Making mexican casserole

Hello everyone.

Cooking counts as one of the “pottering about” activities that I can get on with while being at home. I needed something for Tuesday tea, so I decided to make another lot of the mexican casserole that I made a while back. It is loosely based on this recipe from Oh She Glows. I think my version is easier!

For 3 big servings you will need:

1 red pepper, 1 yellow pepper, 1 red onion, 2 sticks of celery.

1 carton of passata, 75g dry quinoa, 1 small tin sweetcorn, 1 small tin borlotti beans, paprika, easy chilli, assorted herbs.

Cheese (optional but tasty).

Avocado/ salad/ other stuff to serve.

First up, chop the veggies and roast in the oven for about 25 mins (220C). I sprinkled with paprika for fun. While that is going on, cook 75g quinoa in water, again add some paprika if you like.

Some quinoa should be rinsed first- check the packet. All I do is weigh out the dry quinoa, pour over cold water (just enough to cover it) then gently simmer. Stir to stop it sticking, and add more water if you need to as it will soak up a lot of water. Add any flavours you like- stock cubes etc as it will soak up the flavour. When it is done they go from looking like tiny balls to all squiggly. There is no other way to describe it. A bit like rice you need to be careful when cooling and reheating it- make sure it cools quickly if you are not eating it right away.

Once the quinoa is cooked, put it all together. Pour the passatta (and a little water if it looks dry), the drained tin of sweetcorn, the drained tin of beans and a tsp easy chilli over the roasted veggies. Then stir in the quinoa and add any herbs if you like- I think I added oregano.

Before baking, add a little cheese if you like. Or just bake for about 20 mins.

I left 1/3 in the tray (saves on washing up) and the other 2/3 into foil trays. Once cooled they went in the freezer- I did not cook them first.

Then, the best bit! This time I chopped up a small avodado, mashed in some lemon juice and served it, alongside some rocket. Yum.

Plus the best part (well, aside from the fact I have 2 more of these in the freezer) is that you can easily change it to your tastes or to what you have. Last time I used black eyed beans and did not have any sweetcorn (or celery). You could swap in different veggies, different beans, use a different grain…. Endless yummy meals.

This was followed a little later by some grilled pineapple.

I grilled it with some coconut, and had it with an alpro vanilla pot. Delicious.

Now you get some random things that I have photographed over the last few days.

I fancied a smoothie for breakfast, and also fancied using up the last of some lemon marmalade my Mum made. I also realised I had a pouch of protein powder to try, so I had that in a smoothie with half a frozen banana, some frozen cherries and soya milk. It did smell lovely and chocolatey, but it had maybe a chalky texture? I am not sure I really liked it, although it did fill me up for hours and did not give me stomach ache (when I tried whey protein, years ago, it gave me tummy ache). So smoothie, toast and a very ripe nectarine were eaten.

I have also been enjoying more chai lattes- I used some white christmas tea (which has white tea and lovely spices) and frothed like crazy!

I think that is enough for now.

What is your favourite easily adaptable meal?

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10 thoughts on “Making mexican casserole”

  1. my easiest adaptable meal is the tofu staple. tofu is always eaten raw and dipped into something different. cold nights = marinara. warm nights = black bean and corn salsa. when i’m feeling trashy (haha) nights = ketchup. and i can always add or delete vegetables from the concoction, too! you might have seen this already, but here is a picture so you get my gist:

    i gave up pineapple when i gave up tropical fruits last year (i read somewhere by alicia silverstone that it’s not good to consume fruits from climates that are not your own). when i stopped eating tropical fruits, i stopped sweating profusely, and i could talk to cute men on the street without buckets running down my face, haha! there’s definitely a connection. but i do love pineapple (fresh) as the occasional treat, and i will definitely grill some up with coconut next time!!! oh, as a sidenote, i eat the dried pineapple often. something in my head says that dried fruit doesn’t apply to my climate rule. i’m neurotic. and i’m glad you’re having a fab time creating dishes during your time at home. 🙂 x

  2. Mmm – that sounds so good, just my sort of thing. I think chilli is a really adaptable meal as I just chuck in whatever I have in the cupboard, as long as it has beans and tomatoes in it. Most of my meals are made of whatever I have in my fridge – I hardly ever follow a recipe!

  3. A basic veggie casserole is easily turned into many things! Add some meat, add some chicken, add beans, make it more juicy for a soup…. etc etc etc.


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