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First of all thanks for all the wishes in my last post- I am off work all this week to hopefully get better. I am trying very hard not to get frustrated with the system (as I do love our NHS) but it seems getting hold of doctors is very hard work. After my scan Friday I was told someone would be up shortly to discuss the results. Well I waited all Friday and also all Saturday (the lovely nurses did keep chasing it up for me) before deciding to come home as I was feeling worse in hospital (those 6am wake-ups and noises in the night were not the most restful plus I know I bring it on myself by choosing to be vegetarian but the meal choices were starting to get a bit samey). I was told to call today, which I did- left several messages before eventually (late this afternoon) being told that the doctor I need is now on annual leave for 2 weeks, and that anyway I need to discuss the results with my GP and they will book the op. Well, no-one told me that before! Anyway, onto better things:

After the jam-tastrophe a few weeks ago I was a little apprehensive ( although it did make nice coulis…) about making some more jam. But I was determined to have jam in the little hampers for our parents, and a few other people. Plus you know you have to get right back on the saddle when you fall off! I really loved the sound of apple and mango jam (also from superjam ) but this time went for the sugar instead of the grape juice (all the recipes have the sugar in them if you want to sub it in).

So into the pan went 4 bramley apples and 2 large mangoes (the recipe said I might need more, but this came to 1kg fruit, half each) with a tsp lemon juice.

After a while (20 mins?  ) it went all mushy. I then turned on the oven to sterilise the jars.

Then in went the sugar (I used 1kg jam sugar with added pectin as I was taking no chances!).

It boiled for a while (I checked on the thermometer but also did the test of putting a bit of it on a cold saucer and checking that it wrinkled). It also bubbled and spat at me so I stood well back here- boiling sugar burns!

Then I poured it into the jars – even though I use a jam funnel this still makes a mess!

I tried the bit on the saucer and it is delicious- really sweet and tropical. Plus it has set really well. Phew!

Now I want to make some more! 🙂

What is your favourite jam flavour?

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14 thoughts on “Jam – tastic!”

  1. What a summery jam 🙂 I’m quite boring and like plain old strawberry or plum. Lately though, I’ve preferred to eat mince pie filling instead 😛

    Nightmare about the doctors – I found the same thing when I had my cyst operation. The nurses were great but the doctors conspicuous by their absence. I don’t think they were at fault though: they were just incredibly overworked.


  2. I think we’re very lucky to have the NHS and they’re great in an emergency or if you have something seriously wrong, but they can be so disorganised at times. They “lost” my Dad off a waiting list 3 times! Anyways, enough ranting – I hope you’re recovering well. I love the idea of apple and mango jam 🙂

  3. My manager at work makes jams and gave me a jar of yellow plum jam yesterday, it was delicious and I was sitting eating it from the jar with a spoon! Other than that I love cherry jam 🙂 Hope you get sorted soon, you shouldn’t have to apologise for being a veggie – they should have much better options!

  4. Yum I love cherry jam too 🙂 And apricot, and blueberry. It is something I hardly ever eat but when I do (esp with fresh fruits) it is so tasty.

    And yes I agree with the NHS it is brilliant (once when away Andy was ill and the amount we had to pay was shocking in the USA) but very disorganised and yes the doctors are just so busy and stretched so thin.

  5. Arghhh the whole health system really frustrates me but they all work so hard that it’s difficult to find anybody to blame for it!
    My last hospital stay was supposed to be 2 days and went on for over a week as they were trying to book me in for an MRI which kept being delayed… nightmare!

    Anyway, so pleased that you’re feeling better 🙂

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