Belated snow day

Yep, I am a day behind! We had no internet yesterday, until about half ten at night. Ah well. Like a lot of people in the UK, I woke up to a lovely blanket of snow on Sunday.

Everything looks so pretty, and the world is so quiet too. You can’t see it as I was not sure how to zoom in, but all the branches of all the trees were covered in a thick icing layer of snow too.

I could not resist a little walk, which ended up taking me ages because the snow was very deep in places- my foot, ankle and a lot of my leg would disappear.

I did not build a snowman myself (I don’t think that doctors would classify that as resting!) but I did see a huge one that the students had made.

It does not look so huge here, but it was! I did not even reach the neck. Just after this some girls came along and posed for pictures in front of it!

Now, I think the snow is very pretty. Obviously at the moment I don’t need to go for a run, and I quite like one day of it anyway. But it is the day after that is often worse.

To get to the road, we have to drive along this path, and only a couple of other cars use it. Our actual road never gets gritted either, so that turns into an ice rink very quickly. Luckily it is flat, as a flat ice rink is much preferable to a steep one. The trouble is, a few cars drive (or people walk) and the snow gets compacted, then it freezes overnight. It’s silly because I can see the main roads from our house (and saw them on my walk) and they are fine, but it is getting to them that is hard. I have asked for a grit/ salt box before, because I am sure local residents would use it, but they always say no.

Ah well, after a walk it was a good reason (excuse?) to have a lovely hot chocolate. Yum.

What did you all do with the snow? I hope no-one got stuck/ stranded, and I really want to see some more snowman photos! They had some on the news last night (BBC) but when I looked on the website this morning all I can find is a video of someone sledging. I did build a snow bear once, but I can’t find a photo of that either. Oh, here it is.


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11 thoughts on “Belated snow day”

  1. Its not too bad here but I’m driving down to Brighton tonight so I’m more worried about ice and fog! Our street is the same, its great that the main roads are kept clear but when the weather is bad you can’t get our car down the street to the road anyway!

  2. Aww, the snow looks so pretty! 🙂

    We haven’t had any snow down here – the downside of being on the coast 🙁 we did get it the last 2 years actually, but before that I don’t think there had been snow for years, and no sign of any this year either. Oh well, I will just have to look at everyone else’s pretty pictures instead & treat myself to hot chocolates anyway because it’s so cold!! 😉

  3. Perhaps Lucy and I should do a swap? Actually, most of the snow has melted here anyway. Heck of a lot of water on the roads though as it melted so quickly – I got soaked when I was biking through it.

    Our roads are the same as yours: lethal when things melt and re-freeze. Take care if you’re walking on it!

    I love your snow bear. Most adorable pic of that year, for sure.


  4. No snow for us either, my poor kids were most upset when they realised that most of the rest of the country had it! I, on the other hand, was not upset at all! We live 5 miles from the nearest main road, all very hilly country roads and we were taken off the gritting network last year. Even a heavy frost means diabolical roads. Luckily it’s been very dry up till now so although there are icy places the general roads haven’t been too bad.
    I love your little polar bear!


  5. It was awful driving in the snow on Saturday night. Luckily it has all thawed out down here now, just a few icy patches. Luckily I don’t really have to step iust the house for a few days so I can stay all nice and cosy in the warmth. Love that snowman though!

  6. That snowman is HUGE!!
    My boys decided to build a fort this year, in-between bombing the pooches with snowballs …… THOUSANDS of times apparently (I was on the treadmill!!!!!). I still have to downloads the pics hubby took. Bella loves the snow and insists on hopping in it like a bunny, I really need to get the video camera out and at the ready because its toooo funny 🙂

  7. Lara that sounds very entertaining! 🙂
    It is a huge snowman- I bet it was easily 8 feet tall.
    Jemma- good idea to stay cosy and warm.
    Rose- your roads sound scary indeed. If only it could snow on fields but not on the roads!
    Jessica- yes you need to move by the sea I think 🙂
    Lucy- good idea on the hot chocolate- it is very good on cold days!
    Laura- hope your drive down goes OK- I am sure you will be fine as all the main roads seem fine today.

  8. I’ve tried to ignore the snow as much as possible. I thought I was going to get stuck in Cambridge, but in the end it was quite easy to get out. The snow’s nearly all gone in Leeds now, although I imagine it might be very icy tomorrow!

  9. That snowman’s epic! It’s brilliant how much effort people put into them and I love the BBC’s galleries… it’s a nightmare when the roads are fine but it’s getting out of your own bit that’s the problem – hope the gritters do get to you but at least it looks like it’s thinking about melting… or it is here, kind of 🙂

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