Shopping and soup making

Yesterday I had to go to the shops, (well, not like I was forced to or anything) because I had ordered some thermal things from M&S that had to be collected in store. We also needed a few bits at home so I went to Waitrose as it is right in the town centre. Randomly I took a photo when I got home of all my purchases. I like seeing what other people buy so here is a treat for you all- plus you get to see how tiny the work surface is in my kitchen:

Although I must have packed some stuff away before I took it. Silly me. Anyway, I got the usual stuff ;bananas, clementines and plums (which were 3 for 2), salad, peppers, courgettes, aubergine, sweet potatoes, tinned tomatoes and tinned beans (although I did look at the dried beans but they didn’t have dried cannelini which are my fave), orange juice, cheese, Pure spread, olive oil, paracetamol, rosemary, black pepper and some montezuma’s chocolate (I have quite a collection but it is on offer!). Anyway, the peanut butter was reduced and I have no idea why as the best before date is months away (which is why I got one smooth and one crunchy). And I got some nice looking rosemary foccacia rolls, and some yummy looking fruit and seed English muffins- straight to the freezer as they went off the same day. I love a bargain! 🙂 I also got Vegetarian Living mag for me and Private Eye for Andy.

I also popped into Julain Graves and saw these yummy looking cocoa dusted almonds. I got Andy some chai tea (shhh) as I am sure our tea supplies are running low. I mean now I can open the tea cupboard without something falling on me, so that must mean we need more, right?

And there are the thermals. I have white vest ones already so I went for black this time and also tried some leggings- 25% off is not to be sniffed at, especially when it is freezing. I got ankle length leggings and they are really drag-along-the-floor-and-trip-me-up length. But I am short. Anyway they are super warm which is what counts.

The other day Mum and Dad had me over for lunch and my Mum made a lovely butternut and carrot soup. I love soups like that but got out of the habit of making them- a few years ago I would have soup for lunch all winter. So I made some myself.

Carrot, Butternut and Sweet Potato Soup:

I had some butternut that I already cubed and roasted with some rosemary, but you could do it with raw stuff.

In a pan soften 3 chopped carrots and 1 peeled and chopped sweet potato. I used about a tsp olive oil. If using raw butternut add it now too. I added mine a little later as it was soft from being roasted.

Then add a litre of hot water and some vegetable stock- I like this vecon stuff. Put the lid on and simmer for a while- maybe 30 mins? I do the fork test (eg poke a carrot with a fork, and if it is soft it is ready).

I added a bit more water here (I originally added only about 750ml I think) but it depends on how thick/ watery you like it really. Add in some rosemary and black pepper. Chilli would be nice too for a spicy soup- maybe I will try that next time

Then blend away until it turns into a lovely thick smooth soup. Of course you can leave some lumps if you like.

I had it with some sunflower ryvita with caramelised onion hummus- a tasty and veggie-packed lunch.

This made 4 good portions so I put the rest in the fridge for the next few days, although I am sure it would freeze fine too.

And as for the rest of the roasted butternut- it went into a chickpea stew. I am pretty sure it had red onion, red and yellow peppers, butternut squash, tomatoes, chickpeas, chilli and spinach. It was lovely anyway, plus it made 3 portions so I have 2 more in the freezer. My favourite kind of meal (and I even labelled them so no more mystery dinners).

So, what soups do you like? I like thick ones, no weird coloured water for me! I like the actual soup to be smooth but I don’t mind things like lentils or beans in there- makes it more filling. Anyway I quite enjoyed making it- pretty simple but it is quite nice to have different flavours and not always make the same one.

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10 thoughts on “Shopping and soup making”

  1. Oooooh i want some thermals! Have you tried the cosy tights from Primark? They’re quite cheap and have this fleecy lining….so snuggly 🙂

    I love seeing pictures of peoples shopping too, it always gives me ideas for things i want to make myself.

    My favourite soup is either clam chowder (although i’ve only ever had it once…) or leek and potato, i love chunky soup!

  2. I have a ‘thing’ about soups. It takes a lot for me to like them and I’m really picky about them being just too thick or thin. It’s strange given my love for smoothies, but blending veggies always seems a bit of a waste and I’d rather roast them. I am strange. I do quite like soups that use nuts as a sub for a creamy base though. And I adore Miso Soup, but they always stick onion in there so I can’t have it without ‘consequences.’ Gah.

    I bought those thermals for my Mum yesterday! Small world…I’m the human hot water bottle and even I’m sick of this freezing weather.


  3. I’m a huge soup fan and I like it both blended and thick like yours but I also enjoy thin broth-style soups with chunky veg, barley, lentils etc. Miso with some noodles and tofu is also delicious. I always think soup tastes better the day after I make it when the flavours have had time to mix together properly but I’m not usually organised enough to prepare it in advance like that… must try harder because it so delicious and perfect for this weather.

  4. I can’t live without thermals any more! They were the biggest revelation for me when I lived in Russia, they make SUCH a difference. I love them! Wear them in the house all the time too! 😉

    I love pea soup and borscht the most! 🙂 TBH, I like any soup apart from fishy ones!

  5. I don’t blame you for buying thermals – it’s bloody freezing out there and has been snowing again a little bit in Leeds.
    I love all sorts of soup, so I would be here all day if I listed them all. Recently I’ve made a celeriac, apple and potato one, and I’ve been loving vegetable and noodle broth. In general I like thick soup, but noodle soup is the exception.

  6. Oooh, I love looking at people’s food shopping! 😀 Those fruit & seed English muffins sound really nice, I haven’t seen them before. & I need to buy some “nice” chocolate soon – jealous of your stash…I always eat it too quickly after buying it to build up any supplies!! 😉

    That soup sounds lovely. I made a cumin spiced butternut squash soup that was really nice, but my favourite is probably curried parsnip (sorry!) – my Mum makes it with an apple in too which gives it a really nice sweetness 🙂

  7. I like the sound of the soups with apple. I did make a nice carrot and orange soup once (with the fruit theme) and it was good but a bit too thin really. Ha ha Lucy don’t apologise- I would swap in a sweet potato for the parsnip and I bet it would be lovely.
    The thermals are brilliant too- I only have M&S ones but they are fleecy lined too, and really warm. The only trouble is, if you wear them under a lower cut top (not super low, but they come up to collar bone height) then they look a bit weird. But I am not worrying about that when I am toasty!

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