WIAW- weekend edition!

Wow it is that time of the week already! Hooray for Jenn for organising the party.

This week I chose Saturday as my day.


Date and cinnamon porridge (as part of my quest to pimp my porridge). Then I went on a run so this was also giving me some energy.

Post run snack;

Chocolate cherry almond bar from my blog swap with Errign, and some peach and mango coconut water.


Cinnamon and raisin bread with organic crunchy pb, and lots of watermelon. Back on those summery fruits with this hot weather.

Afternoon snack;

I only had one haha! One carrot and raisin cupcake 🙂 I had a friend over (was supposed to be friends but others were ill) which is why I put these out.



Half a huge sweet potato with almond butter (thanks Errign) and rocket, and something new from my Graze box– apple dippers with caramel sauce. How have I never tried this almond butter combo before? It is amazing!

Evening snack;

Ecomil chocolate almond dessert (amazing!!!!), cherries and a little granola dust (the end of the packet!).

I was not doing very well with veggies that day! Ah well, can’t have everything.

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16 thoughts on “WIAW- weekend edition!”

  1. This has reminded me that I still haven’t tried the sweet potato/nut butter combination… and I do have a sweet potato to use up for dinner tonight, perfect!

    1. I did thanks 🙂 They are from one of the cupcake books-http://runningcupcake.co.uk/2011/09/cupcake-crazy/ the one called “cupcakes”. Only 2 tbs oil in the whole recipe too.

  2. That looks like a very healthy weekend day of eats. My eating tends to go a little bit off the rails at the weekend – I might steal your idea and do a WIAW weekend post soon.
    Date and cinnamon porridge is one of my favourite … actually anything with cinnamon is my favourite!

    1. I really eat the same thing on the same day mostly, so I am trying to choose a different day each week to post, otherwise they would be very similar!

  3. Those Ecomil dessert sounds really good! Chocolate almond sounds like such a good combo!

    Love cinnamon raisin bread! + peanut beurre and it sounds such a great snack! 🙂

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