Willow 10K race

Evening all!

Have you checked out my wishes post first of all- you never know some readers might get lucky!

Today was the Willow 10k- I kept calling it the Hatfield House one, as it is around the grounds.

We ended up parking in the wrong car park (as the written directions said to go there, and the map was of a different entrance) so had a bit of a walk to get to the start. I was hoping to run it all, and I was hoping for 66 mins, as I think that is the pace I am capable of at the moment. The run was lovely- gently undulating, through fields and on tracks- some lovely shaded parts (I wore a long sleeved top as it was so cold yesterday, and I was rather hot!). There were a couple of very steep hills- one at 5K where I really wanted to give up. There were very enthusiastic marshalls, which is always so fantastic as they give up their time to help out at these races. I didn’t take my mp3 player so it was just me and the sights, so I really felt I took it in more- although I was rather alarmed at my heavy breathing going up the steep hill! The final part was a killer too- you came out of the woods and into a strong headwind, up a hill and on long grass- the finish line in sight but 1k away! I wanted to stop and walk then (I felt a little sick and had real jelly legs), and the thought did pop into my head “if I am finding 10k hard, how am I going to manage 10 miles in 3 weeks time” but I pushed it away and tried for a strong finish. Even got to shake Bob Wilson’s hand (he set up the charity)- lucky him as I was sweaty haha!

This is me once I got home with my medal! I do love a good medal 🙂 Andy’s parents surprised us by coming down to see us (as it was almost a loop which you repeated I saw them just at the 5K mark) and so after we finished running we wandered around the lovely shops at Hatfield House before heading home.

The all important goody bag- including a £5 sweatshop voucher, kitkat and mikly way (no banana though), and a little Mr Benn pin.

I got a pirate one and Andy got a cowboy one! Pretty cool mementos I think.

Anyway, I was pleased because I ran all the way, and I think I came in at around 66 mins- the clock time said 67 but I was near the back and had to walk a bit before I went over the start line (the chip times are not available yet). So not my best 10k time, but not my worst either.

Onto the baking! I have been making some bribes for my colleagues- I often bake during the year for work anyway, so once a year asking for sponsorship I think it is ok.

Thanks Jess for the guess- but it was white chocolate (not cheese)- first up;

Pb and white chocolate blondies- these are always super popular at work 🙂

Using my new Lakeland baking trays!

I am so pleased at how they turned out! I keep saying to Andy I think they look like they could be on a market stall. He thinks this is me insulting my baking, but I mean on a nice farmers market stall or something. Like at the start of Rachel Allen’s Bake show. Do you know what I mean?

I also made some dark chocolate brownies- again these are always popular.

Yummy 🙂

I also made white chocolate fudge. Then I put them all into individual bags with a tie saying “in exchange for this blondie/brownie/fudge please sponsor Maria“- with the website and stuff. Fingers crossed it helps me raise some more. Fudge bags;

My table is covered in the little bags!

Blondie bags:

And brownie bags;

And one of each;

I think they look so pretty anyway! It was a lot of work to make them all, and bag them up and decorate them etc, but it is for a good cause and I am hoping people will see that.

Remember, if you sponsor me (see here for details) you can win some pretty awesome prizes, plus some of my baking too. 🙂

Anyone else racing this weekend? Hope you got on OK.

Oh and for fun, here is the first pic I took of myself;

I think I am looking a bit suspiciously at the camera! OK I have taken worse but it did make me laugh!

Night 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Willow 10K race”

  1. Wow, all those goodies look just spectacular. You have a real knack with presentation and I definitely agree that your baking looks perfect enough to be for sale at a very top end Farmer’s market!

    I’m glad to hear that the 10k went well. It’s always so hard to work out what to wear at this time of year. It was really chilly waiting to start my race today but I was baking once we did the first hill! Don’t worry about your 10 miler either. I think the longer ones are often easier as you don’t feel so much pressure to push yourself as you know you have longer to get a decent average iyswim


    1. Glad you agree! I kept telling Andy they could go on a market stall but he just didn’t get it!
      I know choosing what to wear is so hard- I did think about a tshirt, but it was so cold on Saturday that I decided a loose long sleeved top would be OK as I would roll the sleeves up. I did see others in tights, long tops with t’s over the top of that- they must have been baking!

  2. The marshals at Kielder were amazing too – so chirpy when they had to stand in the driving rain and 17mph cross-winds we were running through.

    Ah, white chocolate and not cheese…a cheese version would certainly have been interesting though 😉

    Congrats on a strong race and achieving your time goal 😀

    P.S Your ‘bad’ photos are nicer than my ‘good’ ones – I look so spaced out!

    1. Yeah not sure if cheese and pb go together!
      Yeah the marshals make such a difference too- you sound like you had awful weather which makes it even harder for them!

  3. Great job on your 10k!

    So many good treats – your fudge is amazing, I want to make it, but I’m sure I’d eat the whole lot! 🙂 I love your blondie/brownie pans!

    1. Glad you like it 🙂 I make it only when I am making it for presents as it makes so much and I think I would go into some kind of sugar coma from it!
      Yes the pans are brilliant! From Lakeland- which is a cooking and sort of house supplies website (and shops)- not sure of they are in the US?

  4. Well done on your 10K. Hatfield House is lovely, we went to a county fair there a few years back. Must admit if we go to Hatfield though, we tend to go to The Galleria 😉

    And Mr Benn?!! really? As an child he was one of my favourite TV programmes, although i just looked it up & apparently there were only 13 episodes which first aired in the 70’s – clearly 10 years later i didn’t care about repeats as i was sure i recall more than 13 episodes! lol. Did you watch it?

    1. Yes I did used to watch it a little bit- I don’t remember watching them all but I do remember one where he dressed up as a spaceman. I think he is the mascot for the charity which is why we got the little pins.
      Yes we sometimes walk up to the Galleria (I love the Whitards outlet and get very tempted by yet more teapots!)- they are having a Christmas craft fair thing at the end of November at Hatfield House so I bet that will be worth a visit.

  5. Yay great race!! Congratulations. I’d definitely sponsor you for a bag of those goodies, your baking always looks so amazing. (I’d sponsor you without the goodies btw, for such a great cause, I’m waiting to get my loan then I will).

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 I think a lot of people are happy to sponsor for nothing, but I like to help people along!

  6. Great race report, and I wish I worked with you your baking would deep me running FOR SURE 😉

    ps love the last pic, very kinda cryptic looking – cat that got the cream ???!!!!! heehee

    1. Thanks 🙂
      I think the bags make them look so much nicer than just being in a box!
      Plus it meant I could put the website on the labels! 🙂

  7. Congrats on your 10km! You’ll be FINE for 10 miles in 3 weeks. Just slowly start increasing your mileage… I know you can do it!

    Can I just say that your baking looks amazing- so professional! I might have to invest in some Lakeland baking trays now 🙂

    1. Thanks for those comments- very kind! I am sure you are right- it is just those thought pop up while I am running! I know I can do it, like you say, I will build up slowly.
      And yes to the lakeland tins- they make all the difference!

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