Robin Hood Adventure Challenge

Hey peeps

Hope everyone had a fab weekend- ours was really relaxing despite having to rush off Friday evening to drive up to Nottingham. I forgot my water bottle and nuun this time- ah well can’t have everything!

We spent Saturday taking it easy (the weather forecast was for rain so we planned to spend the day around the town instead of going out into the countryside, but in fact although it was cold and overcast, it was dry)- we went out for a late breakfast (I had some yummy home-made granola) and then wandered around the shops in Nottingham, went to see the castle and Robin Hood statue, had a soy chai latte for lunch (Andy is not teasing me about my addiction!), had an early dinner and went to the cinema- we saw The Ides of March, which was like an amped up West Wing I think.

This morning I got my race bits ready (clif bar for breakfast to eat in the car, banana for after).

Like the Thundercats style timer chip? It was a sticker on the back of your number which was a good idea.

Then we drove to Sherwood Pines Forest, where the race started. The parking was right by the race start- you had to walk through these lovely paths to get there.

There were real toilets (as it was a visitors centre) as well as port-a-loos. You can see the start/end inflatable arch thing in the field.

There had been a 2k kids run earlier in the day, and there was a duathalon as well, so lots of bikes around. The 5K and 10K races started at the same time (midday)- the 10K runners did the loop a second time.

I was hoping to beat my time from the Willow 10K (65 mins I think) a few weeks ago, as back then I was not feeling quite 100%, whereas now I am feeling back to my old self.

I kept an eye on my Nike+- I felt I started off a little fast as I was doing 9.20 miles, but I soon settled into a rhythm.

The scenery made it just fantastic- the first few km smelled so strongly of fresh pine trees.

Most of the trees were turning, the run was on wide tracks (sort of dirt roads) and there were lots of walkers and cyclists out too- perfect.

There were a few steep sections, but not for long (although one was quite mean at 4.5 and then 9.5km!)- going through the middle part was simple as the 10K and 5K runners had different coloured numbers, and there was a marshal directing us- the announcer even called out my name as I went past the middle bit! 🙂

So pretty!

Anyway, I was enjoying the run so much I had decided that I did not mind what time I finished- I was just thinking to myself that this was why I love running so much, and the fact that I was healthy and able to get out in the fresh air in the countryside and see the beautiful scenery.

Near the end my Nike+ lost the signal from my shoes, and then told me I was going at 15 min miles, so I really had no idea how I was doing for time. But I was steadily overtaking people and I felt like I was pushing myself quite hard although I wanted to save some in the tank for the last little hill.

I overtook a few people going up the hill, and put on an almost sprint finish at the end (didn’t quite catch the last person!)- there was no clock but when I stopped my Nike+ it said 61 mins (and looking on the computer it was 61.33)- I was so pleased with that- close to my best ever 10K time but still not breaking the hour mark. Ah well, maybe next time!

We wandered to pick up the bag from the bag drop, and then back to the car.

I was still very excited about my time!

I went back to change into the nice t-shirt we were given.

It has the list of the runs on the back- I think the kids run was the Maid Marian dash or something! It is a womens large, but proper cut so I might actually wear it as I rather like the colour too. We also got a £5 sweatshop voucher and some High5 samples.

While Andy was driving I took even more photos as I just thought it was so beautiful there.

They had no food on offer at the end, so we enjoyed the bananas, some coconut water and a clif Z bar on the drive home.

I loved this race sooooo much- I think it could be my favourite race ever! I pushed myself hard, but still enjoyed the experience and the scenery. It was busy so I was never running alone, but the paths were wide and it was never congested so I felt I could run at my own pace and never struggled overtaking people.


Home for a shower and a rest!

What is your favourite race (if you have run races)? Did you get out and enjoy the lovely autumnal weather this weekend?

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13 thoughts on “Robin Hood Adventure Challenge”

  1. What a great report, it sounds like you had a fantastic run. I love it when there’s lovely scenery to look at.

    My favourite race (apart from VLM!) was probably the Reading Half, that had lots of cool things to look at, as it was a city I’d never been to before, and lots of crowd support and buzz but not too crowded.

    I’m looking forward to finding a 10k to do in my local area because I’d like to improve on my time for that.

    And that t-shirt is very nice too, love the colour! x

  2. ‘Favourite’ is difficult to define – if it means ‘would run again over and over and never get sick of it’ I’d choose the Great North Run due to the atmosphere, but in terms of being a lovely course and having fond memories attached, I’d have to go for the Newcastle Town Moor marathon – I’m an anxious person, I like certainty, the multi-lap course played to my strengths on that basis and I PRed, but I wouldn’t necessarily run it again because marathons aren’t generally distances where I’m up to doing the same course twice (boredom, plus there are other marathons out there!)

    I love the Thundercats chip from your race – putting them on the back of numbers is a much better idea than having to fiddle around attaching one to your shoe. Such goegeous surroundings too – I adore Sherwood forest!

    Congratulations on getting so close to your PR 🙂


  3. I love your race recaps, they’re always different! Congratulations on the time and those pictures are stunning; what a gorgeous course.
    Sadly, it’s been miserable here all weekend; grey, windy and raining… not good!

  4. Sounds and looks like you had a great race! The setting to it is beautiful and marvelous weather you had too! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and great job on the time!

    I was hit with a massive Autumn moment” on the way home yesterday: it was chilly, there was a gorgeous pink and orange sunset, the first fireworks were going off and the air smelt of bonfire and smoke…I couldn’t help but smile! I love Autumn!

  5. It was great thanks. Jessica I love how you think so much about your fave runs- during Stockholm I did not enjoy the second lap (even though it was shorter) as I had found the first half hard, and knew I had to do it all over again! So I would agree that with longer races laps are not as good. The GNR is on our list too 🙂
    Jessica- your Autumn moment sounds fab- days like that are just perfect.

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