WIAW- race day!

Hey all! It is that time of the week again- one more day closer to the weekend! Thanks Jenn for hosting the midweek party.

I chose Sunday as my day, as I was running the Willow 10K.


A little bowl of porridge with raisins and cinnamon (made with coconut milk)- I don’t like to be too full when I run, but I can’t run that far without anything either so I only used 25g oats I think.

Race drink;

I love the nuun tabs. I find it really hard to drink from the cups of water, plus I don’t want to drink too much before I set off, and I prefer to sip on my way around. So I take this with me on 10K + runs (and have it when I get home usually on shorter runs).

Yay I finished the race and didn’t have to walk!

Post race snack;

Alpro yoghurt and Lizi’s chocolate granola- the bomb! I was starving by this point as I finished the run at 12.10ish, and as we wandered around the shops for a bit got home after 1pm.

Lunch followed soon after;

Fruity bread (from the freezer, not home-made sorry) with pb, plus nectarine and fig. Me and Andy also shared a Graze box;

Copacabana which is milk and dark chocolate buttons and brazil nuts! Yum.


No photo here- we went to Andy’s parents- they always do a buffet style meal so I had 1/2 jacket potato, salad, beetroot, cucumber and some peppers/ tomato/ mozzerella on a tortilla.

And one of these- I baked these for work but also took some around to their house for tea – I had to have one!

Late night snack;

One of the scones I made with some blackcurrant spread and teapigs spiced winter tea. Mmmm.

There we go- a carb-tastic day!

I think the fig was my favourite- I have not had one for ages and they were on offer so I decided to go for it 🙂 Glad I did. Do you like figs? I used to be put off my the skin and only liked dried ones, but I really like the fresh ones now too, especially when baked, mmmm.

PS- I am so touched by the number of people who are donating for Cancer Research UK for my Great South Run- the giveaway is still open so check it out here. Thanks

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13 thoughts on “WIAW- race day!”

  1. I’ve never ever tried a fresh fig before… I really should get on that, pronto!

    Your eats look great for a race day! I tend to load up on carbs when I’m racing too- it’s the only thing that gets me round! My appetite has been CRAZY since my half marathon; I’ve been eating like a mad woman since. Hoping it will calm down today though!

  2. Figs are fab – i stocked up in tescos! although i do despair sometime with their offers. 4 packs were 1/2 price at £1 yet they had special 3 packs on offer for 50p! Clearly a bumper crop of figs! I love figs & goats cheese together (salad, wrap or the other night baked in a tower with circles of butternut!)

    must admit i think i prefer dried figs, but the i just love dried fruit! Hurray for graze boxes! (it means i don’t scoff a huge bag & end up with my tummy regretting it :S )

  3. Your race day eats look a lot healthier than mine – I had a huge pizza, chinese takeaway and chocolate 😉
    I like figs, but you’ve just reminded me that it’s a long time since I’ve had them. They’re amazing with cheese!

  4. Maybe need to get me some cheese! Figs and cheese sounds nice- or I like Laura’s idea of honey too 🙂

  5. Yum! I love the idea of chocolate granola in plain soya yoghurt.

    I’m not a fan of fresh figs but love the dried ones – Laura had a wonderful salad featuring squash and figs and pine nuts, I think, which I haven’t made in a while but really should!


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