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Hey all

I saw that Jenn is not very well today, but I already took the photos, so I am still joining in with WIAW. Get well soon Jenn. But first, I walked up to the shops yesterday (was glad to get some fresh air) and got myself a little bargain:

Whittards had lots of tea for £1- Andy got himself some Assam teabags and loose tea, I got myself a box of peppermint teabags, and this cute set of syrups (for coffee, but I think they could go in lattes, baking? etc)- I was looking at them online and they were £10 but out of stock- when I asked the guy told me they were £8, but they then took another 30% off so they were actually £5-something. Bargain!

Hazelnut, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, and the best sounding one of all; gingerbread.

Right, on to WIAW.

Peas and Crayons

I chose one day last week- I am not sure what day as they all blend into one!


Yes I know it looks like some kind of potato gratin- it is actually baked oatmeal (used gingerbread porridge for the oats) with sliced pear. Was much nicer than it looks!


Dark chocolate with caramel. I prefer their coconut one, but this is nice.


A small tortilla with cheese and picalilli, baked for a bit, plus cucumber and hummus and clementines.

Post-walk afternoon snack:

Blurry photo!

Smoothie with frozen banana, frozen cherries, coconut milk, cocoa powder and topped with some chocolate chilli and ginger munchy seeds (which are really yummy).


I made a version of the mexican casserole I saw on Oh She Glows– I used quinoa instead of pasta and probably subbed a few spices. With spinach. And topped with half a chopped avocado mashed with a little lemon juice (it looks like scrambled eggs or something in the picture but it is not!).

Plus some gingerbread tea and a few leibkuchen.

I could have chosen Christmas day but I think Andy’s family would have wondered about me taking photos all day! The picalilli is something I only have at this time of year- I know you can get it all the year round but for some reason I don’t fancy it the rest of the year. My Mum always used to get mixed nuts and dates for Christmas, but they are something I have year round, when I fancy them, now. What festive (or not) things do you treat yourself to at this time of year?

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13 thoughts on “WIAW- not that festive”

  1. I love Whittards gingerbread syrup! I’ve been without it for a while now as the last 3 times I’ve been into Whittards they’ve had every flavour but gingerbread in stock…so sad! ;-(

    I think that baked oatmeal looks and sounds amazing. I love porridge with pear, ginger and white chocolate for an extra treat 🙂

    I have treated myself to way too many things in the name of the festive season this year! Lebkuchen, marzipan, Baileys…those are the first 3 that spring to mind, although I do sometimes have Baileys with ice in the summer too so not 100% seasonal. I always buy loads of different cheeses at Christmas too, and then regret it when there is still loads left once I’m trying to cut back a bit! Luckily I’ve discovered this year that Izzy loves blue cheese as well as Brie etc, so she has become my cheese eater-upper! 🙂

  2. I think I have treated myself to way too much of every food this holiday season! It was all worth it though I enjoyed my time with family and friends while eating and drinking my way through the holiday. Time to get back on track!

  3. Oh yes Lucy I forgot about the cheese. Although I am not a fan of all types (don’t like brie or blue cheese) I do love wenslydale with cranberries 🙂
    I like the sound of that porridge too.
    Allison- I think there is no harm in treating yourself some of the time, as you say just get back to it now. 🙂

  4. i just enjoyed lunch, thinking that my body was completely satisfied. but now my interest is so piqued by your version of the mexican casserole! such a beautiful dish! i’ve never made “quinoa,” but it looks like a fantastic substitute for pasta. i might give it a try! x

  5. Looks like I’m missing some great bargains at the Whittards shop in the Galleria! Hopefully the sale will still be on when I get back to Hatfield next week.

    A delicious WIAW post as always, your cheese/piccalilli lunch sounds particularly nice. I can’t really think of many festive foods that I only tend to eat at this time of year, probably just Meridian mincemeat in my porridge. I certainly eat more chocolate and cake too, although I tend to eat smaller amounts of those year-round as well…oops :-/

  6. Jessica- just plain old cheddar is what I like 🙂 Well, mature stuff not mild 🙂
    Bronagh- I am sure they will still have the sale on when you get back.
    Nicole- have a go with quinoa I think it is quite easy (I can’t cook rice by the way)- just cook it in some water until it goes squiggly- add more liquid if it needs it. All by eye!
    Laura- yes satsumas/ clementines etc as well are super festive.

  7. I love the look of all that food, especially your dinner!
    I’ve been treating myself to more chocolate than usual, although I think that I’m just about to pass my chocolate threshold where I can’t face it anymore (hard to believe, but true!)
    I hope that you had a lovely Christmas and that you’re not feeling too poorly!

  8. I love that caramel Lindt but didn’t know there was a coconut one, I’ll have to look out for it! I love the look of the baked porridge too, I can imagine what a great texture it had and gingerbread plus pear sounds delicious 🙂
    Brilliant bargain on the syrups too, love the January sales!

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