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Hey peeps

It is the end of a busy week for me, so I am trying to catch up on blog land! The giveaway prizes will be dispatched over the next few weeks.

During half term I practised making bows and coloured icing on some mini Christmas cakes, so I have a little “how-to” on here. I used the mini Christmas cakes I made the other day, which I covered in marzipan so the bows would have something to stick to (and because I love marzipan).

Colour your icing first of all. On the course they said that Tescos ready ice was the best one, and we used Sugarflair gels (instead of runny food colouring that messes up the consistency of the icing). They also said to put some tylo powder in there, which helps it to set and keeps it stronger, but I have not got any of that. Only use a teeny tiny amount of gel- you can always add more, and knead it in. Use icing sugar if your hands get sticky.

To make spots, roll out the main colour, then put little balls of the other colour all over the icing. On the course they suggested keeping back a bit of each colour, or doing a small amount at a time as if you are doing spots if you do not have enough you cannot squash it all back together and start again. I winged it!

Then roll it with a rolling pin- it makes cute little spots! I think I should make the balls even smaller as these spots ended up quite big!

Then cut up your pieces. For each bow you need 2 fat rectangles for the loops, one thinner shorter rectangle for the centre, and two longer pieces for the ends.

Get the two loop pieces and fold them over.

Then pinch them together in the middle- try to push up the bows so they don’t flop (easier with the tylo powder I think).

Stick the two ends to the cake (using warm water brushed on) in an upside-down V. Then wrap the centre part around the bow loop middle.

And put the bow part on the ends (again use some water).

Then admire your pretty bows!


They are too pretty to eat! 🙂

After that I fancied some tea, so I went for…

Kind of latte- some warmed Ecomil hazelnut milk topped up with Christmas tea. Yum.

By the way if you look up Sweet and Floral on facebook you can see loads of the amazing cakes decorated on the courses- someone did spots with white and bright blue which looked fab.

Are you all about the decoration or the content? Normally my baking is “rustic” I would say- I am not into the presentation that much. But I did have such fun doing it and at certain times of year (e.g. birthdays/ Christmas) I like the fact that decorating something makes it look more special.

Have a fab weekend peeps- fingers crossed for not too much rain for my 10K run on Sunday.

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11 thoughts on “Making bows”

  1. They look super awesome 🙂 Decoration is key with me. I don’t make things the prettiest personally (although do try) but when something is presented so beautiful (like your bows) I will adore it regardless of the contents (..almost..) haha x

  2. Your decorating skills just keep getting better, which is saying something as you set such a high standard to start with 🙂

    It’s all about the aesthetics for me, as I am not much of a cook at all, so it’s hard for me to appreciate the effort that goes into a recipe the same way as I can look at something and truly ‘see’ the craft and skill that’s required. Sadly when it comes to my food I’m always so eager to eat that it tends to be ‘plop it on the plate’ and devour!


  3. I’m a content type person since I just slap and dash food onto a plate and when I try make a cake or something look nice more often than not I fluff it up.

  4. My baking’s definitely “rustic” too! I try to make cakes and cookies look good but they never do – but as long as they taste nice 🙂
    I love the bows though; they’d transform any cake – and I don’t think the spots are too big, they’re perfect. Good luck for the 10k!

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