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A few weeks ago in the UK the clocks went back for the winter time. Now personally I never understood why we keep this tradition going (traditionally it was for the farmers etc who had to get up early, but now everyone gets up early as we all work long hours- we can’t just get up with the light!). It means that the mornings are lighter (for about a week it seems) but the evenings are darker an hour quicker. So before half term I would be driving home in the light, but after half term it is getting gloomy at 4pm.

I have seen numerous news reports saying that we should not move the clocks back any more because of road safety (for example here and here)- it makes sense to me as in the mornings children are being dropped off at school or walking straight there, so if it was dark children would only be on the roads for a short about of time, whereas in the afternoons children go to after school clubs, more of them walk home alone, they walk to the shops with their friends etc, so more potential for road accidents to happen. It always seems that when this is brought up, Scotland are the ones who stop it going through parliament, so I think we should have two different time zones.

I also do not like the dark evenings as it means by the time I get home from work it feels like night, and I am less inclined to go out for a walk- it feels like the day is over.

A while ago I was contacted by the people at Lumie, asking me if I wanted to trial one of their products for a couple of months. I have a small Lumie body-clock lamp in my bedroom (you can program it to turn on gradually over 15 mins or so, so you wake up naturally, but I am such a light sleeper it woke me up right away, so I turn it on once the alarm goes off) and the light is much more gentle and realistic than normal lamps.

They sent me a Brightspark lamp which is a certified medical device for the treatement of SAD- seasonal affective disorder. It was recommended to have it on for 45-90 mins each day, and to sit very close to it. There is lots of research on their website if you are interested.

The light from the Lumie lamp was very very bright- as if it was a really sunny day. We have been putting it on in the evenings for a little bit, but not sitting as close as was suggested as I felt it was giving me a headache (not sure if it was because it heats up a bit?). Having that more natural light instead of the normal artificial lights really helped with the darker evenings. It is just a shame they cannot make street lights out of them!

I love my Lumie body clock, and I would say that the Brightspark would be good for if you worked in an office or something like that, to keep the light nice and natural all day through the winter months.

Thanks Lumie for letting me try this.

How do you feel about the clocks going back in the winter? Do you think you suffer with some form of SAD? How do you cope with the darker evenings?

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10 thoughts on “Lumie Lamp”

  1. I don’t want to discredit the disorder at all because I know it’s a serious problem to suffer with but I honestly think that everybody suffers from SAD a little bit; after a long summer it’s so disheartening to pack up at the office as 5:30pm and drive home in the pitch black. You definitely feel like you’ve been robbed of an evening! That being said, I appreciate the clocks going back as I’m so much more motivated to get out of bed if it’s light outside.

  2. I agree- I don’t think I suffer from SAD but I do think the dark evenings (and gloomy days) make everyone a little more fed up.

  3. I do suffer badly from SAD but I’m generally okay so long as I can still run first thing in the morning, which selfishly means that I really don’t want anything to change with regard to the clocks – it’s not that safe running in the dark!

    Sadly I can’t have one of those light boxes because with my migraine issues there’s a strong chance they could induce a seizure…perhaps I should get one to stand next to the day before I have to start teaching…

    I hope your Lumie Lamp helps with the winter blues though 🙂


  4. You don’t want a seizure so best to stay away I think. If only you could get reverse sunglasses which make it all brighter instead- that might work?

  5. I get so tired and lack concentration in the winter at work because the light in my office is so poor – I think they need to use lumie lights!
    I’ve asked for a bodyclock lamp for Christmas because it’s so nice to wake up gently rather than your alarm barking at you.

  6. We do that too in the US! Just did it a week ago tomorrow. 🙂 I also don’t like it….it means it’s dark when I drive home every day and I mean, I know that’s what headlamps are for but still, it makes it hard to see pedestrians and animals on the sidewalks. Just makes me very nervous.

  7. I don’t like it for a week or so and then I get used to it.
    TBH, I definitely like the darkness in the morning as it makes me feel less like I’m wasting my time in bed sleeping when it’s dark at 7! In the evenings though, it does make the days seem awfully short by December and I can definitely see how it’s much more dangerous for kids and anyone who walks home/goes running/walks the dog…whatever.

  8. Urrgh, I can’t stand the darkness! From my selfish point of view, I prefer it as it is because in winter, I leave the house at 7am-ish and it’s just getting light when I get to the yard; if it was an hour later, it would be a nightmare and it would still be dark by the time I left work anyway! I love the sound of those lights that wake you up gradually and some natural light in the office would be a bonus 🙂

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