I am excited because today I get to announce the winners of my giveaway! No random number generator screen shots I am afraid- I went old school with names on paper in a hat (well, in a pot).

So the winners of the 3 Teapigs prizes are:




The winners of the hampers of Nature’s Path cereals are:




The winner of the Rude Health cereals is:


The winners of the Nuun packs are:



Congratulations everyone!!!

You also all get some Seedstacked bars, plus some baking from me. So please email to me (emailme (at) your delivery info’s. How exciting! And thanks again at helping me to raise money for such a brilliant cause.

Yesterday I had a total rest day- I was thinking I might try a short run after work, but my legs were sore and so I opted for some yoga, general stretching and lots of foam rolling instead. Today I was feeling OK so went on a slow 3.something mile run after work, plus more stretching and foam rolling. I have no idea why races make me so much stiffer- last Saturday I did a 10 mile run and was fine on the Sunday. I suppose I did run a little faster, but not much, plus it was way flatter than my normal runs. I think maybe I tense up, and maybe the adrenaline gets me! Anyone else find that?

I have parents evening the next 2 nights, and then we are going away on Friday for the weekend (to do this Robin Hood 10K )so I might manage a short run on Friday after work, but that will be all. So a sort of rest week really.

Anyone else doing any more races this year? I just realised that I could still do the Watford Autumn challenge (remember my accidental cross country race last year?) but Andy has used a veto on that one! I think this Sunday will be my last one of the year 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Winners!”

  1. Waahhooooo thanks so much Maria! 😀 And congrats to everyone else!

    I went to my running club last night and when I got there I realised that we had hill-work on the schedule… HILLS? The day after the GSR? What was I thinking?

    I always feel a lot stiffer the day after a race- typically because I never stop to stretch during a race and on my training runs I always stretch. Did you stretch after? I didn’t! I was too busy recounting every single mile with my sister to even think about stretching! Whoops!

  2. Yay! Thank you for running such a brilliant competition for a great cause. I’ve just started using Nuun, so it’s a perfect prize for me 🙂
    I always feel really stiff and tired after races. I think it’s because I run faster, but I also expend a lot of nervous energy, so I crash afterwards.

  3. ooh very very exciting! Thank you Maria! I’m even more excited that I won the Nuun as I’ve been meaning to try them for ages.

    thanks again


  4. Congrats to the winners!
    As far as the stiffness goes, I reckon it is just the tension. I used to sing in a band and on our first gig, I realised afterwards I’d been so nervous, I was holding myself rigid throughout – and everything ached the next morning, although I’d only been standing still!

  5. Marijke- I did stretch for a bit before I got in the car, but then sitting for all that time was not good!
    Eleanor I think you are right it is the tension too as I get nervous about races still!

  6. Yay! Oh, I am so happy – the Nature’s Path bundle was the prize I was secretly hoping to win the most, and I can’t thank you enough for hosting the giveaway. It means so much to me – I’m having to cut down on a lot of spending due to some financial troubles we’re having with my Mum not being able to work at the moment and I’m so, so grateful to have those cereals as they’re incredibly tasty but also very pricey.

    Congrats to everyone else too!

    I’m not racing unless something really special comes up suddenly, but I did enter for the Brass Monkey York half marathon in January…could be a snowy one!

    Thank you again (and also thanks for responding to my questions about Marathon Talk)


  7. Oh how exciting! I’m just catching up on my blog reading and it’s a lovely suprise to see I’m a winner, thank you Maria 🙂 I’ve never tried any Rude Health products despite always wanting to (the high proice tag always put me off a little) so I’m really looking forward to trying the cereals! I will email you my details today.

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