health Muesli +Rude Health Granola

All prizes also include some Seedstacked bars, and one lot of baked goods (e.g. peanut butter cookies/ white chocolate fudge/ vegan cookies of some sort).

I will also be having one prize for people in the rest of the world;

Some nice nakd cereal bars, some other things from the UK too (still getting these bits together) , and some home-made fudge too.

To enter, please sponsor me by clicking here (or use the button at the top of my blog). Please leave your name/ blog name (however I will know you), and then comment on this post to say you have done so. A small plea to say please do not mention my blog as I am asking people at work to donate and I keep my blog separate from my work. The minimum is £2 and I really really appreciate every penny that is raised.

To get an extra entry, please link to this page from your blog and comment on here to say you have done so.

The competition will be open until I have run the Great South Run, so I will close it at the end of October.

Then I will be taking names out of a hat and winners will be notified in the beginning of November.

I really appreciate any donations to this Cancer Research, so thank you in advance if you do choose to sponsor me- every penny counts.

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24 thoughts on “Raising sponsorship”

  1. Great giveaway for a great cause. I ran the GNR last year for cancer research as it has really affected my family, James Mam and one of my best friends died from Cancer and my Aunt and Cousin have both been affected so thank you for choosing this cause! I have donated! Good luck!

  2. Wow, what a generous giveaway! Lots of products I’d love to try. More importantly though, such a great cause and I really wish you luck with the fundraising and the run itself 🙂 I have just donated on your page.

  3. Wow, you’ve got a heck of a lot of stuff there!!!
    Have you done the GSR before? I’ve nearly entered 2 years running but the entry cost put me off! It’s £10 more than VLM!!!


    1. No not done it before but it always looks amazing on TV (and nearer than the north run)- as it falls at the end of half term we decided to just pay for it this year.

  4. Great giveaway! Love all the prizes, I’ve been meaning to order some seed stacked bars for ages as I kept seeing them on your blog, so I will wait a bit longer in case I win some 🙂

    Anyway, I’ve just donated. I will try to remember to link to you in my next blog post, I’ll come back and let you know when I do 🙂

    Good luck!

  5. Congrats! I too am running a 10K race next Saturday for Cancer Research! Did you order your vest off the cancer research website? I have ordered a small and hope it fits ok and isnt too tight. Is yours small? xx

    Good luck x

    1. It came when I registered with them- with all the sponsorship forms and things – probably from the website. I think I got a medium in the end but it was big and I think the small would have been better- they seemed quite big and baggy.
      Good luck with yours 🙂

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