WIAW- resting

Hey peeps

Wednesday already- hooray! Two more gets ups until the weekend.

Pop over to see Jenn if you fancy joining in with the party.

This week I chose Monday- normally I would have a run after work, but as we did the run on Sunday and I went quite hard I decided to have it as a rest day, and go and see my Nan instead.


Porridge with figs cooked in there. I used Kallo soy milk which was on offer on Tesco, and rather nice. It is sweetened a little (but was not too sweet I didn’t think), but has calcium added too.


Graze Apple crumble for the morning (dried apples, sultanas and cinnamon almonds), plus a mini luna bar for later. Hooray for mini things!


A sandwich thin (I found one in the freezer) with some hummus, and a pear. Not a great lunch but we were not having our shopping delivered until Tuesday. Not surprisingly I was rather hungry in the afternoon and glad for my luna bar 🙂


Squash and chickpea stew with a little hard goats cheese on the top. I love this stew and will be making some more pronto!


An apple chopped and microwaved, with some warm alpro soya custard. Yum.

Now if only I could sit here all day and read everyone’s blogs, but instead I have to go to work.

What do you have for those meals when you have nothing fresh in your cupboards? I generally revert to pb sandwiches!

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12 thoughts on “WIAW- resting”

  1. When I have nothing fresh in I search through my freezer and I can usually find some leftover fruit or a bagel. I’m lucky that I work close to some shops, so I can always head out to M&S or Boots to get something fairly healthy.

  2. Usually revert to pasta or porridge which I don’t think’s too much of a depressing state of affairs!!! 😉

    I imagine the s’mores Luna bar tastes so good!

    Happy WIAW! 🙂

  3. My storecupboard meal tends to be pasta with passata & frozen veg (peas, sweetcorn etc). So quick and easy, but tasty too – I usually add some smoked paprika to the sauce as well. I hate running out of things so rarely let my dry goods or frozen stuff get too low so it’s only the fresh foods I’m usually out of.

    I’ve seen lots of people microwaving apples as a snack recently – I must remember to try it soon! 🙂

  4. figs! I just posted about them today. Perhaps I’d like them cooked? Did you get the regular Kallo? My flatmate has the chocolate one and I think they’ve got an unsweetened one, which I would go for. I dislike sweetened things.
    how is that custard? I’ve got some that I picked up but haven’t tried it yet.
    when I’m pressed, I usually just run to the shops and get veg.

  5. I only saw the normal sweetened Kallo stuff, but I always prefer unsweetened so if they had that next time I would get that instead.
    Yes the custard is yummy- kind of tastes like the little vanilla dessert pots they do.
    I like figs cooked and raw 🙂

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