Brighton half- spare place

Look at what arrived this morning:

Yup, the race pack. There is no way I am doing this (it is only 30 days away now), and when I came out of hospital and realised that, I had already missed the cut off for cancelling (where you don’t get a refund, but £10 off next years entry). After it came this morning I looked on the FAQ’s and it seems that you can transfer a number. So, if anyone fancies running it (it is Sunday 19th Feb), please let me know and I will happily send out the number to you. Seems a shame to let it go to waste, plus it is sort of annoying to see it there. Have a look on the website for details of the course etc. I have emailed them to get the transfer form so I am ready to go.

Thanks 🙂

Oh, and a few of you asked about those amazing chocolate pecans yesterday. I got them from the Montezuma’s website– I went there, must have registered my email address, but didn’t buy anything. Then a few days later they sent me an email saying they had noticed I visited their website and didn’t buy anything, so here is a 10% discount! Well, it was rude not to use it surely? So, if you are unafraid of Big Brother then might be worth a try! 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Brighton half- spare place”

  1. Hello- sure no problem. If you email me your address then I will send off the pack once I get the transfer thingy done. 🙂

  2. Can’t find your email, what is it? (sorry to be annoying)
    I’m so excited for this, I really wanted to do a practice half!

  3. mmmm those look gorgeous!

    🙁 I’m really sorry that you are missing out on Brighton. Is Andy doing it?
    I can recommend Swanage for a nice one in July (well its actually very hilly and very hard work but it’s a nice place for a mini holiday!!)………….. I’m sure you should be fixed by then!


  4. I’m supposed to be in for the brighton full marathon & as much as i would have loved to say yes please, i’ll be lucky if i can train up to 13 miles at this rate.

    I tried an Ombar raw chocolate bar yesterday – have you tried them? Any ideas where i can buy them? i got this off a market stall.

    take care

  5. Rose- yes Andy is still doing it- he is not so keen on the training so I keep telling him to run with my brain- have not worked out a way to do this yet. I think once I know the date of my op I can look at booking maybe 5or 10Ks in the summer to have something to work towards. But you never know 🙂
    Jenny- I have seen them, I think in my local health food shop (or maybe Holland and Barrett?) but never tried one. Oh, I just googled them and found the online shop : Shame you are struggling with training too- ah well there is always next year.

  6. I am glad you’ve at least found someone to run your half in your place. If I was not such a selfish fool I should have done the same thing with my Brass Monkey York bib instead of just getting rid of it and wasting the money.

    You’re so kind – I can tell how much it hurts, and empathise a lot *huggles*


  7. the kindness of this post has set the tune for a KIND day! i think that i shall keep the trend rolling by next enjoying a blueberry cashew KIND bar. you are so nice! 🙂 x

  8. Jessica- normally they all have stuff saying you are not allowed to transfer, so I would not- just in case something happens to the person who takes the number- they always warn against it, but with this the website said you can transfer if you email them for a form (which I have done) so I thought it would be OK>
    Sarah- I am looking on the bright side.
    Nicole- thanks for that, have a lovely day 🙂

  9. Aww, bummer you can’t do it. I had to give up a half and a 5k while injured this fall and never found anyone to take my place (not sure it was allowed, though). That was the first time I couldn’t follow through, and it was frustrating. But there are always more races!

  10. I’m so sorry to hear you couldn’t run the half 🙁 I couldn’t run the Royal Parks back in October due to injury, but I wasn’t allowed to transfer my bib! Very kind of you to do so though, and if I had got there first, I definitely would’ve emailed you! 😛

    I want those chocolate covered pecans. Yum!!

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