WIAW- on a Wednesday??

What? Yup, that is right, for the fun that Jenn organises I actually chose a Wednesday. Last Wednesday. The only problem is that it was a week ago now, and I don’t have a great memory!


Porridge with oats, chia seeds, Kallo soya milk, grated carrots and cinnamon. I left it to soak overnight as usual and it was very tasty.


Pecan pie for the morning, and lime raisins (these are zingy!) before my run. Both from giveaway prizes 🙂


Massive carrot hummus sandwich and a pear.

I had a run after work but I cannot remember how far I went- I will go for 4 miles- that sounds about right.


Pepper stuffed with giant cous cous, quinoa, chickpeas, squash, plus some more of the filling, a little Delamere goats cheese and some rocket.


Greek yoghurt with honey and a little muesli (I have a lot of yoghurt that needs eating!)

Although with this colder weather I feel like I need warmer things as snacks too (to go along with all the teas)- what do you like to eat to help warm you up?

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17 thoughts on “WIAW- on a Wednesday??”

  1. i’ve replaced my once daily jar of salsa (that i eat with my tofu) with a jar of marinara sauce, cooked on the stove, complimented with habanero peppers. the warm goodness of the pasta sauce really makes me feel nice and heated and nourished. and the aroma of my apartment reminds me of my italian childhood. x

  2. Yoghurt and muesli (especially that yoghurt..no idea why I’m drawn to it 😉 hehe) is the best. I used to have muesli with milk and only started putting yoghurt with it recently.

    Soup is good for a warm snack! 🙂 x

  3. I love eating things to warm me up. Usually it’s soup- pret makes a really good miso soup for that. I also love making miso soup with veg at home.
    Your overnight oats look great. I’ve always been afraid to eat them because I’m afraid they wouldn’t fill me up. What’s your stance on that?

  4. I love the look of your sandwich – must remember that combo next time I have houmous in 🙂

    I normally just warm myself up with coffee or tea (or hot chocolate with whipped cream on top if we’ve been outside & got wet!) but I do like some hot buttered/jam toast for a warm snack, mmm! 🙂

  5. I’m not massively into stews yet, but i’m sure that will change as it gets colder – although today was very chilly & i did stop at the supermarket on the way back from the gym to hunt down something warming (but comforting too mainly due to dentist troubles). I came away with soup tho. Normally i prefer to snuggle down with a hot choc & the eat once i’ve warmed up.

    Where do you get your chia seeds & giant cous cous from? I’d like to to buy chia seeds after trying them in Alohka in Brighton (yummy pudding!) but i only want to buy a small bag & wholefoods were out of stock of the 90g bag when i was in london.

  6. Lucy from porridge and parsnips sent me the chia seeds- I think she got them from wholefoods. BUt I have seen that the raw chocolate company does their own ones now. The cous cous is from Waitrose with all the dried lentils etc.
    Hannah I find porridge really filling- I cook it in the morning as I prefer it hot, but can be had cold too. I think it is more filling as the oats soak up more liquid overnight.

  7. I’m also a big fan of hot drinks to warm myself up. I often just have hot water!
    I really want to try those lime raisins! They sound amazing!
    Love all your eats!

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