Getting to know my Garmin

Hello all

I think I have cracked it! Nearly.

Yesterday I set out on a little walk, and decided to wear my Garmin to see how I got on. I actually wrapped up warm, walked around the corner before I remembered and had to go home and get it- whoops!

Using it was pretty easy- when I first turned it on (at home once I had charged it) it prompted me to select things like my age, weight, other stuff I can’t remember- for some reason I thought it was a twisty dial but it is just buttons on the side, so very easy.

Then, I had to press a button to search for satellites, and then press start. It did beep at me after I had walked one mile (one lap it said) but although I pressed OK the first time, the second time I didn’t notice and it carried on recording until I pressed stop. Not sure if I can turn that off because the beep is annoying, but if not it is not the end of the world.

Then it got a bit harder. The instruction manual said just to go to, or, and to download the software and then follow the instructions. I did the first one, but then realised that was for not using the internet or something, so then Andy helped me with the next bit.

Then it is not too hard- it plugs in to the USB port, and when you go to the connect site (and log in) you should in theory be able to click “upload” and it will upload new activities. This took about 3 goes and in the end I had to do it manually (clicking through “my computer” to find the file)- I un-plugged and re-plugged it in a few times as it did not seem to register. Anyway, hopefully it will get easier as I get used to it.

Now, I can’t do a fancy pants screen shot, but the photo came out OK. Anyway, this is what is exciting- there is a map, a line to show my walk and another one to show the elevation. How exciting. 🙂

I must say that using Nike+ is super easy and good for any techno-phobes like me (I only learned to type when I was at uni- before that I hand-wrote everything as I was actually “scared” of computers after something at school which I won’t bore you with), whereas the Garmin seems more complicated and I don’t think the website makes things that obvious. I think once I start running again (one day…..) I will keep with the Nike+ too- I like all the challenges on there and the count of my total miles, that sort of thing.

I actually walk faster than I thought. Also years ago I had a bad knee ( it is still not perfect)- it got really sore and painful of I was still for a long time (eg the cinema) and would feel like something was wrong when I went to straighten it after it was bent for a while. Crouching down then standing up was really hard as it felt like it would give way. The doctor just told me to rest it (which seemed silly when the resting made it worse) and to strengthen the leg muscles to help the knee joint. Since taking up running (and aerobics and body pump) it has been loads better- I had not really thought about it but just this last week I have noticed that going down stairs it has started to bother me again, and it is getting stiff while I am sitting. I need to start running again! I did feel several pangs of jealousy while on my slow walk I was overtaken by many many runners out for a lovely lunchtime run. But I am sure the time will fly by.

I went to the GP today, and am signed off for another 3 weeks, but she said to me (quite frankly) that it may be longer as the cyst is big, and until they take it out it won’t get any better- plus when they take it out I will then be recovering from an op. So, ideas to help me pass the time please!

I have: Listen to the radio, watch a series of Top Chef on TV, do brain training and suduko on the DS, tidy out some drawers/ cupboards, read some magazines/ books, write out some recipes into my nice recipe binder things, do internet shopping (oh, hang on, that is not such a good idea!)….

Thanks 🙂


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12 thoughts on “Getting to know my Garmin”

  1. do you do any crafts at all? knitting/crochet? i have a friend who collects handmade bears & sends them to ill children across the world to countries such as Pakistan. to children who don’t have their own bear.

    Thanks for the garmin run down. i haven’t uploaded anything yet – but then i’ve only used mine twice due to illness.

  2. Oh bless you I would be climbing the walls – is there a series of books you fancy reading? I can definitely recommend ‘The Hunger Games’ books. If you lived any closer to me I’d have you round mine sorting all my household letters and bills stuff out 😉 I hate runners envy, so horrible when your injured. Hope the time passes ok x

  3. Jenny- I used to be able to knit- well, sort of (one of the woodcraft folk badges that I did) but no way would I manage a bear! That is fantastic that your friend does that. Hope your uploading goes OK (and you get better)- it was not too tricky.
    Laura- thanks- I do get stir- crazy quite easy anyway. I do have quite a few books on the kindle now but I prefer to read before bed and not in the day- I need to change that I think!

  4. I have recently started a cross-stitch, in an effort to do something peaceful and relaxing post-PhD. It’s very time-consuming — I think it would be perfect for you!

  5. Awwh bless you..I cannot stand being injured, which I have in my time happened to me quite frequently and I literally go insane so I know how you feel! Maybe you could take up a short course or something in a subject that interests you? I know there’s things like nutrition and more vocational type subjects available… could make an item of clothing, jewellery, household items?

  6. Hang in there! It is sooo hard to be patient with injuries. Nice work figuring out the Garmin, it will continue to get easier. I’m now addicted to mine. And those beeps can be helpful in a race so you can assess your mile by mile pace, but I have no idea if you can turn them off.
    As for ideas, hand-written letters to grandmas? That’s something I need to do. 🙂

  7. I love how easy the 110 is to use. I’m not sure if you turn the beep off, but you can certainly set it so the lap distance is longer so that it won’t beep so often. I found the website a bit hard to understand. I don’t connect mine to the computer very often and everytime I do I forget what to do!
    Poor you being signed off again. My suggestions to stave off the boredom would be perhaps writing some reviews or the books / films that you’ve seen? Or something like knitting?

  8. Cross stitching or knitting I think maybe- I was looking on ebay today at patchwork quilt kits 🙂 Some good suggestions though so thanks 🙂

  9. That was my theory too- but I thought trying it on a walk would be easier because I hate having to stop mid-run to sort something out. 🙂

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