E.T. Sour-dough

Yeah, that is right, my sourdough loaf looks like ET. Well, either ET or a skull, but I hate skulls and skeletons so I am going for ET.

I followed this recipe, so step 1 took several days- putting flour and warm water into a jar and stirring, then each day adding more water and flour to “feed” it. No yeast, but it did bubble.

Here you can see the bubbles that appeared, before I covered it in more flour and water.

Then I had to make the dough- 300ml of the starter mix (which was very gloopy so I had to ladle it out), 500g flour (I did half wholemeal and half white), 200ml warm water and a pinch of salt.

It looked a bit messy in the bowl, and it took a lot of kneading, but it did come together to make quite a sticky dough. From things I had read on the internet, the dough would be wetter than a normal bread dough- something I read said to keep it as wet as you could bare.

Then it went back in the same bowl (I don’t like extra washing up, sorry!) which I coated with a little rapeseed oil.

I actually took some photos to see if it had risen or not, because I was having trouble working it out! Anyway, after a good few hours I kneaded it gently and shaped it into the dough shape. I made a makeshift proving basket by lining a pasta bowl with a teatowel, and left it overnight.

Again, I was not sure if it had risen in the morning.

But a look on the camera confirmed it! Or rather, it had spread!

Then I heated up the baking tray in the oven (at 240C- super hot!) and baked it for 35 mins.

It rose so much in the oven, I was shocked- I honestly think it doubled in height! I did slash the top with a serrated knife, but not deep enough it turns out because it sort of burst out the bottom.

I could not resist slicing it while it was still warm.

And enjoyed an end piece with some hummus for lunch. It has turned out really well for a first go- nice and chewy and it does have a faint sourdough taste. I think as the starter mix gets more mature the flavour will develop too.

And seriously, what do you think it looks like? I am still saying ET!

Have a lovely weekend- stay warm wherever you are 🙂

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11 thoughts on “E.T. Sour-dough”

  1. Laura- it was tasty and Andy approved too- phew!
    Jessica- I never saw ET when I was little, it was Andy who made me watch it so I think less of the magic was there for me. 🙂
    Sarah- it does not take time really, just bit gaps in between, so over a weekend or something it would be OK I think

  2. I like the ET reference! Eating bread warm straight out of the oven has to be done, no question and I can just imagine the brilliant pull-apart texture. It must be so satisfying to have made it look and taste so good 🙂

  3. I love sour dough bread! I haven’t baked bread in ages, it’s very inspiring to look at your photos. I once baked bread on a home-made, apricot-based yeast. It took a week just for the yeast to even start.

    Yeah, I have something like Yak trax but I don’t use them. I don’t like how they feel on my feet when I run. And for my stupidity I was rewarded with a spectacular fall this morning.

  4. Laura- I thought either a skull or ET and I don’t like skulls! 🙂
    Eleanor- I was pleased because I did not think the first go would go that well- there is room for improvement but it was delish.
    Shaman- I always look at the Yak Trax things but as I don’t have that much ice here it never seemed worth it. Hope you are OK

  5. ohhh yum! thanks for sharing the recipe, my dad and I have been going crazy trying out all different kinds of homemade yeast breads…we both love sourdough! I hope you’re having a great weekend!

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