WIAW- persimmon vs sharon fruit

Hello. That time of the week already. This week I chose yesterday, mainly because I forgot on the other days to take photos!


Gingerbread porridge with soya milk and peaches.


Sabre hummus with ryvita chilli crackers, cucumber and peppers to dip.

Plus satsumas (or clementines, never sure the difference or what I end up buying), a persimmon / sharon fruit and some Montezuma’s dark chocolate snowmen. Which are very hard to eat- they are very very solid! I do not think I have had sharon fruit before (although I did have conditioner scented with persimmon so I thought I would like them!), but they were on offer when we did our shopping so I decided to try them. On the pack it said to eat them like an apple, so I sliced it up, but I did not end up eating the skin- it seemed too thick to be edible. The flesh was lovely and sweet though. Have you tried one before? If you do eat them, do you eat the skin?

Afternoon snack:

A soya chai latte made with a starbucks chai teabag (thought I would try it). I also found a little jug which can go in the microwave- easier to heat the milk than in another cup (well, easier to pour).


This is what I made for Christmas lunch (and it made 3 lots so still some in the freezer). I cannot remember exactly, but I think (?) I cooked a red onion and some red and yellow peppers, then added a carton of passata, some herbs and some lentils. I blended a block of silken tofu in the food processor with a few sundried tomatoes, and then mixed this with the tomato/lentil mixture. That got spooned into metal foil trays. Then I microwaved 2 sweet potatoes, scooped out the filling and mashed with a little almond butter, and used it to top them. I froze it once cooled (as it is all cooked) and it just needed to be re-heated. I had it with some rocket and piccalilli (yes that is the horrible yellow blob on my plate!).


Gingerbread tea (I only have 4 teabags left now!) and the last lebkucken.

Thanks to Jenn for organising the link up, and happy 50th!

P.S. You still have time to enter my Zalando voucher giveaway.

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25 thoughts on “WIAW- persimmon vs sharon fruit”

  1. I absolutely LOVE sharon fruit/persimmons! They’re my favourite fruit actually. I eat them like an apple, skin and all! I’m never sure of the difference between the names except that I think persimmons are larger than sharon fruit maybe?

  2. I’ve only ever tried persimmon a couple of times but I do love them! The skin is fine to eat- I really like it! I have only ever found them in Asda before; where did you get yours from?

  3. Marijke- they were in Sainsbury’s- a pack of 3 for £1 so thought I would give them a go (with all the mangos and papayas and things).
    Maybe I will leave them for a bit and try the skin once they are a bit riper?
    Shannon- exactly! Only 11 more months til I can buy them again haha!

  4. I love sharon fruits! I thought they were just persimmons, but with a different name? And no seeds, of course. Which makes them THAT much easier to incorporate, frozen, into smoothies. 😉 I find the skin perfectly edible though, but that could be just me… What wonderful eats. 😀

  5. your christmas lunch / WIAW dinner literally made my jaw drop. i didn’t think the picture could get any better with words . . . but with each sentence, i became more enamoured! the sundried tomatoes are a perfect compliment to everything else that you described. i don’t think i’d have the patience to concoct such perfection, so i’ll just live vicariously through your pictures and just eat my sundried tomatoes from the bag. 😉 x

  6. Nicole that is so sweet! I think it looked like a big mess, or maybe cat food covered in something orange? But it was tasty and really didn’t take long! I will spend ages baking but I prefer not to spend ages cooking!
    Errign- glad you tried the tea again- I will be hunting it down on i-herb next Christmas!
    Lyn- I think they are the same, or maybe 2 varieties of the same (eg like pink lady/ jazz apples are both apples). It seems only me that didn’t like the skin- maybe I will give it another go!

  7. When persimmons swept the blog world it took me a long time to find them, and try them, because of the dual name saga – I always saw ‘Sharon Fruit’ in Sainsburies and thought ‘oh no, it can’t be them,’ even though they looked exactly like persimmons. I’ve only had them a couple of times and I’m not too keen – they’re too sweet even for me. I did try to feign liking them because everyone else thought they were so brilliant, but I’ll stick to apples, I think. I did eat the skin but my tummy did not like it – I think they’re only edible if your stomach can handle things like squash skins, or just lots of fibre in general.

    I read your last post and I’m just so sorry and angry for you that you’re still waiting for your operation and struggling through the day in so much pain…and you still made time to comment to me while I was having another breakdown…I wish there was something I could do to repay your kindness (if there ever is, don’t hesitate to say!)



  8. Jess you are so sweet. I have all the time in the world at the moment! Sitting around and looking on the internet is how I spend a lot of my day! And you know I just want to help (as do all the people that read your blog I am sure). So don’t worry! Also the pain is OK- the doctor did offer me stronger ones but they made me feel dizzy in the hospital and I can cope just fine on paracetamol so long as I take it very easy (so I am). Nothing I can do so I am not stressing.

  9. I ate a lot of sharon fruit (I like calling them that because my sister is called Sharon) when I was in China and loved them. At first I thought that they were tomatoes because I’d never seen them before. I definitely ate the skin too.
    I’ve only had one since I’ve been back in the UK (more than 6 years!) and it wasn’t nearly as nice – I think it was overripe. I will have to try again.

  10. I’ve never known the difference between clementines and satsumas – then there’s tangerines – and mandarins! They all taste good though, whatever they are 🙂
    It probably sounds sad but I really miss Ryvita! There used to be a pumpkin seed and oat one which was so delicious – yours look great. I need to get on the gingerbread porridge thing too, it sounds so good!

  11. Yes ryvita got a bit typecast as diet food but some of their crackers are really tasty. Is there no gluten free equivalent?
    Sarah yet another one who eats the skin! 🙂

  12. You know, I don’t know if I’ve ever had persimmon… thanks for the inspiration! Gingerbread tea is calling my name, too. I also love running and baking! Glad to ‘meet’ you through wiaw! 🙂

  13. This photo on Wiki shows the differents shapes/species/varieties.

    I actually think the larger Hachiya ones are nicer & sweeter, however i’ve stopped seeing them in tescos & its changed to the smaller ones.

    Might have to get some to add to a smoothie. Like pomelos they are sadly only a winter thing. i wish you could get them all year round – i guess it gives me something to look forwards to in winter!

  14. Madison- the porridge is one packet of Dorset cereals gingerbread porridge (but you could just use oats + ground ginger + cinnamon), a small tin of drained peaches and some soya milk. 🙂
    Laura- nice to meet you too.

  15. Mmm it all looks delicious; is that dorset cereal gingerbread porridge? I managed to get some of that when I was down in London but since coming back home none of the Waitrose up here seem to stock it :(.

  16. I saw some of the Dorset’s gingerbread oatmeal when I was last in the beloved Waitrose and so nearly bought some! Just the cute box is worth it methinks! Love the additin of peaches…I bet it tasted so good!

    Hope you are doing okay and they get you in for your operation soon! xx

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